Agile Coach/ Scrum Master, Khối Bán Lẻ

Agile Coach/ Scrum Master, Khối Bán Lẻ

Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hà Nội
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Mô Tả Công Việc

Division: Transformation Office
Tribe/Function: Transformation & Innovation Management Office
Unit: Agile Center of excellence (Agile CoE)

Division Purpose
- The Transformation Office is responsible for the execution of the Bank’s transformation vision, strategy and roadmap of deliverables with a focus on digitalization of customer journeys.
- The Transformation Office executes the portfolio of projects / initiatives pre-dominantly through an Agile methodology (some foundational projects will still follow the Waterfall method)
- The Transformation Office houses a variety of expertise to support the execution of the portfolio of projects/ initiatives such as technology, data analysis, risk modelling, design thinking, change management and digital partnerships amongst others.
- The Transformation Office tracks and measures the progress of the execution using modern portfolio management techniques (example, OKRs and TTIs) to ensure value is created.

Tribe/Function Purpose
- The Transformation and Innovation Management (TIM) Office will monitor the implementation of the new employee value proposition, change management and corporate culture of the Transformation Office to support the transformation agenda of the Bank.
- The TIM Office will build and update processes, operational guidelines and implementation methods to ensure agile ways of working in the Transformation Office and scale up bank-wide.
- The TIM Office will assess competency levels of employees in the Transformation Office and implement solutions for capability uplift through training interventions, support from internal experts and external vendors.
- The TIM office will collaborate with customer journey tribes to support resource management and business performance.

Unit Purpose
- The Agile CoE builds the plan and updates processes, operational guides, implementation methods and tools in the Transformation Office for successful adoption of agile ways of working.
- The Agile CoE recommends and supports the Agile operating model and guides the implementation of agile ways of working during the establishment of tribes and squads.
- The Agile CoE establishes communities of practice at the team level or with groups of similar functions to connect and share experiences, advancements, ideas, impediments and advances knowledge sharing across the organization.

Job Purpose
- The job holder designs the plan for the adoption of Agile (domain-wide, organization-wide) and oversee the development of Agile teams.
- The job holder ensures that squads or project teams are working on the right tasks at the right time according to agile principles.
- The job holder guides and coaches teams on Agile practices and Scrum methodologies.
- The job holder develops and collaborates with Scrum Masters to improve efficiency of the methodologies efficiency in the Transformation Office and across the Bank.

Key Relationships
- Reports to the Head of Agile CoE or Transformation and Innovation Management
- Direct reports include Scrum Masters and members of functional teams
- Internal stakeholders include all tribes and project teams
- External stakeholders include partners providing professional services

A. Agile / Scrum Standards and Efficiency for Tribes / Functional Teams
- Guide tribes and functional teams in the Transformation Office and across the bank on the application of agile practices and scrum methodologies.
- Oversee sprint processes to facilitate transparency, inspection and adaptation.
- Lead sprint reviews and planning meetings to develop standards and requirements for the agile process
- Facilitate brainstorming sessions for new product development.
- Help teams use and navigate agile tools and software extensively.
- Shied agile teams from external interference and remove barriers to ensure teams are fully functional and productive.
- Work with teams on conflict resolution methods.
- Facilitate scrum events as teaching opportunities.
- Set up Guilds or Communities of Practice for cross-team skill development and knowledge sharing.
- Organize opportunities and events for employees to learn more about Agile, inside and outside the organization.

B. Stakeholder Management
- Work with stakeholders to identify opportunities and process improvements by leveraging organization data to drive business solutions.
- Coach higher management teams on their role in an Agile context.
- Work with stakeholders to set up and maintain a structured way to continuously improve teams and product development flow.
- Facilitate 'big retrospectives' (retrospectives on non-team level but on a project, program or division level).
- Set up organization level impediment resolution process.

