CEO’s Assistant

Job Locations: Ha Noi
Up to $1000 855 views - Expires in 4 days

What We Can Offer

Competitive salary (up to 22 million VND per month)
Yearly Tet bonus (standard is 1 month salary)
International environment & opportunity to work with smart minds

Job Description

WHAT WE OFFER (Benefits):
- International environment & opportunity to work with smart minds
- Competitive salary (up to 22 million VND per month)
- Yearly Tet bonus (standard is 1 month's salary)
- Company-sponsored trips (2 - 4 days): 2 times a year
- Salary review: 2 times a year
- Company-sponsored health check-up: once a year
- Company-sponsored party: once every month
- 2 weekly off days: SAT & SUN
- Social insurance and other corporate benefits
- Fast track for career growth (if you prove to be capable, you will rise up fast)

Your position will be CEO’s assistant. The CEO is a foreigner, who speaks Vietnamese (daily conversation level) & 5 other languages. He has been in Vietnam for 5+ years. You are expected to communicate with the CEO in English or Japanese. Your main role will be to help the CEO in getting more things done. You must be smart, agile & hard working for this role & also to grow in terms of skill and knowledge.

[Secretarial tasks]
- Be able to take meeting notes with high accuracy & summarize - share as required.
- Organize meetings, events or parties on behalf of the CEO.
- Create documents from scratch, based on CEO’s guidance and online research.
- Attend meetings, negotiations, follow up next actions & report to CEO
[Translation and Interpretation tasks included]
- Receive & screen information from each dept. about business operation & report to CEO, as per CEO’s direction.
- Translate documents and interpreters from Vietnamese to English and vice versa if needed.

- Support CEO in execution of business, in various aspects.
- Understand business, tasks of each department & the direction ahead. You can perform better in your role if your understanding is deep & updated.
- Enhance collaboration between CEO and each department
- Cooperate & fulfill any related company activities like committees, projects, audits and training.
- Other tasks as assigned by the CEO.
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Job Requirements

REQUIREMENTS (Who we are looking for):
- University degree, business-related subject preferred (You are expected to be in the top 10% of your class).
- At least 2 years of experience in a similar position. (Japanese / International standard company experience is a big plus).
- Excellent interpersonal, communication & presentation skills.
- Excellent organizing skills. You can keep things organized & you are careful in nature. (RG-PDCA)
- Ability to analyze and report on various matters.
- Language: Excellent English - TOEIC 850 or IELTS 6.5 or equivalent), Japanese is plus
- IT literacy (Good PC use, Word &, Powerpoint, Advanced Excel skills)
- You are clever, flexible, proactive, self-motivated and can work under high pressure.

Job Locations

Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi - Cau Dien - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi

We are a Tech company from Japan, building and running E-commerce platforms for 8+ years. We plan, build and operate our own online products and services. is our latest business venture. As a company, we find problems around our society; that we can solve & people are willing to pay for the solution. Then through proper business analysis and preparation, we convert these problems into business opportunities. Currently, we have multiple businesses, including international clients and offices.

Here are two of our main projects:
1. Car From Japan: is the second largest used car exporting platform in Japan, serving global customers, founded in 2014. With 200+ active users at any moment, every month 1 million+ buyers and car enthusiasts visit this website. Every year we export cars to 50+ countries. 75% of the traffic is from mobile devices. We are proud of our global client base and we are committed to provide the best user experience to our customers.

2. Oreka: is a platform to Buy & Sell used items in Vietnam, which we launched in late 2021. This platform is still in its early stage, with a full potential of being a significant platform in Vietnam. With Oreka, we are committed to bring peace of mind & efficiency in selling and buying used items. In Oreka, buyer & seller do not have to meet or call; and both the buyer and seller are protected & guaranteed by the platform, Oreka. By making it easier & efficient to sell-off the unwanted items for someone to reuse, we plan to reduce the carbon footprint (CO2 emission) on earth.

OUR CULTURE (what we are looking for in the new member):
- You maintain a high standard. You know different levels of good. If needed, you know how to raise the quality bar higher.
- You are a problem solver. If there is a problem, you are motivated to find a way to solve it, by trying many ways. You take initiatives & do not just wait for others to tell you what to do.
- You have a hungry spirit. You want to learn-grow-win & you take initiatives for it. Your thoughts and knowledge-inputs are not limited to textbooks. You are always looking for new things to learn.
- You are hard working & do not mind getting your hands dirty. Why we do it is more important to you than what we are doing. You do not give up, if the situation gets rough.

- Office hours: MON-FRI, 9am to 6pm (Lunch 12:30-13:30)
- Workplace: Hanoi (Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi, Nam Tu Liem)
- Company Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan. | Branch: HaNoi (Since 2017)
- Company websites: |

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Vinhomes Gardenia, Ham Nghi, Nam Tu Liem
10-24 staffs


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