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Expert, Parts Purchase Order Management

Mercedes Benz Vietnam LTD. 693 Quang Trung Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

Nơi làm việc: Hồ Chí Minh

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13th month salary

Bạn Nên Có Kỹ Năng

Order Management
Customer Service

Bạn Sẽ Làm Gì

1. Manage parts order, stock replenishment for Truck/Bus parts:
- Manage parts order to suppliers (oversea & local) based on dealer’s orders, internal orders, inventory level, forecast demand and experience for all kind of Daimler’s Truck/Bus.
- Generate stock, review and propose order list to Parts Logistics Manager and Manager Daimler Trucks for final approval to ensure the stocked parts should be all fast moving and keep to minimum in relevant to turnover ratio.
- Clarify Truck/Bus parts, check stock availability from supplier, request for supplier’s offer and give feedbacks to suppliers.
- Create purchase requisition and place orders to suppliers.
- Manage the suppliers to ensure the delivery, time-line and quantity.
- Improve the stock availability, shorten lead time and import process for parts.

2. Inventory Control for Truck/Bus parts:
- Manage inventory data for all relevant Truck/Bus parts (parts description, quantity, ACP, …) to ensure that inventory data is accurate at all time.
- Review and ensure the safety stock of moving Truck/Bus items. Propose adjustment of minimum stock quantity in relations to seasonalize demand, marketing campaigns, service measures or recall campaigns.
- Review parts ordered for initial stock of new Truck/Bus model.
- Optimize the ratio of moving items and minimize the ratio of slow moving items in terms of value and quantity.
- Evaluate the list of slow moving items and define provisions of market value deductions as well as disposal value.
- Coordinate with parts warehouse to manage the quality of Truck/Bus parts, separately control the damaged items and propose for disposals of damaged goods as well as obsolete products (clearance sales or scrapping).
- Control the bottle-necked items and closely update the stock availability status to parts CRM.

3. Follow up purchase order:
- Check, follow up, monitor and record all purchase orders (VOR, Stock) and back order status from supplier.
- Contact supplier for item that is over lead time frame.
- Inform the status of purchase order and back order to related departments.
- Incorporate with OPC team to inform customers the estimated time.

4. Customs clearance, verify and receive Truck/Bus parts arrival:
- Co-operate with Customs Clearance and Handling Expert to fulfill the customs declaration procedure for individual coming shipment.
- Check all invoice details, delivery quantity and the discrepancies line. If there is any discrepancy, the appropriate action will be taken. Make manual goods receipt line by line into system.
- Issue binning note for parts warehouse counting and posting. Transfer location for selling.

5. Manage claim/ return Truck parts procedure and technical issues:
- Conduct claim parts procedure, provide solution, monitor and close the claim process by co-operating with relevant team to verify wrong parts delivery/ damaged received/ difference in quantity/ faulty loading/ inquiry for return, issue & follow up claim to vendors.
- Manage the technical issue regarding Truck/Bus parts (eg. Parts recall, service measures).
- Co-ordinate with Warranty/ OPC to solve all inquiries/ claims from dealers in scope of service measures.

6. Trucks parts KPIs reports:
- Generate and analyze the parts performance report including all KPIs such as stock value, stock turnover, service level, inbound and outbound statistics.
- Create and analyze parts logistics reports, evaluate and take measure of improvement.
- Provide and reconcile revenue report, requisition report, incoming shipments report and inventory report with SSC team.

7. Other:
- Create new parts and daily new parts price calculation.
- Participate on demand stock check, annual stock check, good inspection.

Chuyên Môn Của Bạn

- University degree in Business Administration or Industrial Engineering or equivalent.
- Minimum 02 years experience in automobile industry with function Logistics, Purchasing and Inventory control or similar.
- Experience in corporate IT system.
- Market & commodity know how, Process knowledge, purchase process are preferable.
- Fluent English. Knowledge of automotive or technical field is preferable.
- Technical, commercial, careful, analytical, flexible, confident, honest and have a good cooperation in work.
- PC & MS office & Network system experience.
- Competence to work independently and under high pressure.

Về Công Ty Chúng Tôi

Mercedes Benz Vietnam LTD. 693 Quang Trung Street, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City

Qui mô công ty: 500-999

Mercedes-Benz Vietnam Ltd. (MBV) produces and sells passenger cars, minibuses, city buses and tourist buses. The MBV factory is located at Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh city. The factory covers 105,000m2 and has a production capacity of about 4,000 vehicles per year.
With the growth of 65% in 2013, Vietnam is the No.1 fastest growing market in Asia of Mercedes-Benz. We are also in the top 100 working places in Vietnam according to the survey of Nielsen. With 19 years leading the premium automotive segment, Mercedes-Benz keeps investing for long-term development in Vietnam. The active environment, the brand pride and the career opportunities are waiting for you at Mercedes-Benz Vietnam.
Please visit MBV website at www.mercedes-benz.com.vn for further information.

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