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Job Description


The Accreditation Officer will support the initiatives related to achieving accreditations and international ranking and ratings, as well as meeting government requirements for academic performance for the university, both at the national and international levels. In particular, this individual will coordinate and support the activities related to AACSB, ABET, QS, Times Higher Education, accreditation requirements of the Vietnamese MOET and MOH.

This person will be responsible for managing all aspects of the projects including coordinating timelines, resources and deliverables, preparing submission data, writing and editing submission documents, liaising with external organizations as needed, coordinating all aspects of external site visits and internal and external audits, organizing events and workshops, and conducting or participating in training as needed.

In doing so, this individual will work closely with the faculty and academic support staff for buy-in, coordination and consensus building. The individual must be able to work under their own direction, calling on support when necessary, but taking the initiative and leading the process to a successful conclusion.


Reports to Head of Academic Planning and Registrar.

1. Project Management of accreditation exercise
• Rapidly build up knowledge of accreditation requirements, from information supplied by accreditation bodies and other sources acquired by University.
• Participate in developing action plans for accreditation and other ranking/QA review. Coordinate activities to make progress against the action plans and see to their successful completion. Confirm timeline for each reaccreditation exercise and keep senior colleagues on track to meet the deadlines
• Advise university/college staff on expectations of accreditation bodies.
• Coordinate and organize events, workshops, trainings.
• Manage the tools and process for collecting and saving assessment data and support the colleges in doing so.
• Manage the budget and coordinate expenses related to QA and accreditation activities.
• Ensure that required memberships and registrations are up to date.
2. Coordinating and preparing documents for submissions
• Prepare required documents and coordinate their review and approval: in close collaboration with academic and non-academic colleagues and involves working to a very tight, nonnegotiable timeline that is set by the accreditation bodies.
• Support colleges in launching and collecting data from student surveys, employer and stakeholder surveys and other indirect and direct measures of student performance.
• Support the colleges in maintaining data on faculty sufficiency and qualifications
• Ensure that all information provided by schools is appropriately sourced, backed by documented evidence, and validated.
• Manage collection and analysis of information to meet the requirements of appropriate accreditation bodies
• Write, edit and prepare draft submission documents and key supporting evidence.
• Coordinate the review of prepared documents.
• Finalize documents, get necessary approvals and submit to accreditation or QA bodies
• Ensure full documents are submitted to accreditation bodies in time.
3. Preparing for Accreditation visits/audits
• Liaise with accreditation bodies and University officers to finalize audit/visit date and accommodation requirements (travel, accommodation, spaces for meetings, meals etc.)
• Ensure booking of rooms, accommodation and other requirements for the accreditation visits are met.
• Coordinate internal briefings and preparation: support the colleges and Director in ensuring that all aware of nature and timing of their input during the visit.
• Liaise with colleagues to organize student and stakeholder input for the visits.
• Write and maintain minutes and notes from accreditation meetings
• Record all follow up actions and coordinate completion of follow ups
• Liaise with review bodies for post audit/site visit actions
• Facilitate internal communication throughout the process
• Liaise with colleges and marketing/communications team to develop communication materials as needed.

4. Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement
• Ensure and maintain the institutional and programatic compiance with all policies, procedures and practices as well as recognized management systems and certifications as appropriate;
• Ensure review and assessment of quality practices through regular value-added internal audits of the academic and administrative processes;
• Promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement through best practice studies, guidelines, focus group discussions, conferences and workshops

The salary and benefits are competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience.
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Job Requirements


• A Master’s Degree is required. Preferably at least one degree (bachelor or master) is from an overseas reputable university
• Excellent communication skills in Vietnamese and English languages (minimum IELTS 6.5 or equivalent), in written and oral form. Experience delivering presentations to senior staff
• Project management experience, including coordinating complex projects, document management, resource and budget planning, action plan development
• Event management experience
• Ability to work under tight deadlines and to meet high professional standards in all aspects of the work: communication, document writing, accuracy and completeness of data, responsiveness and collaboration, issue resolution, etc.
• Demonstrated problem solving skills, excellent information literacy skills (research information, curate it and present it to inform management decisions).
• Quick learner, keen collaborator
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PPT. Must be capable of developing high quality, engaging presentations and professionally formatted documents for internal and external communication.
• Experience working in quality assurance or accreditation support at a higher ed or academic institution
• Skills in graphic design and multi-media presentations

Job Locations

Vinhomes Ocean Park, Đa Tốn, Gia Lâm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

VinUniversity (VinUni: is the first private, not-for-profit Vietnamese university established based on international standards. The university integrates the models of excellent international universities with the unique cultural and economic characteristics of Vietnam, to make a breakthrough in Vietnamese higher education and to become a world-class university.

VinUni has strategic collaborations with the world’s leading universities, including Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. These universities have become close advisors and crucial enablers in establishing the three colleges at VinUni: College of Business and Management, College of Engineering and Computer Science, and College of Health Sciences. Every aspect of the University: its curricula, research, faculty, student body, facilities, and campus life, is being developed to meet the highest standards set by the world’s leading accrediting and ranking organizations, such as ABET, AACSB, Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) and Times Higher Education (THE).

VinUni’s founding benefactor Vingroup is one of the biggest private conglomerates in Asia with the largest market capitalization value in Vietnam. As a multisector corporation, Vingroup focuses on three main areas: Technology; Industrials; and Property Services. VinUni is proud to be a part of the Vingroup ecosystem, giving its students opportunities to connect with several high quality research institutes (such as VinAI, VinBrain, and Vin BigData), pioneering industrial enterprises (such as VinSmart and VinFast), and leading Vietnamese companies (such as Vinpearl, Vincom Retail, Vinmec, and Vinhomes).

VinUniversity is seeking entrepreneurial-minded intellectuals who are passionate about higher education to join our team to accelerate the formation of a truly world-class university in Vietnam.

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