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Job Description

1. To meet or exceed B2C sales targets including sell-in and sell-out volume of direct Distributor(s) and ensure good UGMVC.

2. To ensure healthy inventory in the assigned Direct Distributor(s), not to exceed the maximum inventory target set by TVL, stock is always available, full portfolio to supply to customers at any time, also to be responsible for accurate inventory report submitted to TVL by the assigned Direct Distributor(s).

3. Understand well the inventory in PD(s)’s in order to be proactive planning for sell-in volume from direct Distributor(s).

4. Cooperate closely with the B2B Sales Team in the spirit of ONE TOTAL including:
-Ensure TOTAL brand image in market in good status ;
-Cooperate in sales activities if possible ;
-Respect of distribution channels group and assigned territories;
-Combination in gopds purchase orders of the Products from Direct Distributor(s) for all B2B and B2C stock demand in one order ;
-Cooperation in sub-distributors / PD selection ;
-Mutual communication on market intelligence accros distribution channels groups.
For overall TOTAL VIETNAM’s performance and success.

5. Together with Direct Distributor(s), set up and execute plans to push Sell-out for Direct Distributors and PD(s) including :
- Distribute the Products to B2C channels, increasing everyday number of retail outlets (distribution), number of SKUs presented in each outlet ;
- Keep increasing number of SKUs sold out from Direct Distributor(s) and PDs ;
- Products / POSMs display ;
- Monitor closely and keep looking for opportunities to increase volume performance of the Products in TVL ‘s B2C contracted outlets of which it could be direct investment from TVL or via Direct Distributor(s) to those customers.
- Understand well full details of B2C Customers List including existing and potential ones;
- Understand well purchase history of key customers in assigned territory;
- Always seeking for opportunities to increase volume share for TOTAL Products in the assigned territory;
- Understand well market information including sales activities, market share of competitors, number of competitors available in market, competitors’ advantages / disadvantages vs TOTAL in the assigned territory.
- Manage and ensure a proper execution of the trade / consumer promotion program(s) which TVL provide financial support to direct Distributor(s) and / or PD(s) or TVL directly invests to indirect customers in B2B channels or consumers.
Ensure TOTAL brand image, point of sales materials, branded signages / lightboxes indoor and outdoor of the stores, outdoor billboard are always in competitive status vs competitors and in good condition with most update campaign from TVL.
6. Manage the assets of TVL that are stored at the direct Distributor(s) or distributor(s) under the direct Distributor(s), ensuring these assets are used for the right purpose as required by TVL from time to time.

7. Provide relevant information from sales activities to marketing teams that help with crafting productive marketing strategies, slso ensure that consistent brand identity is upheld in all correspondence and campaigns and liaise with other executives to identify new markets and customers.

8. Provide good service to B2C customers.
In coordination with the Customer Service team of TVL to resolve customer complaints.

9. Provide on time to the Commercial Operation team of TVL the monthly, quarterly and annual sell-in forecasts, and take efficient measures to address poor / good sales results in the past and up-coming.

10. Together with Direct Distributor(s) and PD(s), interview, recruit and training their salesmen especially the TOTAL dedicated sales team for Products Knowledge, Channels Insights, selling skills.

Together with Direct Distributor(s) and PD(s) set an efficient daily route plan for their sales team, especially the TOTAL dedicated sales team, ensure quality of sales which is successful rate, volume per call, number of orders collected per day, also ensure the salesmen are following the set route plan with regular visit to B2C customers, especially B2C contracted outlets.

Be responsible to TVL for the quality, efficiency and activities of the TOTAL dedicated sales team which is subsided by TVL to the Direct Distributor(s) and/or PDs in the assigned territory of the ASM.

11. Be responsible to TVL for the selection, proposal and sign off with the B2C contracted outlets and then be responsible for the performance and efficiency of those outlets.

12. Update everyday a full and accurate report on SALSA with details of individual daily activities and b2C customers list as below :
 Individual daily activities : what have been done today and what is going to do tomorrow
Visit direct Distributor(s), PD(s), B2C contracted outlets, other B2C non-contracted outlets.
Accompany and coaching salesmen on field.
Open new B2C Customers.
List and volume performance of the B2C contracted outlets vs contracts signed, good / not good analysis and action plans.
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Job Requirements

- Business or Engineering graduate
- Strong in sales-marketing, negotiating, analytical and reporting skills.
- Proven ability to manage a geographically diverse customer portfolio.
- Excellent Interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal English Vietnamese)
- 3-5 years’ experience in sales or oil industry is a plus.
- Strong leadership, sales and analytical skills.
- Ability to work with different entities and Departments

Job Locations

Bảo Lộc, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam
Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
An Giang, Vietnam

With operations in more than 130 countries and 100,000 employees, Total is a top-tier international oil company and a world-class natural gas operator, refiner, petrochemical producer, and fuel and lubricant retailer to provide products and services for customers worldwide.

Total is also developing energies that can partner oil and gas — today, solar energy and tomorrow, biomass. As a responsible corporate citizen, Total focuses on ensuring that our operations consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.

Total has been present in Vietnam for over 20 years. Total’s downstream activities in Vietnam include Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), lubricants and retail. It currently hires more than 800 employees in Vietnam. Visit us at

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