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Job Purpose

- The job holder responsible for developing product related marketing activities which include positioning, informing, and differentiating between TCB's products and competitors, developing innovative programs, meet the needs of key customer segments.

- The job holder manage and be responsible for planning and measuring Marketing (go-to-market) campaigns - digital and traditional, ensuring the marketing strategy and plan for RBG are effectively built in line with the company's business plan. RBG and meet the needs of customers in the strategic segment the bank has chosen to participate in.

Key Accountabilities


- Research and understand business requirements to support coordination with Product and Segment departments to generate business requirements that need to be answered (based on assumptions) when conducting customer research. Misunderstanding of needs and appropriate marketing channels to reach target

customers effectively.

- Support planning marketing strategies along with short-term and long-term business plans for products and services provided to Science and Technology.

- Assist in the development of marketing strategies based on the assessment and assessment of the position of RBG's products and services, through comparison and assessment of competitors.

- Responsible for creating periodic market reports on marketing (macro and micro), commenting on the position of products and services compared to competitors so that RBG always captures market trends. School of Marketing.

- Provide information related to the needs and expectations of science and technology to internal departments based on analysis, feedback and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

- Analyze data from product campaigns across each investment channel to create plans to improve revenue.

- Participate in the evaluation of RBG's value proposition proposals to come up with marketing solutions that match the needs and desires of science and technology.

- Join the working team to evaluate CVP ideas to support relevant departments to build value propositions for economic segments, MKT segments, and tactical segments.

- Analyze and evaluate promotion policy based on price elasticity of demand.

- Assist in setting up and managing the plans to launch new products, introduce existing products and manage the implementation of the plan with related departments.


- Assist in setting up marketing plans to optimize investment efficiency through attracting, retaining, upselling and cross-selling to the right target customers.

- Analyze and set up marketing models based on typical models in line with RBG's business orientation on each sub-segment and through each marketing channel.

- Analyze and quantify opportunities to exploit each sub-segment based on marketing strategy to optimize investment costs.

- Develop and set up the overall communication plan quarterly and annually based on the business plan of RBG.

- Support to build the media and image positioning for the solution/product, consistent with the brand promise and value positioning for each target customer group.

- Support planning to optimize the conversion rate at each level of the marketing funnel.

- Support to build a consistent and transparent experience of information that will be provided on all communication channels to Science and Technology.

- Effectively manage marketing investments through planning, allocating and managing marketing budgets for campaigns and programs within the marketing strategy.

- Assist in the development and administration of KPI's and methods of measuring the effectiveness of marketing programs.


- Participate in organizational cultural activities of Techcombank.

- Coordinate and support to build a long-term MKT platform (targeted communication / automation) for retail marketing business.

- Make a personal development plan (PDP) according to the roadmap, actively participate in training and capacity building.

- Other tasks assigned by Senior Director of Retail Marketing.

Yêu cầu công việc

Success Profile - Qualification and Experiences


- Bachelor degree or higher, major in Marketing, Business Administration, Economics or other relevant areas


- Understanding product marketing và financial and insurance products/services

- Strong understanding of strategy and budgeting.


- Specialization: at least 8 years of experience in marketing và communications, of which at least 2 years in

Product marketing (prefered in banking và fincaical service industry)

Foreign Language

- Business English standard of proficiency as required for the role

Các phúc lợi dành cho bạn


13th month salary + performance bonus

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Advanced health insurance for you and your family


Preferential loan policy for Techcombank’s employees
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Tiếp Thị, Quảng Cáo/Truyền Thông > Tiếp Thị

Marketing, Business Administration, Marketing Planning, Market Research, Proposal Analytics

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Tiếng Anh

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Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Từ khoá:

Head Office: 6 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

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