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Job Description

URGO Medical is the wound-healing division of URGO group. Every day our employees are passionate about creating, developing and promoting highly innovative dressings and global solutions to heal people suffering from wounds.
Our mission, as The Healing Company, is to make a significant difference for patients, healthcare professionals and the healthcare systems. In order to fulfil our mission:
- Patient is at the heart of everything we do.
- We keep innovating to develop the best in class solutions.
- We have a pioneer and entrepreneurial mindset and we dare to take risks to find new solutions. This is why we are different.
This is why we can make a difference.
Our innovation and conqueror mindset enables us to be a dynamic Advanced Wound Care company. We are the market leader in Vietnam. If you share our passion to make a difference, join us!

Main Responsibilities:
Report directly to General Manager - Vietnam.
Manage: 5 Product Specialists.

1. Represent Urgo company and its range of products to healthcare professionals to achieve the objectives and ambitions shared by the company.

- By representing Urgo in the community in a manner that respects its policies, code of ethics, corporate values and local regulations.
- By having a clear understanding of the market realities and customer's needs prior to any specific promotional activities and providing information to customers according to solid Product and therapeutic knowledge.
- By managing and coaching the Product Specialists team to guide them in the achievement of the objectives and a constant evolution.
- By designing and implementing a team plan of action to maintain or correct trends by optimal allocation of resources in line with company strategy and monitoring impact and results.

2. To develop team competencies through effective and continuous management and coaching that are well adapted to people’s utilized competencies and needs for development and growth

- By making joint visits to customers and observe Product Specialist in their activities and responsibilities to diagnose strengths and challenges to provide support, coaching and development to the product specialists with a constant tracking.
- By providing the team with a clear sense of direction as well as guidance in accomplishing tasks and by provide the team with clear and measurable outcomes and being able to share strategic and tactical approaches.
- By ensuring support and expertise on data analysis, call detailing priorities, territory management and achievement of results, conducting productive review of the performance.

3. Maintain efficient internal communication

- Effectively communicate with FF team and relevant members of other teams (PMs, Trade MKT…), coordinate cycles visit with Product Specialist, in order to understand, maximize and drive territory achievements.
- Plan Weekly/monthly/quarterly meeting with the team to report on field force activities follow-up and decide the next action to be taken.

4. Ensure continuous development and utilization of tools and competencies associated with the role

- Help the FF team to actively participate in company trainings and in team meetings and continuously seek to learn from colleagues and company individuals involved.
- By continuously and in timely manner, identifying needs for the team development and requesting development activities to the people at Urgo that have that responsibility.
- Do the convenient reports when asked by the manager.
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Job Requirements

o Ideally Scientific background
o Minimum 2 years of experience in Sales (OTC/ETC).
o Experience in Sales management and Field Coaching is an advantage.
o Entrepreneurial mindset. Strong communication & influencing skills supported by strong critical thinking, analytical skills and advanced Excel.
o Fluent in English (verbal and written) & Excellent Vietnamese.

Job Locations

Lầu 10, 201-203 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Quận 3

Urgo là một tập đoàn của Pháp thuộc sở hữu gia đình bao gồm nhiều công ty quốc tế tầm trung. Chúng tôi có mặt trên tất cả các kênh phân phối (bệnh viện, nhà thuốc, siêu thị/ đại siêu thị, thương mại điện tử, …) với những nhãn hàng quen thuộc cùng với sự kết hợp của hai ưu thế : sự bạo dạn của một công ty gia đình và sức mạnh của một tập đoàn quốc tế. Chính điều này tạo cho chúng tôi sự khác biệt!
Sự bạo dạn của một công ty gia đình cho chúng tôi khả năng kiểm tra, đổi mới, thử nghiệm và nhanh chóng thích nghi.
Sức mạnh của một tập đoàn quốc tế giúp chúng tôi có nguồn tài chính ổn định, tầm nhìn dài hạn, sự chia sẻ về kiến thức và nguồn lực cho sự phát triển quốc tế. Cũng như nhiều cơ hội được đào tạo và lưu chuyển nhân sự.
Tham vọng của chúng tôi? Để đổi mới và theo đuổi sự phát triển tại thị trường Châu âu trong khi vẫn đẩy nhanh sự tăng trưởng trong tương lai tại các thị trường như Brazil, Nga và Châu Á.
Để đạt mục tiêu này, chúng tôi cam kết 3 đòn bẩy:
- Nhân sự: tuyển dụng những nhân viên giỏi nhất, đào tạo, hòa nhập, xây dựng lòng trung thành
- Đổi mới: đầu tư vào nghiên cứu, phát triển và các trang thiết bị công nghiệp
- Thị trường quốc tế: trở thành người dẫn đầu và chinh phục thị trường mới
Urgo sở hữu tính năng động và là đầu tàu dẫn dắt 4 công ty: Urgo Medical, Urgo Healthcare, Juvasante và Superdiet cùng hướng đến mục tiêu chung là cung cấp những sản phẩm tốt nhất cho người tiêu dùng và và các chuyên gia chăm sóc sức khỏe.

Urgo are a French family-owned group with an international dimension comprised of intermediate-size companies. We are present on all of the distribution circuits (hospitals, pharmacies, super/hypermarkets, e-commerce, etc.) with recognized brands and enjoy the best of both worlds: the boldness of a family-owned company and the strength of an international group. This is what sets us apart and what will continue to set us apart.
The boldness of a family company gives us the capacity to test, innovate, experiment and rapidly adapt.
The strength of an international group offers us financial security, long-term vision, sharing of knowledge and resources for international development. It also means more opportunities for training and inter-company mobility.
Our ambition? To innovate and pursue our growth in Europe while accelerating our development on markets of the future such as Brazil, Russia and Asia.
We are committed to 3 levers for achieving this goal:
Our personnel: Hire the best, integrate and train them, build their loyalty
Innovation: invest in research, development and our industrial equipment
International: become leader and conquer new territories
Urgo owes its dynamism and initiative-taking to its structure founded on 4 companies: Urgo Medical, Urgo Healthcare, Juvasante, Superdiet, working towards a common goal, namely to offer consumers and healthcare professionals the best products in their category.

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Lầu 10, Tòa nhà Nam Á, 201-203 Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Quận 3, Tp.HCM
25-99 staffs
HR Department


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