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Software Engineer (WPF/ MVVM)

  • Experienced (non-manager)
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • 26/03/2024

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    Lottery I3-1, D1 Street, Tan Phu Ward, Saigon High Tech Park, District 9, HCMC

Our Story

About GES

GES is among the global leaders in semiconductor equipment services. With a team of broad experience in semiconductor field, GES provides technical resource solutions to the electronics industry to reduce costs and improve efficiencies to its customers operations. GES has a headquarter in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California and many satellite operations across the globe to support customers worldwide.

GES Vietnam was established in 2007, located in the South of Vietnam – Saigon High Tech Park, Ho Chi Minh City. On the very first day, GES only had 35 employees. All 35 employees each solely focused on providing customer service of semiconductor industry. Now, GES has expanded its size to more than 600 employees worldwide for all areas from equipment design, software development, high complexity manufacturing, onsite installation to after sale service. On October 1 of 2018, the acquisition of GES by Kimball Electronics was officially completed, and the GES officially became one part of Kimball GES is a part of Kimball Electronics – a milestone for the upcoming development of both companies. Kimball is a leading contract manufacturer of durable goods electronics serving a variety of industries on a global scale. The corporation operates in 4 major areas: Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Public Safety.

About GES
The beginning of the next chapter

The beginning of the next chapter

Thanks to all the processes of development and with great care, GES has changed significantly since the establishment. Also, to write about the merger of GES and KE, the Slogan “the beginning of the next chapter” would be fitting for this article.
On the very first day, GES only had 35 members. All 35 members each solely focused on designing, manufacturing, upgrading and customer service of semiconductor industry. So far, GES has enlarged its size to more than 500 employees for all departments from AME, Production, QC-QA, SCM, and so on.
Talking about expertise, before our customers would not let any of GES engineers touch their machines. Now, they have officially worked with us and thus, they have recognized GES engineers as professionals, real experts in the industry.
GES has business operations in many countries and its customers are among those of the world’s leading companies.
No doubt to say GES is still growing, and that mere development will certainly reach a limit and there should be a big change for more spectacular breakthroughs “CÁ CHÉP HÓA RỒNG” (idiom describes someone has achieved great success after overcoming lots of difficulties) - GES needs a strong transformation.
GES BOD in recent years has also been very concerned with this significant development. There have been many options set out, many board meetings organized to find solutions to help GES to a new height.
Back in 2016, the BOD was constantly seeking solutions to bring GES to the next level, M&E was a good suggestion. After that, many global companies have approached and questioned GES. Finally, after a long time working and researching, GES decided to become on part of KE.
On October 1 of 2018, GES officially became one part of KE - a milestone for the upcoming development of both companies. KE or Kimball Electronics is a leading contract manufacturer of durable goods electronics serving a variety of industries on a global scale. The corporation operates in four major areas: Automotive, Healthcare, Industry and Public Safety. KE has a global headquarter at Kimball Ave, Indiana, United State with nearly 6000 employees in nine countries.
Together with M&E, GES will fill the gap that KE is aspiring to develop: NEW PLATFORM. We will approach the new market of automation and health; to improve the operating system, training and development of the team ... The current GES organization structure with its specificity will not change much to maintain the existing activities.
With this change in pace, we expect to see GES in the near future. A new face of GES along with KE.

Our Guiding Principles

Our customer is our business. We must provide innovative products and services that excite our customers and exceed their expectations of quality, features and enduring value. We also must recognize and respond quickly and creatively to ideas of others, both internally and externally.
Long term customers are more important than short-term results. We will promise only what we know can be delivered; we will strive to deliver more than was promised.
We seek to consistently demonstrate a sense of warmth, humor and mutual respect in our relationships with our customers, to be the company with which they most enjoy working.

