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Our Office


    Unit 203, DC Tower

    111D Ly Chinh Thang Str., Ward 7, District 3

    Ho Chi Minh City

    - Tel: 028 3526 5061

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Our Story


   Established since 2012, Mulodo Vietnam has operated in Vietnam IT market for 7 years. Our key areas are Web Service, Open Source and Smartphone App. Looking toward the 6th year, we are engaging a new challenge – the development of Salesforce. Salesforce - the world’s No.1 CRM solution, is a platform that we can apply various latest technologies such as Marketing Automation and AI Processing. Having a strong technical background, plus learning experience with Salesforce platform make us believe that Mulodo can create more value for the clients in the future.

   Message from General Director:

   A brighter future in Vietnam.

   The Vietnamese economy continues to develop steadily and the education system is gradually improved through the time. We, Mulodo Vietnam look forward to greater achievement as an honored member of Vietnam business.

   Although our founders are Japanese and most of the business processes are implemented from Japanese’s mindset, we manage to employ Vietnamese for critical positions such as system engineer, manager, accounting, and administrator. I hope to build Mulodo as a company of Vietnam adopting the best value of Japan’s innovation.

   To that end, we have implemented Project Manager Model in this year, we are also building our in-house education system to make it fully operative in the next year. Having a concrete vision, Mulodo Vietnam is building “an environment where members can stand on their own feet” and continues to improve it more.

   I really hope to build a future with you all. “Delight IT, as a Mulodo engineer”.

For engineers

For engineers

There are three essential points regarding professional environment in Mulodo Vietnam.

1. Experience and Communication skill

The first thing to note is that “our engineers have the opportunity to work and communicate directly with the client”. Communication process will be entrusted to all team members under the support of the comtor team – language specialist for each project. No matter how young you are, you will be able to participate in an actual project and work directly with the client. Such experience will empower your career path in the future.

2. Easy –going environment/Opportunity to engage proactive learning

For the second essential point, Mulodo offers sufficient welfare programs including company trips and scheduled events. In addition, Mulodo provides special budget for every project to develop the team further. 

3. Member’s growth evaluation

Our assessment system focuses on the growth of the valuable members. We are setting the assessment system to evaluate the results of specific actions to encourage and reward your growth, such as test case writing and Wiki collaboration. Rather than asking “do you understand it”, we lead you to feel what actions should you really take to grow better. We are always open to improve our assessment system further.


- Delight the world with IT:

Mulodo Vietnam is dedicated to become the first in IT development. We develop breakthrough solutions with Internet of Things and Big Data, to satisfy demands from enterprises and make business more productive.

- Embrace learning organization:

Mulodo Vietnam pursues “learning organization” philosophy, encouraging developers to acquire better engineering competencies and make contribution to a better world.

- NO1 supplier for Salesforce

Salesforce is pretty young in Vietnam market. However, when We look at a whole picture, Salesforce retain a tremendous growth across the world, providing plenty of opportunities. We set the goal to become the leading Salesforce service provider in Vietnam, to offer Salesforce service from head to tail. We aim to help businesses in Vietnam to adopt Salesforce successfully, from implementation to system design and to build business applications. This is currently our key objective for the year.

Core values

Your satisfaction defines our values

- Founded with technology mindset:

Mulodo Vietnam creates its core based on a strong technology background. Each founder obtained immersive experiences in running high-tech Corporation.

- Professional means Accuracy:

Mulodo Vietnam has a leading environment where developers actively share ideas from the beginning of projects. Hence, members understand exactly their role in your project in a single frame.

- Quality is our passion:

Mulodo Vietnam takes the play seriously. We cover clients’ projects with high-quality testing methods and management standards such as Agile Scrum, Test Automation, and Continuous Integration. Moreover, our kaizen philosophy enables Mulodo Vietnam to adapt to changes and perform satisfactory results.

Ideal candidate

- Having technical expertise, strong passions for new technology and self-improvement

- Having contributive and creative mindset for super performance

- Your team spirit and communication skills are highly appreciated

- Able to work independently with minimum supervision

- Being a problem solving oriented person

- Being positive and committed

Our People

Miki Kuteken

Manager at Mulodo Vietnam

Rather than the "Now", Mulodo anticipates the "Future" of Vietnam IT scene.

Who will be able to survive in the global IT world?
It is only engineers with high-leveled technical and problem-solving skills that could thrive in this industry 10 years from now.

For this reason, we have high expectations of you and often send challenges your way to push you forward. But worry not. As managers, we are also here so that your voice can be heard and to give you our support. Let's become exceptional world-class engineers with Mulodo Vietnam.

Miki Kuteken

Our Benefits


  • 1. Salary in probationary period = 100% after probation. 
  • 2. Annual performance review in March
  • 3. 13th month pay:
  • - 100% gross salary: has worked 6 months & above
  • - 50% gross salary: has worked 3~under 6 months
  • - 0% gross salary: under 3 months
  • (probationary period included)
  • 4. Monthly/yearly awards


  • 1. Annual Health Check 
  • 2. Liberty Insurance
  • 3. Paid sick leave
  • 4. Free parking fee and company issued PCs for work.
  • 5. Free lunch on the first 2 days of work


  • 1. Sponsored clubs (Japanese, Football, Badminton, E-sport, Swimming, and more);
  • 2. Happy Hour
  • 3. Teambuilding parties & funds as incentives.


  • 1. Lunch and Dinner party, Year-end party, Anniversary party; 
  • 2. Company trip once a year;
  • 3. Company's Hackathon Contest and more. 


  • 1. Building a distinguished career with great promotion prospects; 
  • 2. Being able to work with skilled professionals of other nationalities;
  • 3. Company's funds to facilitate self-improvement as engineers and managers.


  • 1. Bonus for passing SFDC exam
    • 2. Bonus for successful renewal of SFDC (maximum 2 times)  

    Coding Practices


    • 1. Do we use source control?
    • 2. Can we make a build in one step?
    • 3. Do we make daily builds?
    • 4. Do we have a bug database?
    • 5. Do we fix bugs before writing new code?
    • 6. Do we have an up-to-date schedule?
    • 7. Do we have a spec?
    • 8. Do programmers have quiet working conditions?
    • 9. Do we use the best tools money can buy?
    • 10. Do we have testers?
    • 11. Do new candidates write code during their interview?
    • 12. Do we do hallway usability testing?

    Based on the Joel test

    Key Technologies

    • Java
    • PHP
    • C#
    • C++
    • .NET
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Python
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Unity
    • Salesforce
    • Nodejs