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A - Demand Planning: In collaboration with Sales, Finance and Operations during the S&OP meetings to reach a consensus 9 months rolling demand forecast for all Markets, Categories and Channels for both Existing and New products. ● Ensure demand forecast data is correctly submitted to systems for single source of truth purpose. ● Track, review and quick re-act to abnormality of actual sale trends for both retail and wholesale channels. ● Monitor Forecast Accuracy Metrics and drive continuous improvement. B – Supply Planning: ● Manage the inventory status at each node of the supply chain to provide inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. ● Ensure smooth and accurate Replenishment and PO placement processes. Also, lead continuous improvement for such processes. ● Create supply scenarios to prepare reaction plan for each of the demand/supply variation occurs. ● Lead End-to-End Capacity and IBP planning with Operations/3PL Sourcing/ B2B/ Manufacturer to ensure total Supply plans is well met and financial and operational constraints are satisfied . ● Lead automation projects in current scope of work with related departments to increase productivity and reduce manual errors. ● Owner of Supply Chain key metrics of OOS, SLOB, Aging, Utilizations. C – Production Planning & Reactions: ● Work with Sourcing team and Manufacturer to understand production processes and constraints (capacity, MOQ, lead-time, variant changeover…) ● Based on long-term supply plan to work with Manufacturer and Sourcing team to align and optimize the production scheduling to satisfy the constraint while maintain OTIF and optimize recurring cost or any other trade off. ● Build workflow with Manufacture to ensure visibility and establish smooth cooperation. Continuously balance between demand/ supply and production for optimized outcome. ● React at SKU levels and shipment levels to serve the changes in demands or any other production disruption/ delay D – Process, Documentation, Analytics and Projects: ● Due to the fast pace of Ecommerce, beside the main scopes of A and B, the C consists of the supporting activities that will enhance team’s foundations to prepare for further sustainable growth: ● Oversee team’s deep dive analysis on specific issues and topics for insights to apply continuous improvements. ● Participate to projects impacting Supply Chain which are initiated by the Sr Supply Chain Manager and its entity. ● Standardized and well document all processes of the team and officially introduced to related stakeholders and BOD. ● Track and update Changelogs of SOP/ Documents of the team with all related stakeholders to ensure transparency.

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● We are looking for supply chain lover so please be ready to show that. ● Experienced professionals with minimum 5 years in Supply Chain. Experience in Supply Planning and Production planning is a must. Similar experience in E-commerce and particularly Amazon is highly valued. ● Both the theory-driven and data-driven approaches in solving problems. Strong mathematical and analytical skills. Hands on experience with applying analytical techniques. Fluent one or multiple Analytic languages (R, MySQL, Python, …) will be counted as plus points but not obligatory. ● Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills as well as presentation skills. ● Intellectual curiosity & honesty. ● Strong leadership is required because this position will lead a team of 10 HCs. ● Willing to learn, thrive in a fast-paced environment and have a can-do attitude. * WHY YOU WILL LOVE JOINING US? ● Financial Well-being: A competitive salary with 13th month salary, annual performance bonus, gifts on special occasions and variety of allowances (Bonus at: Tet, New Year, Birthday, 2/9, Middle-Autumn, etc.) ● Salary review: annually or on excellent performance. ● Working Environment: Agile, value-based creativity and constructive working style. ● Development opportunities: great career path, working with a talented team, opportunity to approach innovative products and acquire knowledge and experience in the E-commerce industry. ● Healthcare: The regime of filial piety, joy, sickness, periodical health check. ● Insurance: Social Insurance, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Healthcare Insurance Package (PTI Insurance 24/7). ● Activities: Year-end party, Holiday party, Happy hour, etc... ● Working hour: 8 hours + lunch break x 5 days/week (Monday to Friday). ● Equipment for work: PC / Laptop.

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Salary review: annually or on excellent performance.
Healthcare: The regime of filial piety, joy, sickness, periodical health check.
Equipment for work: PC / Laptop.

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