Furniture Production Supervisor Urgent job

Furniture Production SupervisorUrgent job

Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hồ Chí Minh
$1200 - $2500 3194 lượt xem - Hết hạn trong 9 ngày
Mức độ phù hợp công việc - Xem chi tiết

Các Phúc Lợi Dành Cho Bạn

Year-end bonus / 13th salary
Be part of an international, young, and dynamic team
Company desktop

Mô Tả Công Việc

• The result of your work is to ship all our products up to the company’s quality level on time
• Create a company specific manual for QC system for important steps in production and make sure all member follow it at all times

• Plan, monitor and direct the production schedule of new and repeat orders, along with samples, from A to Z, to ensure they are all produced on time and up to our quality standard
• Create monthly, weekly, and daily plan for your department (QC team) to achieve the maximum performance level from their work
• Communicate daily, weekly and urgent tasks to QC team and factories so the plans are achieved and solve arisen issues with the factories
• Communicate between the office (merchandiser, shipping department and sales) and our QC team and factories to ensure they both have full information and are clear on what to do in regard to samples production, new and repeat orders
• Check weekly production schedules to find any orders that may shows signs of delay and work out solutions to avoid delays either through the QC team or working with the factory team and management
• On a weekly basis, visit our factories to ensure our factories and QC team can ship our orders on time in our quality standard.

• Create a company specific QC manual for important steps in production (pre-production samples approval, pilot runs, white wood stage, finishing stage, …)
• Make sure each QC member follows the manual at all times
• Create short- and long-term training goals for the whole QC team
The aim of the training is
1/ to make QC team proactive - meaning to focus on the control of production to avoid possible issues arising
2/ to eliminate reactive behavior - meaning to wait until problems arise and then act
3/ that each QC member takes full responsibility for their assigned factory and the products and samples they produce
4/ to create a teamwork environment where each member understands their role and each of their actions aim towards the benefit of our business
Train QC team to be able to work out possible solutions to a problem, present it to Production Supervisor and then act (make a plan with the factory with a clear deadline, update on progress and come back with finished result)
Train QC team to take full ownership of their work - meaning to plan their work ahead, deepen their understanding of production challenges, constantly improve their skill and become fully aware of internal aspects of each factory (problems with financials, late payments to suppliers, staff issues, …)
Work on options to solve customers' claims effectively and help prevent the claims by educating the QC team and factory

• Be able to analyze the current QC system, find its weaknesses and work on improving
• Create a monthly plan for QC system improvements and execute it in a timely manner
• Create a company specific QC manual for important steps in production (pre-production samples approval, pilot runs, white wood stage, finishing stage, …)
• Make sure each QC member follows the manual at all times

• Submit weekly updates on the project management software about all orders/samples progress and QC performance
• Prepare reports on what has been achieved by our team and what hasn’t and submit it to the manager
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Age 30-45
• Strong, confident but polite personality
• Experience in furniture production of at least 5 years
• Excellent organizational & planning skills with tasks that are related to the production
• Good leadership skills & ability to cooperate with other people
• Effective internal & external communication skills
• Ability to solve problems quickly & independently. Strong logic to provide solutions & mitigation plan
• Ability to take ownership
• Proactive
• Confident decision-making & good negotiation skills
• Able to work under pressure on multiple tasks
• High level of honesty
• Good Excel & computer filing skills
• Good spoken and written English

Salary 30tr - 60 tr. vnd depending on the performance
Probation period 3 months
13th salary

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

An Phu, Dictrict 2, HCMC

A young and dynamic B2B Furniture Design and Production company seeks a creative, detail-oriented, and organized 3D Designer/Renderer to help us create multiple Furniture Brands for medium and premium levels by designing and executing high-quality (real-looking) 3D renders.

WoodConcept company is working with several furniture factories located in the Binh Duong and Dong Nai areas, where we produce our furniture designs in bulk for our international clients, wholesalers, and big retailers from “the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK”

Despite a declining international furniture market in 2023, our company keeps developing due to staying up to trend with new cut-edging designs and adapting sales/production technology for each client.

The main office is in a convenient location with access to many types of F&B shops (Starbucks, Annam Gourmet etc) - in An Phu, D.2, HCMC.

The team is young, with 24-40 years old international team members.

Since the company is developing, there are opportunities for professional growth.

Unlike other companies with strict schedules and managers setting up and controlling how you perform, we are going for flexibility in working hours, where you can set your own schedule in return for delivering results by having self-motivation/drive to set and achieve your own goals.

If you are looking for a company/management that will babysit you, motivate, control, and listen to the reasons why tasks are not done - WoodConcept is not for you.

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No 01 - Street No.104-BTT, Quarter 3, Phường Bình Trưng Tây, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
10-24 nhân viên
Mr. Sasha
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