Game Producer (Non-Tech Project Manager)

Game Producer (Non-Tech Project Manager)

Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hồ Chí Minh
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Các Phúc Lợi Dành Cho Bạn

13th month salary + 14th &15th month salary (depends on performance)
Premium Healthcare
Annual Company Trip, Year End party

Mô Tả Công Việc

* Department: Game production
* Reporting line: Head of Production

In this role, you will work closely with teams of Art/Tech and Artist to deliver high quality art production. Primary responsibilities included managing a project across multiple game team disciplines as well as communicate on daily basis with international clients, such as Microsoft, SONY, EA,...
Key to this role is the ability to inspire and motivate team members, to reduce risks and increase predictability, and to manage multiple projects end-to-end. In order to succeed, you will need to continually evolve, document, drive and sometimes create new processes needed to create next-gen games. Attention to detail, self-motivation, flexibility, and an ability to connect with the team are a must.

* What you can expect to do as a producer at Glass Egg:

- Tight and clear communication with International Clients and Internal Teams (Art, Tech managers and artists) on daily basis.
- Good planning skill and managing skill to meet the deadlines.
- Quick decision making and solving problem ability.
- Understand production process.
- Foresee any risks might happen during production.
- Be creative and flexible in order to run project(s) on time with expected quality.
- Motivate members to get the team work more efficiently and effectively.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

- At least 2 years of experience as a Project coordinator, or assistant or manager; or related experience in production, logistic and/ or supply chain.
- Experienced in project and people management is preferable.
- Experience in working with international clients is a PLUS.
- Knowledge and experience in human resource management and/or relevant certificates is a PLUS.
- Excellent communication skills (Vietnamese and English), in written and verbal, and good at conflict resolution.
- Good planning skill.
- Logical thinking
- Production/ project management skills
- People management skills
- Proactive. Highly responsible.
- Hard working and can work under high pressure.

- 13th month salary
- 14+15th month salary (depends on performance review)
- Opportunity to work with AAA game projects
- Company Trip, Year End party
- Premium Healthcare
- Annual review

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Ree Tower, 17th Floor, 9 Doan Van Bo St., Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City

Glass Egg Digital Media is an art outsourcing studio and a game developer/publisher based in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam.

Since 1999, the company has worked hard to recruit the region’s best talent and develop their skills in-house then let their creative talent loose to create outstanding games and provide 3D and 2D art outsourcing services with significantly improved levels of efficiency. Glass Egg is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, and fully owned by its employees. It is a completely independent entity and has no joint venture partner.

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Ree Tower, 17th Floor, 9 Doan Van Bo St., Dist. 4, Ho Chi Minh City
100-499 nhân viên
Casting Department


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