Corporate Social Responsibility Executive

Corporate Social Responsibility Executive

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Job Description

1. Duties and Authorities regarding Business Planning
- Cooperating with the direct supervisor(s), establishment of the strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Department, in long-term (5 to 10 years), mid-term (3 years) and short-term (only next one year). The short-term strategies must be specified in details in quarterly and monthly activities based on the analysis of situations in societies of either global and local.
- Grabbing, collecting either objective and subjective situations and any information from varieties of sources.
- Analyzing any situations, our degrees of presence, benefits and risks of results and focusing future of CSR activities in scientific way, to reason for directing and correcting strategies of CSR from time to time.
- Proposing, officializing, implementing and executing CSR-related policies, regulations and operating systems by analysis of risks, forecasts etc., except any activities relating to marketing, promotions of sales.
- Becoming the primary contact and department in charge for any activities regarding the AEON 1% Club Foundations, the Diversity Promotion Department, and the Environmental and Social Contribution Department of AEON CO., LTD, as well as any contacts regarding charities, scholarships and CSR related matters.
- Any other matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.- Any other matters ordered from the supervisor and/or company from time to time.

2. General Duties
Understandings of Department Nature
- Investigating, making questions to the direct supervisor(s), and well-understanding regarding the department nature, to maximize performances and improving quality and efficiency of such performances.
- Investigating, making questions to the direct supervisor(s), and well-understanding regarding the company’s and department’s policies and strategies for better performances.
Complaisance and Faithfulness;
- Investigating, checking and understanding to follow any rules, regulations etc., whenever, wherever and whatever making decisions and executing any matters (rules are including laws, Labors Regulation, business manners such as coming to the office on time, etc.)
- Being honest, trustful and remaining completely faithful to members in the department as well as direct supervisor(s) and the company.
Reporting Duties;
- Reporting to the direct supervisor(s) and/or seek consultation from the supervisor(s) for improving performance and contributing more to the company.
- Always being honest, accurate and facts (in case own opinions included, then mention so, with the facts) sooner reports, and well-tempered (behaved) manners with respect to all members in the department as well as the supervisor(s).Tasks to Execute;
- Responsible for completing all tasks assigned by the supervisor(s) with superior and exact, accurate and high quality performance and result.
- Being aware of the Department Budgets to control, seek any necessary procedure in case requiring expenses.
Cooperating, Supporting Members;
- Communicating well, caring and being supportive to all members in the department.
- The “Customers” are not only comping and shop in our stores, but also anyone who seek the support from this department, thus, whenever and whatever, wherever and however, do the best support to help or solve any matters as AEON’s COC “Customer First, Customer is always in center”.
Good Supporter and Good Opinion Proposer;
- Executing what the supervisor(s) requires, unless such requirements are violating laws and regulations; questioning before execution is the most preferable for well-understandings and more accurate executions.
- Giving appropriate opinions to support the supervisor(s)s’ instructions or ideas for contribution.
Dealing Contracts;
- Upon approvals from the direct supervisor(s), proposing to select partners/vendors/suppliers to negotiate, negotiating, deciding, making into and drafting agreements/contracts, and issuing any necessary letters or documents to either internal or external regarding any activities to fulfill the department duties, obligations and responsibilities.
- The conditions and topics of contracts, as well as the final decision making are responsible. Those are NOT responsible for Legal Affairs Department but Legal Affairs Department ONLY support as consultants. Education for Improvements;
- Improvements are not only company’s responsibilities, but also each staff must do so by own self. Seek and study by self to upgrade performance abilities.
- Any education opportunities, in case appointed to attend by the supervisor(s) or company, then it will be the “MUST” to attend and learn as much as possible; this is also one of responsibilities.
Aiming Higher Positions;
- Understanding of the supervisor(s)’s role and substituting if required by the supervisor(s) or the company for business continuity management in case of urgency or in case of any situation company requires.
Any other jobs, roles and activities, or matters ordered from the supervisor(s) and/or company from time to time.
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Job Requirements

Job Requirements:
- University degrees (knowledge of statistics preferable)
- Strong English Skills, (Recommendable but not required, Japanese Skills)

Knowledge, Skills & Behaviors:
- Project management skills
- Very fluent in English (more than average of spoken and written)
- Experienced in PR and media managements
- Strong knowledge of presentation skills and choosing appropriate words as both verbal and writing skills
- Strong communication skill (both verbal and written)
- Strong skills to collect information
- Strong negotiation skills for external affairs including authorities and governments
- Basic risk and crisis management skills
- Computer literate: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet and computer graphics and designing
- Details oriented and being able to handle multi-tasks.
- Good problem solving skill.
- Excellent organizing and time management skills.

Job Locations

30 Bờ Bao Tân Thắng, Celadon City, Sơn Kỳ, Tân Phú District, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

Aeon Vietnam Co., Ltd. belongs to Aeon Group – a leading retailer of Japan and Asia. At Aeon, Customer-focus is our central business philosophy. We desire to bring the best things to our customers, work for peace, respect human beings and contribute for community. To achieve the above goals, Aeon is trying our best to exploring and developing in over 12 countries, focusing on East Asia.

With long-term investment plan in Vietnam, Our first shopping center at Celadon will be opened at the beginning of 2014 and continue opening other 20 shopping centers till 2020.

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30 Bờ Bao Tân Thắng, Phường Sơn Kỳ, Quận Tân Phú, HCM
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