C. Talent Development
- Organize and support the team in strengthening Agile ways of working in delivering value to internal customers.
- Coach team members to strengthen capabilities and demonstrate the required mindset and behaviors.
- Motivate team members to try out new out-of-the box approaches without taking undue risks
- Attract, motivate and retain employees across all levels for a high performance culture.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Domain Expertise
- 8+ years experience in Banking, Finance, Information Technology, Business Administration or Project Management in a leading bank or fintech organization.
- Knowledgeable of technical engineering best practices (test driven development, continuous integration, DevOps) is advantageous
Agile / Digital Experience
- 5+ years experience as an Agile Coach driving Agile transformation from design to implementation
- Extensive experience in Agile Development and implementation of Agile Transformation Roadmap, Scaling Agile, operating models.
- Extensive coaching experience on Agile and Scrum
- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Banking & Finance, Technology, Business Administration or a related discipline
- Project management certification in PMP, LEAN, Six Sigma Green Belt, Agile Project Management
- Professional Scrum Master certification in A-CSM, CSP-SM, or PSM II, PSM III
- Agile Scaling certification in CSSP, SS or CLP, CLE, Certified SAFe Agilist, Scaled Professional Scrum™ Certification
- Agile Coaching and Agile Leadership certification in Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach, Certified Agile Leadership 1 & 2, Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS), Professional Agile Leadership (PAL)
Personal Attributes
- Assertive and strong mediator to be the voice of authority.
- Active coach and mentor who can teach new concepts and maximize potential within teams.
- Strong collaborative problem solver and skilled at navigating road-blocks.
- Passionate and interested in the drivers of digital disruption from a customer and organizational perspective.

To succeed in this role, the job holder is expected to strengthen and demonstrate these core skills and behaviors:
- Digital Literacy: Introduces and integrates new digital tools at the workplace to ease operations and ensures that technology is adequate to achieve business objectives.
- Agility and Innovation: Encourages Agility by highlighting the benefits of innovation, guiding team members through change, providing fresh perspective to solve challenges and demonstrating mastery in Agile at scale.
- Impactful Communication: Guides others on the techniques for impactful communication (verbal and written) to different stakeholder levels.
- Influencing and Negotiation: Is tactful when dealing with conflicting views, complex problems and challenging stakeholders.
- Development Orientation: Inspires others and builds a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing across teams
- Problem Solving: Understands the problems that impact business performance and prioritizes actions needed to address root causes and problem solutioning.
- Analytical Thinking: Integrates and draws logical and objective conclusions on consolidated information.
- Business acumen: Identifies opportunities and challenges from changes in business environment and guides others to leverage changes and achieve business goals.
- Financial acumen: Validates the financial impact of own project and guides others to analyze financial information.
- Strategic Orientation: Identifies strategic opportunities to generate exponential returns and articulates the understanding of strategy to the team.
- Design Thinking: Ideates potential solutions by discovering user centric insights, leading and brainstorming ideas and guides others on the mindset.
- Process Analysis: Conducts value chain analysis to gain understanding of business status and reviewing components of the process to determine areas of improvement.
- Systematic Thinking: Visualizes and understands thoroughly overall designed structure and how each components contribute to the overall system
- Scrum Facilitation: Builds scaled scrum teams, removes impediments at the organizational level and develops
- Training & Coaching: Influences cross-organizational adoption of Agile development in transformation standards, capabilities and discipline.
- Customer Centricity:
+ Seeks the solution that proactively meets client's needs
+ Perform work beyond their scope of responsibilities to solve issue for customer
+ Looks for ways to increase customer satisfaction
- Innovation and Creativeness:
+ Looks for ways to overcome obstacles on the way of reaching the objective
+ Proposes new solution for current tasks
+ Initiates improvements in working practices of a department he/she is working in
- Collaboration for Common Objectives:
+ Engages colleagues in working together/joint work
+ Accepts feedback in a constructive way and corrects his/her behavior accordingly
+ Speaks sincerely on current problems in his/her work and encourages other to do so
- Self - Development:
+ Studies new fields/technologies even if they are not related to his/her work directly but which can contribute to organizational development
+ Sets himself/herself goals for career development
+ Improves his/her professional knowledge and skills
- Work Efficiency:
+ Complies with Code of Conduct and standards of Techcombank
+ Organizes his/her work to perform it consistently and without emergencies
+ Uses the resources available with rationality

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Head Office,14th Floor, Techcombank Tower, 191 Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
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Head Office,14th Floor, Techcombank Tower, 191 Ba Trieu Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam
5.000-9.999 nhân viên


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