Engineering Management in Korea

Engineering Management in Korea

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Mô Tả Công Việc

- Position : Staff, Assistant Manager, Manager

- Job Details : Mechanical design and drawing design work progressed! It is thought that the overall task is to design the drawings technically, design the products by the design, and than modify and supplement the finished products to deliver to customers.

- Working Days : 5 days per week

- Working Hours : 8 hours per day

- Working Place : Hwaseong-City, Korea

Ứng viên cần gửi kèm bản scan hoặc chụp phần nội dung trong Sổ bảo hiểm xã hội cùng CV ứng tuyển (điều kiện để xin visa)

Candidates have to attach scanned file or photo of Social Insurance Book's content together with CV (for visa application)
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

- Degree : Bachelor´s Degree

- Major : Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

- Experience : Experience in Mechanical Design Based on your design skills, anyone who can handle programs such as AutoCad and Solidworks Experience-based environment that participated in design and production As the stocks, experienced persons such as power plants and chemical plants.

- Skills/Licenses : Required Auto Cad, Solidworks Skill

- Language : Vietnamese(Native), English(Fluent)
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ㅇ Web Site :
ㅇ Major Achievement : Since its foundation in 1997, Namkwang Engineering has been developing many dampers in the aerospace business due to its design and technology for dampers. It is a very practical quality company that selects national projects and develops its technology every year. Damper is also leading the industry.

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Hwaseong-City, Korea
25-99 nhân viên
Mr. Kim