[Đà Nẵng] Software Engineer Headhunt jobs

[Đà Nẵng] Software EngineerHeadhunt jobs

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Development aspect for SW

• Charged with creating embedded control software for automobile electronics

• The creation of communication protocols including SPI, I2C, and UART as well as peripherals like GPIO, Watch Dog, PWM, and ADC.

• Create underlying software modules based on the VECTOR AUTOSAR SIP and DaVinci configuration tool, such as the COM module, DCM & DEM configuration and development, NvM network management, complex driver development, I/O driver development, and I/O hardware abstraction layer configuration.

• Creation of the CAN/LIN and Ethernet communication buses

• Network management and UDS diagnostic development

Test-Switch Aspect:

• In charge of analyzing client testing specifications

• In charge of doing ASPICE-compliant software testing on automotive electronics

• Charged with creating a functional integration testing environment

• Develop functional test plans.

• In charge of creating test case specs, test scripts, and other test-related documentation.

• Understanding of the CAN/LIN bus protocol and associated specs

• Create CAPL and Python test scripts

• Use the VECTOR testing toolchain, which includes CANoe, CANdelaStudio, Diva, vTeststudio, and other tools, to identify and address software testing issues.

• Cooperate closely with the software project team to finish creating the program.

• Reporting to the project manager for software
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Excellent camaraderie

• Working knowledge of MCUs from Infineon, NXP, Renesas, and other manufacturers

• Having practical project development experience in diagnostics with CAN/LIN bus is preferred.

• Possess skills in system planning and design, architecture design, verification, embedded software development and testing, code writing, software debugging, code review, and other related areas.

• For expertise developing embedded software code, knowledge of the AutoSAR architecture, ASPICE, and ISO2602 functional safety is preferred.

• Knowledge of static code testing, dynamic testing (unit, module testing), and software integration testing approaches (concepts and tools) is preferred.

• Understand the ASPICE methodology' fundamentals.

• It is required that you speak and listen in fluent English.

• C and C++ programming languages should be written by hand

• Preferable is knowledge of CAN/diagnosis or related testing

• Preferable level of embedded hardware expertise

• Three or more years of relevant work experience in the automotive sector's software testing field

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

With our corporate headquarters in Shanghai and our founding year of 2008, we offer consultancy services for clients in the international automobile sector. We are a top-tier national high-tech company. It is a partner organization in research and development for the International AUTOSAR Software Alliance. Based on Automotive SPICE, functional safety ISO26262, Cyber Security network security training, promotion consulting, and VDA-QMC official certification review, we can offer three categories of services. We began operations in 2022. own extensive R&D capacity for creating automobile software!

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