[Bamboo Airways] 02 Technical Librarian

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Mô Tả Công Việc

Main role

The manager of Technical Library (TL) is responsible for ensuring all document and maintenance data are current and available and distributing to technical and maintenance centers/ departments and uploading on the Bamboo network.


• To provide support to General manager, Avionics and Cabin team leader for AOC functions support.

• To obtain the maintenance manual from manufacturer website, EASA, and FAA as: AD, SB, VSB, CMM…

• Import data information from AD, SB into public management of AMOS system.

• To manage and ensure approved documents of Bamboo are current and available as: MCM, SOP, LMM...

• To distribute maintenance data and documents to technical department, other divisions and concerned users.

• To manage and distribute software of aircraft (floppy disk and CD) and distribute to concerned users.

• Carry out other duties as directed by General Manager, Avionics and Cabin Team Leader.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Personal specifications Knowledge, skills and experience

• Female priority

• Concentration.

• Hardworking and adaptable.

• Proactive and cooperative attitude.

• Self-Discipline.

• Problem-solving skills.

• Graduated from University / College - (preferably with experience in the library, archives).

• English: intermediate communication.

• Computer: Can use Microsoft office.

• Organization arranged neatly and scientifically.

• Effective communication.
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Bamboo Airways is a new carrier that operates on a trending version of commercial aviation – Hybrid, which is the combination of both conventional and low-cost carriers. With this model, Bamboo Airways offers an affordable cost as well as luxurious services on air in order to maximize passengers’ experiences.

With the opening of Bamboo Airways, passengers are enabled to choose valuable service packages including booking with competitive costs, various luggage options, hot meals and a wide range of in-flight entertainment. In order to foster outstanding merits, we always move forward with our primary motto – “Think different – Do different” so let’s join us to experience the latest and the most competent corporate culture in the market.

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