Assistant to Activities and Athletics Director

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Health Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance 24/24
Annual Leave and Additional Leave
Professional Development Opportunity

Mô Tả Công Việc

Budget & Bookkeeping Tasks
1. Perform bookkeeping tasks associated with the department such as MRISA and SEASAC entry fees, SISAC memberships, and local/international tournaments.
2. Function as the SISAC treasurer: update the revenue & expenditure. Pay off the expenses of SISAC events at SSIS or other schools as well as prepare & process fees for Referee Company.
3. Budget for sport event expenses, work with B.O. to prepare invoices/receipts, expense reports, request cash advance for events, advance reversals as needed.
4. Assist with the deposit of all funds and request payments through athletics account to keep balanced and accurate financial statements.
5. Liaise with school B.O. to track payment collection for trips (SISAC, MRISA & SEASAC) from schools, parents and students.
6. Order supplies for operation of entire office including Activities, Athletics & Aquatics.
7. Liaise with B.O. to arrange bookings for teams (flights, hotels, bus, emergency cash, insurance, etc.) and prepare travel packages (information print-outs, first aid kits, cash, etc.).
8. Prepare purchase orders for items needed for daily operation of sports practices, games, tournament and SSIS hosted events related to Athletics.
9. Prepare marketing slides for weekly updates & update sports calendars on different sites.
10. Block & secure all sports facilities for entire year to the Athletics department from 3-6pm Monday through Friday and appropriate weekends.
11. Coordinate and/or coordinate facility & equipment maintenance repairs as they occur.
12. Coordinate with Maintenance/Gardening teams to assist in set up and removal for games in all athletic facilities.

Local League/Games/Practices Details
1. Coordinate referees for all SSIS events.
2. Coordinate bus for travel to games & events.
3. Book external facilities and work with the B.O. to create contracts and facilitate payments.
4. Ensure that equipment is set up for games & practices and schedule removal with appropriate department.
5. Work with Security for visiting team arrivals on campus as well as assist with greeting teams and directing them to the appropriate space.
6. Work with Health Office to coordinate having a Nurse on site for games and ensure that there is always a nurse on site for practices.
7. Oversee uniforms - keep records of issuing and returning uniforms, work with coaches to get returned or issued, track lost uniforms and organize with B.O. for payment for a lost uniform if required.
8. Coordinate with School Store on inventory and purchasing of shorts, socks, and Track/Field uniforms.
9. Prepare rosters, get signed, scanned and placed into appropriate folders for SISAC, MRISA & SEASAC.

Hosting Events
1. Coordinate with the Events Office for support to organize the events, book extra facilities, and book extra help if required.
2. Search & secure appropriate hotels for visiting teams.
3. Coordinate food, awards, snacks, SIM cards, banners, t-shirts, awards welcome packages, etc. for teams entering HCMC for an event.
4. Coordinate with H.O. to ensure proper medical staff and supplies are booked for events.
5. Coordinate all items for Awards ceremonies - decorations, trophies, medals, IT needs, photographer, etc.
6. Support on specific tasks during events & ceremonies to assist in person as needed.
7. Organize hosting team pick up & transportation as needed throughout the event - from arrival to departure.

1. Prepare or coordinate at the start of the season all equipment (pump up balls, cages, or other specific equipment).
2. Ensure that score board remotes are charged and be prepared to teach students how to use them.
3. Keep livestream cameras charged and securely stored in the office.

Data – Schools Buddy
1. Understand how to set up the season, try-outs to final rosters.
2. Daily updates as needed on the rosters.
3. Prepare to send messages to new parents on the system.
4. Understand how to send community wide messages via Swift & Schools Buddy.
5. Collect appropriate data and store in the appropriate file for the Teaching & Learning office.

Additional Travel Team
1. Check each traveling athlete, chaperone and coach for valid travel documents
a. passport
b. visa - VN and other countries if required.
c. coordinate collection & return of passports.
2. Distribute travel shirts, uniforms, bags, etc.
3. Prepare rosters with all details for coach and hosting school.
4. Assist on parent communication regarding trips. Phone calls are often required due to last minute changes or requests.
5. Upon return balance & return cash and receipts to the B.O.
6. Assist in obtaining coach/chaperone visas if required.
7. Coordinate with H.O. to obtain travel first aid kits and other medical related information or items.

1. Support Activities staff as needed.
2. Book & coordinate the photographer to take photos at various events. Help the photographer to keep files up to date with labeled files.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

● Knowledge, Education and Experience:
▪ Technical Knowledge: BA Degree in Business, Education, Sport or a related field
▪ Year of experience: Three to five - years successful experience as a secretary preferred.
▪ Interpersonal skills necessary to manage efficiently and courteously a diverse group of constituents.
▪ Excellent organizational, accurate verbal and written communications skills
▪ Professional appearance/business casual
▪ Self-starter and team player

● Skills:
▪ Computer skill: Proficiency in PC applications
▪ Bold & decisive in decision making – willing to take risks
▪ Maintain a positive, highly efficient, organized, professional and confidential manner in all aspects of the job.
▪ An ability to set priorities and work well under pressure with an attention to detail.
▪ Facilitate all verbal and written communications between parents, faculty, students, and administrators with regard to scheduling parent/faculty conferences, incoming and outgoing mail, phone calls, etc.
▪ Strong organizational skills and attention to detail, stay focused and organized when the event/activity happen
▪ Problem solving skill.
▪ Maintain confidentiality of information, data and records.
▪ Self- motivational skills and group leadership skills

● Abilities:
▪ Ability to exercise independent judgment and work with limited supervision.
▪ Ability to collaborate and motivate others, work as a team.
▪ Collaborate with the Director of Athletics with all aspects of the Athletics budget.
▪ Collaborate to arrange transportation services, hotel reservations, travel insurance, arranging for payment of registration fees, etc.
▪ Ability to multi-task and work under pressure

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

78 Nguyen Duc Canh, Phuong Tan Phong, Q7

Saigon South International School was founded in 1997 by the Phu My Hung Corporation to accommodate an increasing need for American education for both local residents and expatriate families. Located in the quickly growing Saigon South Urban Development, SSIS is just two and a half miles south of the current city center - District One in Ho Chi Minh City. SSIS is owned by the Phu My Hung Corporation but operates as a non-profit entity within the company.

Today, SSIS enrolls over 1200 students from over 40 countries. Our professionally certified and experienced teachers are career educators. Most come from North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. As specialists in their subject area, over 70% hold master's degrees. Our student teacher ratio is 10 to 1 and all early childhood and elementary classes have a full time teaching assistant.

SSIS facilities are outstanding and appropriately support our curricular and co-curricular program, as well as our after-school activities program in grades 1-12 and the athletic program in grades 4-12. The school offers an American standards-based curriculum, augmented by the rigorous Advanced Placement Program (AP) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in the high school.

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78 Nguyen Duc Canh, Tan Phong Ward, Dist 7, Ho Chi Minh City
100-499 nhân viên
Ms. Van


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