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Early Education Specialist (For Early Learning and Training Center in Danang)

Half The Sky Foundation Hoa Khanh, Danang

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Company Policies

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Strong Leadership Skills
Early Childhood Education

Bạn Sẽ Làm Gì

* Job Overview
The Early Education Specialist is responsible for supervising, mentoring, assessing and supporting the early education staff so they can provide quality education and care for the young children in the Early Learning Center (ELC).

* Job Responsibilities:
1. Work cooperatively with the ELC Director and the OneSky team to successfully equip and launch the ELC center.
2. Assist in hiring qualified staff for the ELC.
3. Monitor program quality on a daily basis through classroom visits providing guidance promptly as needed.
4. Guide staff in implementing programming in ways that are consistent with established best practices.
5. Communicate regularly with parents about center operations using formal and informal methods.
6. Work cooperatively with the OS team to create and analyze assessments of program quality, child progress and staff professional growth.
7. Create and lead new learning/training opportunities for ELC teachers and home provider trainers that meet individual and ELC needs.
8. Supervise and mentor home provider trainers.
9. Provide training to parents on selected topics.
10. Work with the ELC Director and staff to ensure ELC materials and equipment meet safety and health standards.
11. Read and share new research findings or practices that can be helpful to staff.
12. Participate in professional development opportunities to expand skills and
13. Engage in discussions with other professionals within and outside OS that advance thinking and learning.
14. Update Chief Program Officer on a bi-weekly basis about educational programming accomplishments and challenges.
15. Work cooperatively with the OS team to create and monitor budgets.
16. Other duties as assigned.

Chuyên Môn Của Bạn

1. Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education or Child Development required; Masters Degree in Child Development or Early Childhood
2. At least three years of experience working directly with young children
3. Strongly prefer some experience supervising and mentoring adults
4. Deep knowledge of best practices for care and education of young children
5. MUST be proficient in English and have strong communication skills
6. Possess analytical and observation skills with the ability to apply insights into daily practice
7. Flexible and positive attitude
8. Cooperative and collaborative team member
9. Strong leadership skills
10. Values continued education

Reports to: ELC Program Director and Chief Program Officer

Về Công Ty Chúng Tôi

Half The Sky Foundation Hoa Khanh, Danang

Qui mô công ty: 25-99

OneSky envisions a time where all the world’s children are valued and
considered a precious human resource worthy of investment. We create and
implement simple, replicable, model early learning programs designed to unlock
the vast potential of vulnerable at-risk young children through nurturing,
responsive care.
OneSky builds early childhood development and learning models to help
caregivers and institutions better serve marginalized young children in their
communities. Through two decades of successful programming in Asia, we have
transformed the lives of 130,000 orphaned and abandoned children and trained
more than 13,000 caregivers. We work in institutions as well as villages to
create scalable, low-cost approaches to mitigating the damage to young children
left behind in poverty-stricken rural villages. We help train and improve the
caregivers’ nurturing skills, which in turn increases children’s learning readiness
and social- emotional development. We also create partnership opportunities for
government agencies, business owners and communities to invest in the healthy
development of the next generation of their society. We believe that engaging
and empowering local organizations and people is the key to our success, and
that in so doing OneSky’s contribution will continue long after our pilot models
are successfully implemented.
Now that our approach has been proven, we know we can impact the lives of
millions more at-risk children, in all parts of the world. The next step is to bring
our models and adapt them to the unique cultural context and needs of other
countries, with the ultimate goal of informing and influencing government policy,
and spurring systemic change vis a vis vulnerable children.
To this end, OneSky is developing a model early childcare program for migrant
and working families in the Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone in Danang, where
childcare is unregulated and/or non-existent. We expect this new and exciting
initiative will have a profoundly positive effect on the lives of children and
families in the area. As our first program in Vietnam, it will serve as the pilot for
expansion into other provinces in Vietnam, and other countries in the future. The
Early Learning Center will serve as a national model demonstration and training
facility and the Early Education Specialist will be a significant contributor to our

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