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Our Office


    Factory: No 1, Street 9A, Bien Hoa IZ II, Dong Nai Province

    HCM: HCM Office: 5th Floor, 86 Building, Xuan Thuy Street, Thao Dien Ward, Dist. 2, HCM City

    Ha Noi Office: 16th Floor, ThaiHoldings Tower, 17 Tong Dan, Hoan Kiem Dist., Ha Noi

Our Story

Who we are?

allnex, formerly Cytec Industries' Coating Resins business and acquired by Advent in 2013, is a leading global producer of coating resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. allnex is recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer and offers an extensive range of products including innovative liquid resins and additives, radiation cured and powder coating resins & additives and cross linkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces.

In September 2016, allnex and Nuplex Industries, a global manufacturer of resins, were brought together to form one company with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. allnex has now become the leading industrial coating resins company globally.

In July 2021, allnex is becoming part of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), a multinational chemical company based in Thailand, a Fortune Global 500 company.

With GCs strong presence in the APAC region, becoming part of GC provides great opportunities for growth in Emerging markets to allnex. On a global scale, GC´s focus on sustainability matches the allnex strategy to focus strongly on environmentally friendly technologies across the globe.

allnex is keeping it´s brand and headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany, and will operate as separate entity under GC’, with sites and offices across the globe.

allnex Vietnam

allnex Vietnam (formerly Nuplex Resins Vietnam Pty., Ltd.) was established in 1995 and located in Bien Hoa Industrial Zone II, Dong Nai province, Vietnam. allnex was the first, substantial domestic resins manufacturer for the coatings industry in Vietnam. Being inherited successful legacy of the whole organization and high investment in automation facilities, allnex Vietnam serves a wide range of coatings and its applications for paints, construction, ink, textile, composites industries and makes an impact of its brand name in the markets.

Our Mission and Core Values

- To listen to our customers and exceed their expectations.
- To lead in innovation, quality and reliability.
- To create value in all that we do.

- Safety: Our first priority is safety, which involves preventing and reducing risks, minimizing the frequency and scale of incidents, and protecting our employees from injury and illness.
- Diversity: As a global company we value the diversity that exists in our workforce, which also helps to make us more flexible and innovative.
- Integrity: Having integrity means being honest, transparent and respectful. We embrace good business practices, which include sustainability, and we expect all our employees to adhere to a code of conduct which enables them to navigate challenging situations.
- Compliance: We strive to comply with all relevant regulations in each of the countries where we operate, including rules relating to safety, health and the environment (SHE).
- Value Creation: Providing value to our stakeholders is our business imperative. Value includes providing quality products to our customers and returns for our investors, as well as contributing to the communities in which we operate.
- Teaming / Collaboration: Teaming and collaboration are important for delivering continuous improvement. We use collaborative techniques within our organization, and also for engaging with upstream and downstream partners to create mutually beneficial solutions.

Our People

Đoàn Thị Thu Hiền

QA/QC Manager

In September 2021, while being at home to strictly observe social distancing in Ho Chi Minh, my small family had a cozy party to celebrate my 14th year working at allnex Vietnam (formerly Nuplex) to look back on this proud journey together.
I saw myself as the fresh graduated student who eagerly joined in the interview for the Quality Assurance Analyst position at Nuplex Bien Hoa factory in September 2007. Unexpectedly, I received an employment offer to join the company shortly after. From here, my journey officially begins.
After only 6 months, I have noticed that the opportunities for young employees are always open at allnex. Starting as an inexperienced quality analyst, after 14 years of learning and being trained and developed, I have gradually improved my essential skills and self-worth. I was promoted to the role of Quality Manager at the age of 33. At the same time, I was nominated to participate in allnexT program, a talent development program for young talents and first time leaders.
It’s a surprise to many people with my seniority at allnex. To me, the journey at allnex has always been exciting. Initial failures due to lacking experience and practical skills have given me great lessons learnt and together with the coaching, mentoring and inspiration from my managers as well as colleagues help me gradually improve myself.
My top priorities on daily tasks are maintaining creative, dynamic working spirit and continuously searching for best solutions for different demands of customers. This is not only the target of the Quality department but also the way of personal development and accomplishing all assigned jobs that I want to achieve.
What actually can keep me staying at allnex for such a long time?
I suppose that the answer is inclusive of new, constantly updated technology, modern equipment, professional management systems, and realistic training programs. All these factors bring me enthusiasm, excitement and full of passion throughout the year that help me to recognize personal values and seize the opportunities to prove myself.
Furthermore, I am impressed by the attention of company’s leaders to employee’s benefits and well-being when becoming a member of the allnex Vietnam family. By joining in interesting team activities, employee assistance programs, healthy sharing topics on internal communication channels; we all have the sense of the real family here.
I am very proud of my journey at allnex Vietnam where it always fills me with positive energy, the spirit of continuing moving forward. The close connection of every individual is of the essential factors that build up the whole achievements.
Do you want to join me and develop allnex Vietnam together? Let’s be a part of us and explore your own expedition!