Our people are the company. Kimball has been built upon the tradition of pride in craftsmanship, mutual trust, personal integrity, respect for dignity of the individual, a spirit of cooperation, and a sense of family and good humor. We seek to enhance this culture as we grow.
We cultivate a leadership style that embraces the attitudes of personal autonomy and empowerment; individual initiative and teamwork; employee involvement and continuous improvement; and open, non-defensive communication.
We shall foster an organizational structure, information systems and development of personal skills that maximize our peoples’ flexibility to respond to our customers on their own terms.
We want employees to share in their company’s success, both financially and through personal growth and fulfillment.
The most unfair system of all is one that blindly treats all situations the same. Therefore, we discourage rigid rules and policies in favor of a philosophy of individual responsibility and flexibility, so that real needs, rather than the rules, are met.
Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share, a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit – a conviction that growth and continuous improvement is everyone’s job.
We seek a diversified group of employees who can be committed to preserving and enhancing these values.
Suppliers are our partners, an extension of our company. They must share our commitment to total quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

The environment is our home. We will be leaders in not only protecting but enhancing our world.
Recognizing that an attitude of pride in the company and the community are intertwined, we seek to share, but not impose, our values within the communities in which we live. We also strive to help our communities be great places to live.
We believe the greatest contribution we can make to the prosperity and quality of life of the communities in which we operate lies in being a dynamic, growing company.

Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently and effectively we serve our customers and are the only true source of long-term job security. Profitability and financial resources give us the freedom to shape our future and achieve our vision.

Our Guiding Principles

Our People

Mr. Chris Thyen

Vice President of New Platforms

We were honored to have a brief interview with Mr. Christopher J. Thyen – our Vice President of New Platforms on a recent visit to the Vietnam facility. During the interview, he shared some interesting and important information about both himself and the organization. 
Regarding his background, Mr. Thyen was born and raised in Jasper, Indiana. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Purdue University. He is an open and direct individual. He likes to ask questions to help people see things from different perspectives. For someone as inclusive as he is, he shared that his management style was more thinking about strategic relationships, trying to engage customers and suppliers from long term strategic views the same with our employees. Moreover, he is someone who dedicates his time to growing people and the business. When asked about what kept him doing his job so passionately, he claimed that it was because of our Guiding Principles. Growing the business and growing our people are top priorities and our Guiding Principles are playing a significant role in helping our managers in “caring about ourselves, executing and working with our people, our customers, our investors, and our suppliers”. He also commented that GES and Kimball share something in common, honest and ethical decision making. It is who we are and how we do business.
As the interview carried on, the long-term vision that Kimball Electronic shad for GES was brought up on the table. Ever since the acquisition, many GES employees have been curious about the next plan Kimball has for GES and how the future turns out for GES after completing the acquisition milestone. Mr. Thyen genuinely shared how he would like to see the company grow and he would love to see the company diversify revenue in automation, test and measurement by adding more customers in the medical area. He also added “I’d like to see growth in our software business. We have strong capabilities in India today and also here in VN and San Jose. It presents a very good opportunity for us to expand and diversify our customer base”, which is a piece of good news. We are going to develop into something greater, step into another field of technology by combining hardware and software together under the support of Kimball Electronics.
His vision is to see the organization and its people grow more and more to help the company expand. He wished to see colleagues continued to develop and grow, move up in the organization and more importantly to get the opportunity to expand and improve themselves. Furthermore, he said that he had high hopes for GES as the organization possessed both skills and capabilities to become a critical and important strategic supplier to the Kimball Electronics EMS business. “Our team and our people within the GES organization are going to have to learn a little bit about those markets and what those customer’s expectation are. We’re going to have to develop ourselves and to be prepared to meet some new challenges” he stated.
When asked about how he viewed GES and GESVN contribution to the EMS business of Kimball and about the time frame for it to happen, he confidently stated, “When we put together the automation test and measurement strategy within Kimball, one of the expectations was we would acquire and create an organization that could be a strategic partner, a strategic supplier to the EMS business”. Although Kimball Electronics has many partners around the globe that are currently supporting automation, test and measurement solutions, he believed that GES will help Kimball Electronics become a better supplier and even more competitive. To emphasize his statement about the 3 to 5 year plan, he said, “We have submitted two proposals so far for complex systems to the EMS business. Both of those are focused on the automotive industry. I am confident we are going to be awarding one of those in the next 60 days. That will be our first opportunity to demonstrate what we can do in design, development and production of a system helping Kimball Electronics’ meet their customers’ needs”.
Another interesting topic discussed during the interview was the development and deployment of a software solution focused on managing manufacturing processes. The first EMTab software installation is underway in Kimball Electronics Thailand (KETL). The KETL team has already put together the virtual server and together with the GES team in India, they have started to create a customized EMTab solution designed to support management and optimization of their manufacturing processes. The solution will be installed and functioning before the end of September. He emphasized this is the first commercial engagement between GES and the EMS business. A successful launch will establish GES as a strategic partner and give us the opportunity to grow our business and further advance our technology.
At the end of the interview, before saying good-bye, Mr. Thyen confirmed Kimball Electronics is very proud to have the GES team as a part of the company. The acquisition of GES in support of the automation test and measurement strategy is great. “We’re proud to have GES as a part of our team. We have challenges in front of us that together we can overcome. We have to remain positive; we have to focus on what is most important and we have to make sure that we always do the right thing - stay positive and do the right thing” he expressed. He then explained further, “there are challenges in front of everybody - it’s not so much about the challenge - it’s more about how you approach the challenge. It will take the whole organization working together to overcome many of the challenges in front of us. So let’s keep a positive can-do attitude and focus on the success of the organization. Let’s find solutions that will be beneficial for everyone and remember to always do the right thing. We don’t want to jeopardize our reputation or our ethics. We don’t want our individuals to take chances or risk personal safety or health or well-being. We always want to be focused on success, growth and doing the right thing”.

