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[BD] Senior Full Stack Engineer, Outsystems Developer

  • Experienced (non-manager)
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • 13/06/2024

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    Deutsches Haus

    Floor 15, 33 Le Duan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Our Story

Company Introduction

In July 2014, Bosch set up a new Automotive R&D Center, located in Ho Chi Minh City. The continuous growth of this Centre is in line with Bosch’s strategy in Vietnam which aims at becoming a manufacturing and R&D hub in the Southeast Asian region. There are 04 groups at R&D Center now: Push Belt (CT), Connectors and Components (CC), Engineering Virtualization Service (EVI), Product Development Code (PDC).

Company Introduction
On-campus Bosch Automotive Lab

On-campus Bosch Automotive Lab

Bosch Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) have launched the on-campus Bosch Automotive Lab. Equipped with Bosch’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) and fuel level sensor (FLS) test benches, the lab aims to enhance the learning experience of technical students majoring in various automotive engineering programs from HCMUT’s Faculty of Transportation Engineering. “Bosch is committed to the future of education in Vietnam, especially when it comes to technology and innovation, and this is embedded in our values – to enrich the society that we operate in,” said Guru Mallikarjuna, managing director of Bosch Vietnam. “With the addition of Bosch Automotive Lab on campus, our students can enjoy a more diversified curriculum, with high-quality equipment to enrich their learning experience,” shared Prof. Mai Thanh Phong, President of HCMUT. 

Product Development Engineer

Gần đây Bosch nhận được khá nhiều câu hỏi xoay quanh vị trí Product Development Engineer. Các bạn có vẻ như đang rất tò mò liệu công việc của Product Development Engineer sẽ bao gồm những gì? Những kỹ năng nào sẽ cần thiết khi tuyển dụng vị trí? Cách thức nộp đơn phỏng vấn và môi trường làm việc ra sao? Tất tần tật sẽ được bật mí ở đoạn phỏng vấn trên. Đừng chần chờ thêm nữa mà hãy nhấn ngay và tự khám phá câu trả lời cho riêng bạn nhé! Hãy cùng Bosch #growth #enjoy #insprire ngay thôi nào!

Our People

Simulation Engineer @ Bosch Automotive R&D Center

Being a Simulation Engineer at Bosch R&D, I know my dream has come true: using what was taught during my degree for industrial applications. You will soon realize the lessons from Solids Mechanics are actually useful when assessing structural integrity. Or you may also need to refresh yourself on Material Science when studying crack growth and heat treatment. It is a fascinating learning journey. At Bosch, teamwork spirit is nourished. As a fresher, you always have chance to work independently and get support from the seniors when needed. Most of the projects I am involved are from overseas. The world is huge, and not everyone has the chance to expose to cultural diversity. I take my duties seriously, but still have spare times to pursue my other passions outside the office. I highly appreciate this healthy element when working at Bosch.

Simulation Engineer @ Bosch Automotive R&D Center

Product Development Engineer@Bosch Automotive R&D

To develop career as a Product Development Engineer, you should love inventing new things as well as improving things around you. Secondly, you should be passionate about turning theory to reality. Thirdly, treat sciences as your friend. Last but not least keep your knowledge up-to-date by self-studying, joining relevant communities and consulting with specialists. Never give up to chase your dreams. 

Product Development Engineer@Bosch Automotive R&D

Overseas training@Bosch Automotive R&D Center

Overseas training at Bosch Netherlands is a fantastic experience to us. We not only can enhance our engineering knowhow but also can expand my product knowledge about the Pushbelt, which we find wonderful.
Working abroad gives us a chance to meet people from different countries with different cultures and languages as well as participate in challenging application projects for specific markets like China and Japan. Our Dutch colleagues are very friendly and supportive. We are happy to be a part of the team.
After returning back to Vietnam we will share experiences and knowledge with my fellow team members to support them to catch up with the product knowhow.

Overseas training@Bosch Automotive R&D Center

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