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    Song Thao Town Cluster, Song Thao Town, Cam Khe District, Phu Tho Province

Our Story

Company Introduction

Yi Da Viet Nam Limited (YDVL) is a subsidiary of Crystal International Group Limited with headquarter in Hong Kong. In 2016, Crystal Group came in 17th out of 50 on Fortune’s Change the World list which recognizes companies for making an important social and environmental impact through profit-making strategy and operations. As a world leading garment enterprise, Crystal Group has more than 70,000 employees worldwide. One of the biggest manufacturing products is Jeans. And YDVL is the first Jeans manufacturer of Crystal Group in Vietnam with nearly 2,500 current employees and targeting to 3,500 at the end of 2019.

Company Introduction
Company Mission and core values

Company Mission and core values

Our core values are:

1. Integrity

- Keep your faith and respect all commitments.
- Work responsibly and keep professional ethics.
- Be always open, sincere and friendly.

2. Respect
- Respect to person's individuality.
- Treat people fairly with respect and non-discrimination.
- Recognize the contribution and create conditions to develop.

3. Embrace Innovation
- Constantly progress and develop.
- Open to new ideas, always think and develop new directions.

4. Energize others
- Encourage, motivate and inspire others.
- Bring passion, determination and energy in every person to pursue the best.

5. Delight our customers
- Actively take the initiative in understanding customers' needs.
- Quickly provide optimal solutions, quality services that exceed customer expectations.

6. Live quality
- RIGHT at the first time.
- Get quality to evaluate the effectiveness of all activities.

7. Deliver bottom line results
- Constantly increase shareholders' assets, ensure the best revenue for the group and the most effectively used resources

8. Boundaryless Enterprise
- Eliminate gaps, barriers and bureaucracy to improve production efficiency.
- Will to share knowledge and information.
- Cooperate with success. 

Ideal candidate

Would you like to work in a dynamic field that values an inquiring mind and innovative approach? Join us to become a future leader!

Ideal candidate

Our People

Mr. Kenneth LF Lo

Chairman of the Board and an executive director

Kenneth Lo, aged 80, is the Chairman of the Board and an executive director. He is also the chairman of the Nomination Committee of the Company and a member of the Remuneration Committee. He co-founded the Group with Mrs. Yvonne Lo in 1970. Mr. Kenneth Lo has been a director of the Company since its establishment in January 1993. With over 60 years of experience in the apparel manufacturing industry, Mr. Kenneth Lo has been instrumental in developing the Group into a world leader. Mr. Kenneth Lo stepped down as our Chief Executive Officer in December 2007. As Chairman, Mr. Kenneth Lo has assumed the role of strategic thinker and change driver — he devotes his time to anticipating and identifying opportunities and risks in the industry and how they may have an impact on the Group’s business. In addition, Mr. Kenneth Lo is committed to developing and driving the corporate culture, business ethics and sustainability, which are memorialised in his book “For The Greater Good — Becoming The World’s No. 1 Apparel Maker”, published in 2016.

Mr. Kenneth LF Lo

Our Benefits


Shuttle bus every day to Viet Tri city and every week to Hanoi City


Free lunch meal (and dinner meal if OT)


Training courses are provided based on Company's program

Paid Leave

14 annual leaves


Productivity Award