Coal Handling Field Operator in Thanh Hoa

Coal Handling Field Operator in Thanh Hoa

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Job Description

The Coal Handling Field Operator assists in the proper start-up, operation, and shutdown of the coal vessel unloading and handling systems. Responsible for supervising, directing, controlling, and coordinating the supply of fuel and ensuring the safe, reliable, efficient, and economical operation of the Coal Handling System including compliance with all environmental regulations.

The operation, monitoring, lubrication, and housekeeping of the Stacker Reclaimer (STARE) and auxiliary equipment. During the shift, the Coal Handling Field Operator also tours designated areas in the plant to inspect equipment and record operating parameters. The Coal Handling Field Operator reports to and takes direction from, the Coal Handling Control Room Operator and the Coal Handling Shift Supervisor on his shift.

Duties and responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to the following:
• Perform start-up, operation, and shutdown of equipment, systems, and the plant in accordance with approved plant procedures and as directed by the Coal handling Shift Supervisor and Coal Handling Control Room Operator. Responsible for and controls the operation of Material Handling Plant during but not limited to: vessel unloading, reclaiming, blending operation, compacting, and stockpiling.
• Monitor and record local operating parameters and make adjustments to maintain safe and efficient operation.
• Observes reports, troubleshoots, and correct situations that are likely to develop into operational problems or safety hazards.
• As authorized by the Coal Handling Control Room Operator, perform equipment isolation in accordance with plant lockout/tag-out procedures.
• Responsible for preventive maintenance and testing of all material handling equipment. Coordinates with Coal Handling Control Room Operator and Maintenance Department.
• Performs operation of the Stacker Reclaimer and auxiliary equipment. Coordinates with heavy equipment operators during unloading and reclaiming operations. Evaluates and implements strategies developed for the stacking, unloading, reclaiming, and coal blending operations.
• Performs preventive maintenance on the Stacker Reclaimers and its auxiliaries before and after each operation.
• Performs closing and opening of electrical breakers of the Stacker Reclaimer motor control center. Performs periodic test of Stacker Reclaimer protective devices. Monitors heavy equipment activity, implements strategies to prevent spontaneous combustion and emission of coal dust.
• Participate in scheduled safety meetings and training.
• Performs housekeeping duties in designated areas and assists with coal sampling.
• Perform other duties as assigned by the Coal handling Control Room Operator and the Coal Handling Shift Supervisors.
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Job Requirements

• High School Diploma (12 years) required.
• No experience in this position required but experience working as an equipment operator in an industrial environment is helpful.
• Preferred at least 2 years working experience as a Material Handling operator and demonstrated proficiency in all operating areas in the coal yard, proficiency in all systems of the Stacker Reclaimer.
• Ability to use and navigate on the Stacker Reclaimer control system monitors
• Must be able to work independently with minimum or no supervision.
• Rudimentary skills in the English language (verbal) desired.

Job Locations

Nghi Sơn, Tĩnh Gia District, Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

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