Application Operations Lead (HIS & Emr)

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As HIS & EMR Operations Lead at Hoan My Medical Corporation (HMC), you will play a critical role in ensuring the success of our smart hospital initiatives. You will need experience in operations management of Hospital Information System (HIS) to drive standardisation across the Hoan My network.

Your primary responsibilities will include:
• Overseeing smooth BAU operations of HIS systems in Hoan My
• Designing, developing, and maintaining data management systems
• Creating reports and dashboards from master data in various systems

1. Key Performance Area 1 (Weighting: 40%)
Expected results:
- HIS-related projects are completed on time and within budget.
- The HIS system is functioning optimally and meeting the project objectives. How to measure
- HIS-related projects are completed within their defined timelines and budget.
- End-users report satisfaction with the HIS system and its performance meets project objectives.
HIS Operation:
• Provide support for the operation of the HIS system, including troubleshooting issues and identifying opportunities for improvement.
• Ensure that the HIS system is functioning optimally and meeting the needs of end-users.
• Manage HIS-related projects, including upgrades, new installations, and integrations with other systems.
• Collaborate with other departments and stakeholders to ensure that the HIS system is aligned with the organization's strategic objectives.
2. Key Performance Area 2 (Weighting: 30 %)
Expected results:
- HIS-related workflows are standardized and consistent across all hospitals.
- Workflow optimization opportunities are identified and implemented. How to measure
- Percentage of hospitals with standardized HIS workflows.
- Number of workflow optimization opportunities identified and implemented.
Maintain Workflow Standardization
• Develop and maintain standard operating procedures (SOPs) for HIS-related workflows.
• Ensure that all HIS-related workflows are standardized and consistent across all hospitals.
• Identify opportunities for optimizing workflows and streamlining processes
3. Key Performance Area 3 (Weighting: 30 %)
Expected results: Timely and accurate delivery of insightful reports and visually appealing dashboards
How to measure: Monitor the number of reports and dashboards delivered within the agreed KPI and assess the quality of the reports and dashboards based on stakeholder feedback
Building Dashboard and Reports
• Collaborate with stakeholders to understand business requirements for reports and dashboards
• Extract and analyse data from various systems to create insightful and actionable reports
• Design and develop visually appealing dashboards that provide key performance indicators (KPIs) and other relevant metrics to support decision-making
• Maintain and update report templates and dashboards to ensure that they reflect changing business needs and priorities
• Provide training and support to end-users on how to use dashboards and reports effectively

Report to: IT Applications Manager
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Required Technical Skills:
• Experience with HIS system operations and project management.
• Familiarity with database management and integration of systems.
• Proficiency in troubleshooting and problem-solving related to HIS system operations.
• Experience with report development and data analysis.
• Knowledge of healthcare regulations and standards related to HIS operations.

Preferred Technical Skills:
• Experience with HIS 2.0 and EMR systems implementation and rollout.
• Knowledge of data visualization tools and techniques.
• Understanding of project management methodologies.

Required Background, Soft Skills, and Mindset:
• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with stakeholders and team members.
• Strong project management skills, including the ability to develop project plans, manage timelines, and deliverables.
• Ability to analyze and interpret data to support decision-making.
• Attention to detail and accuracy in ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
• Ability to adapt to changing business needs and priorities.

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Welcome to Hoan My. We are Vietnam’s leading private healthcare network.
Hoan My is committed to excellence in clinical practice, education and research, providing first-rate care. Our healthcare network includes more than 2,800 operating beds across 15 hospitals and 7 clinics.

Over our 24-year history, Hoan My has built a strong reputation for delivering affordable, high-quality, patient-centric healthcare. We take pride in striving to improve the quality of healthcare in Vietnam, contributing to the prosperity and wellbeing of our nation. Hoan My employs over 5,500 staff and accommodated over 3.8 million outpatient visits last year.

Our Vision
To become the national healthcare champion and most trusted healthcare brand in Vietnam.

Our Mission
Our mission is to advance the health and well-being of all Vietnamese people, through a network of innovative and integrated patient centric healthcare clusters in large cities.

Visit our website at for career opportunities.

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