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Job Description

The Centre for Promotion of Quality of Life (hereafter called LIFE) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization established in 2007 under administrative support of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA). LIFE’s portfolio of projects focus on improving the quality of life of vulnerable people and communities. LIFE conducts research and training while implementing cost-effective, sustainable, and high-impact programs. Our team of 28 headquarters staff are public health and social science professionals that work with more than five dozen provincial staff to implement a variety of programs funded by local and international donors. Our current portfolio includes interventions in 18 provinces serving community health, especially in HIV, and support for factory workers.

LIFE is looking for a consultant to serve as web developer advisor to work in the “USAID Local Assistance to Develop and Deliver Excellence, Resilience, and Sustainability in Vietnam (LADDERS)” Project.

This position will be based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Position description:
Under the direction of the Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP), and in close collaboration with the Strategic Information Team Lead, the consultant will support the development plans for upgrading the D.Health application to align with key LADDERS strategies. S/he will also be supporting the development of web application wireframes, logic and architecture, input into end-user design, and support communication with a contracted web/application developer who will implement the upgrade. The consultant will work closely with the contracted developer, SI team, Technical team, and LIFE leadership to assure alignment of the upgrade to D.Health to account for use by four general users: 1) Clients, 2) OWs, 3) CBO (administrators), and 4) LIFE (administrator). The platform must also align with the one-stop shop model, as an “online one-stop shop”.

Key responsibilities:
Technical ability
o Provide technical and strategic contribution based on Technical and SI team direction to upgrade development plans that can be delivered to a contracted web/application developer.
o Provide information and options for considerations for parameters and expectations with contracting a web/application developer to implement the planned upgrades.
o Provide guidance on technology, software, and development for application upgrade/development.
o Able to write and create a resource package that can be used to provide a contracted web/application developer the information necessary to upgrade D.Health, with a strategic plan for development which may be done in phases.

Management ability
o Able to work collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to gather the necessary information to compose the plans, wireframes, and layouts for the application upgrade.
o Experience with working with an IT/web/application developer, with technical knowledge and background to help troubleshoot questions from the developer to yield timely progress towards the application upgrade during the development phase.
o Monitor and support the developer to complete the upgrade through going live with upgrade features.
o Monitor the completion of milestones for the IT/web/application developer and deadlines in a timely manner.
o Completion of upgrade to the D.Health application with initial support to live upgrade.
o Able to meet with end-users to gather end-user information to support application upgrade/ development and implementation.

Expected outputs:
The consultant will be expected to:
o Develop a resource package outlining the wireframe, layout and parameters for the developer to then implement upgrade the D.Health application to align and respond to SI and Technical team needs.
o Support and input into selecting a capable developer to implement the resource package and complete upgrade by the end of September 2022.
o Provide support and troubleshoot with developer during the development phase of the D.Health upgrade to assure features are done to SI and Technical specifications in a timely manner. The platform must align with the one-stop shop model, as an “online one-stop shop”.
o Completed upgrade to D.Health application done by the end of September 2022.
o Assure there is a resource document that describes the upgrade to the D.Health application (includes manual for D.Health application, data dictionary, in addition to the resource package materials).
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Job Requirements

Minimum qualifications:
o Bachelor’s degree in information technology, web development, digital health, or related fields, and/or commensurate level of expertise and experience.
o Preferred would be candidates with a master’s degree in information technology, web development, digital health, or related fields, and/or commensurate level of expertise and experience.
o Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience, with demonstrated experience in web or application development, database development, IT support for digital platforms at provincial or national scale, project management, and working with projects or programs related to health, specifically HIV/AIDS. Ability to work proactively and independently with supervision support is preferred.
o Experience with managing and overseeing work with web/application developers.
o Experience with USAID and PEPFAR programs is a bonus.
o Well-developed written and oral communication skills in Vietnamese and English.
o Ability to travel as necessary.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.
LIFE respects and welcomes candidates from all genders, ethnicities, and status.

Job Locations

205, No. 9A, Trung Son Area Binh Chanh District, HCMC, Viet Nam

About The Centre for Promotion of Quality of Life:
LIFE Centre is a non-profit social organization that aims to enhance the quality of life of vulnerable people and communities through cost-effective, sustainable and high impact programs.

As of to date, LIFE’s Worker Support Program has reached 120,000 workers in 46 factories in the global supply chain. LIFE’s Community Health and Resilience Program has helped preventing 54,000 people with high-risk behaviors from HIV infection and supporting 4,000 people living with HIV to and in treatment.

Main donors and key partners of LIFE Centre include PEPFAR/USAID, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Levi Strauss Foundation, SIDA, Huairou Commission, Li & Fung Group, Columbia, Williams Sonoma, Marks and Spencer, The Children’s Place.

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