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Ha Noi

Job description

Job Purpose The job holder responsible for: Responsible for implementing and coordinating with functional departments of the unit in charge, regions andrelated departments in building business targets, managing, monitoring and evaluating sales effectiveness ofthe company. sales team, sales support under the Business units Key Accountabilities 1. Participate in annual business planning and business performance management - Participate in the process of supporting functional areas of annual business planning includingrevenue/cost/profit. - Providing financial consulting services for functional areas of the business units Including a system of periodicand ad-hoc reports, including analysis to specify strengths and weaknesses, analysis of business benefits indifferent aspects, consulting to help business divisions can make effective business decisions. - Effectively manage revenue/cost/profit by cross-sections (by product, by region, by industry, by customer...). - Manage product backlog portfolio: ensure that all new product/service development proposals are consideredfrom a financial perspective and are consistent across business units. - Develop and implement processes, regulations, evaluation forms, and reports on performance analysis ofunits, regions, and Divisions by month, quarter, and year. - Develop and provide reports at the request of the Board of Directors, Business units to monitor the activities ofBusiness units, units, Regions, Areas - Participate in the development of business plans (saleplan) of the Sales Division, units, regions, areasperiodically, and at the same time build and develop sales tracking systems of the sales force . - Calculate and measure the effectiveness of implemented programs and projects - Calculate and provide results of KRA/KPIs performance evaluation of business units - Prepare periodic and ad hoc reports at the request of the Senior Director/ Senior Manager 2. Cost effective management - Overall coordination for the entire annual cost planning activities of the unit in charge - Responsible for managing and controlling periodic operating costs of the segment to ensure management andoptimization of % CIR in accordance with strategic goals. - The focal point for working with stakeholders to provide cost allocation ratios by segment/sub-segment/product/product package... as a basis for evaluating performance in all aspects. different cuts. 3. Development of price management policy and framework - Participate in policy formulation; price management framework. Coordinate with enforcement units and controlthe implementation of policies/processes - Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of pricing policies and implementation of pricing policies of units

Job requirements

- Have a university degree or MBA in Economics; Finance; Bank; Data Science or related fields. Accredited Professional Finance Certificate - 4 years of experience in the field of Finance; Financial analysis/Data in the banking industry; financial servicesor FinTech. - English requirements according to the regulations of each period

What We Can Offer

13th month salary + performance bonus
Advanced health insurance for you and your family
Preferential loan policy for Techcombank’s employees

Job Information


Information Technology/Telecommunications > Business/System Analysis


Experienced (non-manager)

Banking, Phân Tích Kinh Doanh, Data Science, Financial Analysis, Finance


Job Locations

Hà Nội, Việt Nam.

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