Đoàn Thị Thu Hiền

Hoàng Trọng Tiến

Production Manager

After graduating from university in 2007, I chose allnex Vietnam to start a new journey of personal and professional development. For me, this was a very important period of my career orientation as well as cultivating knowledge and practical experience which would be combined with university expertise to apply to daily working . This was also a meaningful milestone marking a new chapter of my career. Therefore, at the very first days at allnex, I encountered a lot of difficulties. However, with personal efforts, guidance from my managers and colleagues’ support. I overcame these obstacles and gradually defined the opportunities for my career development here .
Like other employees, I get counsel of oriented career development through very practical and useful training programs in which I have more motivation to work, learn and improve new skills and experience at work. Time passed, along with the expansion of the company, after 5 years of working, I was promoted to the position of Production Shift Leader. This is a big stride on my career path with new challenges of people management and ensuring all production activities run safely and efficiently. I was gradually more confident and grown up undertaking this role and ready for conquering higher peaks of my career. The next milestone of success that I was very proud of was being upgraded to Resins Production Manager 5 years later. During this development journey, I have been provided with new knowledge of professional management courses and participated in stretch projects to constantly improve and to be able to go further in my career.
I can say proudly that allnex Vietnam is a great, dynamic, clear oriented development workplace where all activities are executed on the core values. In addition, I strongly believe that all employees here have the equal opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, being well oriented and equipped with necessary skills to advance personal competencies in order to create the whole organization’s success upon each employee’s achievement.

Hoàng Trọng Tiến

Nguyễn Thị Thuận Hòa

R&D Supervisor

Being an R&D Supervisor at allnex Vietnam, I know my dream has come true. At allnex, I can learn new technologies from our R&D centers across the globe, experiment with all ideas on modern laboratory equipment to develop new products for meeting the demands of customers.
The reason I have been engaging with allnex for over 13 years is that I have always received great support from the managers and colleagues, especially during my pregnancy. During this time, my daily tasks were rearranged to avoid working and contacting chemicals and to ensure that my mental and physical health was protected. I greatly appreciate this!
Furthermore, I have been also inspired by two impressive sentences from my manager: "Chicken and Egg, who came first?" and “Don’t say “No”, please find the solution!” which will help to advance considerably my career as well as my daily life. Now, I strongly believe that working dedicatedly, devoting yourself then success will come.
One of the greatest achievements I have had at allnex was to be nominated to participate in the global allnexT program, a talent development program for first-time leaders. Through this journey, I learned about management and leadership skills, teamwork; being shared information about market development trends, business strategies by the global leaders. With the companion of mentors in big projects, I got significant improvements in awareness, mindset as well as being matured gradually to conquer the milestones on my career development path.
Join me in allnex journey to discover yourself!

Nguyễn Thị Thuận Hòa

Our Benefits

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

  • At allnex, the industry compensation benchmarking is one of the key factors used in our pay strategies. We are committed to offer a competitive package including salary, fixed bonus, variable bonus, recognition awards and other benefits. You will be incentivized and rewarded for achieving goals by our pay-for-performance philosophy.

Health and Well-being

  • Your health and safety are of our first priority. We offer premium health care package, International SOS business travel insurance, generous number of annual leave and sick leave with payment and along with those are various employee well-being initiatives such as team building events, family day, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), supportive programs of mental and physical health, flexibility at work and remote working for work-life balance.

Learning and training opportunity

  • It is strongly believed that investment in training and developing our people makes great impact and contributes to our Company success. We provide you with a modern e-learning platform with a variety of learning contents both technical and soft skills for personal and professional development opportunities. 

Career development opportunity

  • Joining allnex, you will have great career development opportunities. There are uninterrupted career development discussions and you are always encouraged to speak up with your managers about your career aspirations. You have then opportunities to participate in local or global talent programs equipping you with essential leadership skills and fostering future leaders.

Company Culture

  • allnex, as a multinational base in Vietnam, we have been always living core values every day and coherently undertaking our vital competencies: acts decisively, builds effective teams, build trusts, business insight, collaborates, courage, customer focus, demonstrates resilience, drives engagement, drive results, fosters innovation, strategic thinking, takes initiative, and values differences. Strategically in addition, there has been a cross border agility journey strongly being executed to solidify empowering, fast decision making, and accelerating growth by providing solutions for customers in adapting with the rapidly changing environment.

Working environment

  • You will find a positive working environment which brings you open and honest communication, job satisfaction, positive thinking, a good influence on those around you, success and happiness both personally and professionally. In addition, it makes you feel a valuable contribution to the company.