Mr. Chris Thyen

Louis Nguyen

Project Manager

1. When first joined GES, you have been a project manager and I’m quite surprised to know that you had worked as a FSE, would you like to share about your path in GES since joining?

I joined GES in February, 2011 and were assigned to be a Field Service Engineer for DNS group – a Japanese customer. And just like other members in the group, the first trip to Japan was very exciting with full of young spirits, enthusiastic to contribute to GES.
And along the way, the job brought me to various interesting places: from the culture familiar like Singapore, Taiwan, China, to the highly developed industry like Japan, Korea, US. I’ve got numerous experiences, industry know-hows, as well as in working with international colleagues, dealing with direct customers, and end-customers as well. That has been an invaluable experiences to help me to understand about the unique culture of GES, and also understandings about the biggest customers in the semiconductor industry.
When first joining the project management field, I decided this would be a great opportunity to expand the potentials, contribute to the company and to seek for a personal question: how can both Japan and US with almost opposite working cultures can concurrently succeed: Japan with a higlighy discipline and collective teamwork mindset can had a major big leap; and US with a culture of personal commitment and individual achievement.

2. Would you like to share some “secrets” or any practical experiences while working at customer’s sites?
My all-time favorite experiences I would like to share is always listening to others. That might be a colleage’s sharing, the guys that travelling with you to some remote customer factory; that might be a “outbursted” sharing from your direct management, who is under exetreme pressure for the installation deadline (even when he’ sharing and requesting you to work on Sunday even you had worked for consecutive 12hours on Saturday). When you try to listen and put yourself into others’ shoes, you will understanding the expectation, the good-will of people around you. That will be your great motivation to get over the job’s obstacles and even trying to surpass over yourselve; do your job even better to bring the most valuable services to your customers.

3. When switching from FSE to PMO, what would be your challenges and your most memorable story?
My first job with Project Management is to manage and ensure the quality of installation of GES testers at customers site. At that point of time, there was a major issue with a critical OEM part (which was provided by customer appointed vendor); that parts were causing serious failures of both testers and customer’s product. Even though, the OEM part were specifically picked by End-Customer, but the whole tester’s ownership still belongs to GES and we need to properly managed the issue while still protecting GES reputation. Our team (filed services, engineering, quality team) have been working 24/7 will all dedication, carefully documented each incident and to communicate clearly and objectively to all stakeholders (GES, vendors, end customers, factory); and with ultimate goal to achieve customer interests. And when the project completed, the whole team have earned a great reputation for GES as a most effective Company, with a perfect filed services and the customer-first mindset.

3. What would your plan for GES?
GES have been gone through major transformation and we are moving toward the vision of a comprehensive turn-key solution provider: from proof of concept, design & engineering, manufacturing and all-in-one installation services to customer. In order to realize that vision, all departments of GES are being integrated into a unified system platform. And as a part on those intergration, I’m participating in building that platform and also would like to motivate other teams to proactively to be part of the process; to grinding through all obstacles to expand your personal potentials and elevate your performance at GES.

