[Banking] Vice Chairman - Phó Chủ Tịch Ngân Hàng

[Banking] Vice Chairman - Phó Chủ Tịch Ngân Hàng

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Attractive Package For C-level Positions.
Travel on business globally.
Work with world-class talents.

Mô Tả Công Việc

We're looking for the companionship of a senior Vice Chairman (VC) for our Bank. Our VC will oversee all aspects of our Bank's operations and play a critical role in shaping its future direction, building its development strategy in the medium/long term, and making decisions that impact the entire organization.
This position will work long-term in Southeast Asia and is responsible to the Group's Board of Directors.

● Build and develop strategies and visions to achieve the Bank's growth, development expansion, and profitability in the medium and long term.
● Oversee and monitor general performances and activities of the Bank to achieve the committed strategic goals through management, direction, and direction to the CEO Bank and its executives.
● Actively develop and expand investment cooperation opportunities in both local and international markets to augment the scale/scope of the Bank's operations.
● Develop relationships with government agencies and business partners v.v. to increase favorable conditions for the Bank's operations and development.
● Direct and supervise the Bank's financial and budgetary activities.
● Consult with board members and the CEO on the general operations of the Bank.
● Coordinate with the CEO/ BOD and top/middle executives to establish rules, regulations, and policies consistent with the Bank's core values.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

● Have extensive knowledge and experience in the Finance - Banking industry as well as Economic/Political/Social factors... that directly and indirectly affect the operation/development of our Bank.
● 10++ years working in the banking industry in a similar role and successfully going through periods of restructuring, fast-growing, or dramatic changes in strategy/vision on an organization-wide scale is a significant advantage.
● Have powerful decision-making skills and masterfully direct and navigate the entire organization to accomplish the goals.
● Strategic thinking and harmony in balancing interests towards development and long-term vision.
● Be determined and autonomous in action, with the ability to connect and provide spiritual leadership for the entire organization.
● Experience working in foreign banks or outside Vietnamese territory is an advantage.
Fluent English.
● Master effective and influential communication and negotiation skills, both internal and external, on a small team scale or an entire organization scale.
● Willing to work long-term in Southeast Asia (outside of Vietnam) and travel regularly.

*** What do you get?
● Attractive Package including competitive salary and benefits.
● Performance Bonus
● Working with world-class talents in a world-class bank

Địa Điểm Làm Việc


Multinational Thailand-based Group focusing on Power Business, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Hospitality...
This position will work for our Bank.

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