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Our Office


    Hai Au Building, 39B Truong Son, ward 4, Tan Binh district, HCMC

Our Story

Who we are

Established in 1995, Sparx* is Vietnam's premier 3D Art, VFX and Animation studio, with around 350 full-time Artists, Animators and Technical Experts. Since 2011, Sparx* has been a member of Virtuos Group - one of the world's largest content production companies. For over two decades, the studio based in Ho Chi Minh City has been working with most of the world’s top 20 digital entertainment publishers in the movie and game industries, and has contributed to the biggest AAA video games, highest-grossing Hollywood blockbuster movies, and award-winning TV series. As the leading studio in Vietnam when it comes to digital entertainment content, Sparx* is also the hub of the best local talents and international experts, making it the ideal workplace for Vietnamese artists and animators by giving them the opportunities to work on desirable world-class projects.

How can we help

How can we help

Sparx* delivers services that span the full spectrum of 3D Art and Animation. Thanks to our team’s expertise in Art, Technology and Production, we are able to deploy specialized talents across a full production process at minimum risk and cost. We believe that as projects get larger and more complex, our clients deserve only the most passionate, diversely talented teams that can become an integral part of their organization, driving projects as hard as any internal development team.
Sparx* is undoubtably capable of assuming that role, stemming from our proven track record of contributions for some of the biggest AAA video games, award-winning TV series or Hollywood blockbuster movies to date.

Global Presence

Our Global network includes:

- 2000 employees

- 12 offices (Singapore, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Paris, Dublin, Montreal, Sparx*,…)

- 150 clients

- 1300 projects/

Core values

TRUST - equal opportunity work environment

POSITIVITY - it’s important that our work contributes to positive emotion

EXCELLENCE - Opportunities for everyone to improve his/her skills and to show them off

Why join us

Talent development has been at the core of our business since day one. Join the Sparx* side and find yourself as part of an excellent team, in an environment that empowers you to develop your professional skills while working on world-class projects right in the heart of exciting Vietnam. As a member studio of Virtuos Group – one of the world’s largest content producers in the industry – Sparx* is invested in establishing itself as the first choice for talent in search of an international career.

Our People

Xuan Vinh (Rot) - Associate Animation Director

I came to Sparx* by coincidence in 2005, as I began to be interested in designing and technology and one of my friends introduced me about the studio. My portfolio at Sparx* includes exciting projects like the first 3 seasons of the Disney Infinity game, a very fun and educational German TV Series called Gazoon, and Star Wars Rebels by Lucasfilm. One of the best milestones achieved by my team that I can recall is the release of Igor in 2008. It was the first feature animated movie done by a Vietnamese studio, and our team worked on 80% of the animation in it. We are proud to be one of the best animation teams in Vietnam and have never been more satisfied with our achieved quality. I have been with Sparx* since I was 19 so my team is nothing less than a second family. As a Senior Team Lead, I always remind my junior members about the importance of being humble and maintaining a learning spirit in such a fast-paced industry. Nothing is perfect, and anything can be improved to become even better than it is.

Xuan Vinh (Rot) - Associate Animation Director

Thien Binh - Art Team Leader

I joined Sparx* in 2014 after graduating from FPT Arena Multimedia. Sparx* has been my first and only company since then. I was actually one of the weakest of my batch at the beginning. It was so challenging for me that I had questioned my ability to even pass the qualification for my entrance training program at the studio. Looking back at the whole journey now, I can definitely see significant growth in me within the last five years. Once a very insecure junior, I am now always ready and excited to deal with complicated assets and projects of any nature. That proud feeling when seeing your name in the credits of those world-famous Star Wars and Marvel Studios movies is simply incomparable. The only thing I would like to say to the junior artists is this: whenever you feel like giving up or that you have tried your best, remember that if the will is strong enough then there is always a way.

Thien Binh - Art Team Leader

Chan Tu (Janie) - Senior Art Producer

I have a background in Diplomacy but soon decided to follow my personal interest by pursuing another degree in Animation and Digital Video Production in New Zealand before joining Sparx* in 2014. What I am most proud of from my journey at Sparx* is that we have successfully grown the VFX team at the studio from only 10 to almost 50 artists, all with a very wide range of specific skillsets for all kinds of film and game VFX. They are true team players. The more we learn about the full spectrum of making a game – design, art, audio, coding, engineering, tools, pipelines and more – the more familiar we become with the entire development process. Thinking about how we went through all the challenges in major projects like the Star Wars Rebels TV series, and the joy when the team unlocks new tools, engines and techniques always puts a smile on my face.

Chan Tu (Janie) - Senior Art Producer

Our Benefits


Contribute to the world's top AAA games and blockbuster movies


Competitive salary & social benefits, extra annual Leave days


Join an elite & international team


Develop your expertise in the latest platforms and technology


Enhance your personal value and skills with constant training & career development


Overseas work and opportunities