Louis Nguyen

Dinh Hoang Dung

Senior Field Services Director

1. Could you share with us about the work and challenges you have been facing ever since you were appointed the Director of FSE? Do you have any plan for future development?
To be honest, there is no doubt that every job position has its own challenges. For FSE, the most pressure point is that having to handle demanding customers. It can be tough. When working on site, you will always unavoidably encounter those unexpected events / unpredictable situations. However, those are the moments where you would be able to learn your valuable lessons and improve yourself to be better. The FSE now, to be honest, are more professional, more skilled compared to three or four years ago, which, of course, received many positive feedbacks from customers both about capacity and skills. All those improvements came from the quality and the well-qualified of each member. As the result, customers request to increase the numbers of FSE on site as well as renew the onsite support package every year.
With the rapid development of GES in the manufacturing sector today, as the number of projects and customers have been increasing lately, this is a sign that FSE must be at their finest self and get ready at all time. To maintain teams of high-qualified and experienced engineers in other to support many projects at the same time is honestly a big challenge. But with great help from the TEAM (PMO, MFG, QA, SCM, AME, Finance, etc.), we believe that GES can provide the best products and services to customers.

2. Do you mind sharing with us any interesting stories while you were working on site?
Those who work on site for the first time, always have the most interesting stories to tell. The great gap of language and culture has always been the main cause of those awkward yet hilarious moments in life. Like:
When travelling:
In China / Japan, most taxi drivers do not speak English, so communicating is mainly through body language and YES / OK apparently are the only words that can be used to communicate. In this case, it’s not going to be much help if you speak either English or Vietnamese!!! Therefore, it’s normal to have your heart in your throat when you do not know whether the drivers are taking you to the right place. Many cases are that when doing road transfers (especially in China), it could get even more confusing. And only when you get to the hotel or where you want to be at the end that you can finally relax. (Hint: Choose the right taxi service which parked in parking lots, or prepare hotel information in local language)
On food issues:
When food is as “photos for illustration purposes only”, there is an obvious huge difference between marketing and reality when the stalls/restaurants bring out their dishes. Thus, we sometimes cannot tell apart which dish we order since everything on the menu is written in local language and absolutely no image for visualizing. It’s like playing "Lucky draw" every day by trying a few new dishes in the menu in order from top to bottom. And if what you order does not taste right to you, you have no choice but to finish the whole anyway. Well, at the end, we then “confidently” get our dishes to our liking easily after about a week or so (after being “lab rats” to test everything on the menu).
So, knowing another language beside your native is undeniably helpful both in work and daily life, especially when it’s come to business trips (save time, money and energy). For that reason, FSE is required to be fluent in English and encouraged to learn another language. In Asia, beside English, these most spoken languages, Japanese and Chinese are also in job requirements for FSE.

3. Do you have anything to say to the youth today and the FSE GES team?
Warren Buffett said, "Ultimately, there's one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself". Indeed, young people nowadays have two greatest assets, youth and enthusiasm. Most people are not fully aware of this and unknowingly wasting it. We usually do not appreciate what we have, until we lose it. Therefore, young people should use their time wisely in investing in themselves as much as possible.
To be successful, luck is not the only thing that you need. Knowledge, skills and experience are key factors that play crucial roles in your life. Many would always desire to have a high-paid job with attractive benefits packages (good salary, bonus etc.), but forget to invest in their values. Everything has its own price. What you want to become is up to you, a drop in the ocean or a rare gem that every company wants to get hold of.
Dreams will forever be dreams if no action is taken. You need clear goals and action plans and, most importantly, your discipline and persistence to be able to pursue your goals to the end, this is the key to success. Everyone knows that the above is the right thing to do, but who really disciplines themselves to reach the end? For example, everyone knows that learning a foreign language is necessary, but few have enough discipline to maintain until they reach a certain level of communication. Often you are only enthusiastic in the first 2-3 months, then again distracted and stop. Simply put, watching a movie with a lover or spending the weekend watching a new movie is way more interesting than learning foreign languages or learning new skills. After several months we would eventually return to the starting point.
In short, young people who are full of enthusiasm and energy should use this precious time to develop themselves to create big opportunities, instead of sitting there waiting and praying for some random luck. Finally, I wish you always achieve more success in work and life and all the best.

Dinh Hoang Dung

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Yearly health check, medical care insurance.


In-house training for soft skills and technical skills, management and supervisory skill training, workshop,…


Laptop for engineers.

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