3D Set/ Environment Modeler

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Get a proper on-the-job training and and online courses from preliminary to intensive level
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Attractive salary, allowance and incentives (company’s policy). Obligatory + Bao Viet insurance

Mô Tả Công Việc

• Create the models, textures, and materials for props, sets, and environments
• Setdress the levels used in the animated film
• Participate in planning and milestone delivery for the set/environments
• Ensure the props, sets, and environments meet the requirements of Modeling Lead and Director(s)
• Develops prop elements for effects
• Able to develop models for multiple types of productions from simple to moderately difficult
• Create, implement, and verify assets in animated film following topological and performance guidelines.
• Manage your own tasks and schedule within the greater team goals, determining the proper priorities for reaching milestones.
• Work at Ho Chi Minh City/ Hanoi City
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Skills and Specifications:
• Knowledge of applicable software packages including Maya, Mudbox/Z brush, 3d Coat/topogun/paraform Linux and scripting ability in relevant languages including MEL, Perl and Python a plus
• Have extensive experience with UV mapping.
• To be attentive to detail, take initiative, and demonstrate flexibility.
• Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and effective communication.

Education and Qualifications:
• Bachelor, Associate, or Certificate degree in animation or multimedia program desired
• 1-2 years professional experience is preferred.
• Portfolio of work readily available – consists of link to work or high quality pictures showing models and professional work
• English a plus
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