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Our Office


    HDWEBSOFT BUILDING, 15 Thep Moi, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Our Story

Company Introduction

We are a software development firm located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With over 250+ employees, we have the resources and abilities to handle any web, mobile, or software project. We have been trusted by clients around the world, ranging from early-stage startups to large companies. Whether you’re looking for someone to manage all the technical aspects of your business or an offshore development team to support your existing developers, we are the team for you.

Company Introduction
Company Way

Company Way

"Work hard, play hard"

    Moreover, the key to playtime, is to find the time. Look at every task and ask yourself the question: should I really be doing this?

    One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.


    Lead the HD-ship around the world

      Even though HD-Websoft founded in Vietnam, we're steering HD-ship right ahead to many markets in Asia, Australia and especially in Europe and the United States with the mission of taking Vietnamese developers and programming to all over the world.

      Core values

      When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

        With the above maxim, HDWebsoft always concentrates on developing ourselves first to create greater value for our customers and for our company as well.

        Ideal candidate

        Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

          That is exactly what we wanna talk to our candidates who have the inspire in Information Technology and passion to be one part of HDWebsoft.

          Our People


          Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion, or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle, or it will starve to death. It doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle. When the sun comes up, you better start running.” ― Thomas Friedman

          We have an ambition of moving out of ourselves, touching the highest and being the best us.


          Culture and Sports Department

          Manager Board and Culture and Sports Department with the mission of organizing and taking care of all members in the fields of food and beverages, entertainment, sports, etc.

            They have the responsibility of making plans, preparing and taking place for all activities in HDWebsoft, Besides they also listen to other members and help them resolve their problems; share with them happiness and sadness. HDWebsoft is not a company, but a family.

            Culture and Sports Department

            Our Benefits


            Provide laptops/ devices for staffs


            Bonus after release

            Healthcare Plan

            Cover all heath insurance fee

            Travel Opportunities

            2-4 times/ year

            Team Activities

            Every month


             You have opportunity to work and study abroad in Europe and US