General Manager (Làm Việc Tại Vĩnh Long)

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Vĩnh Long, Long An, Hồ Chí Minh

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p1. Establishing Production Process: - Coordinate with related Departments to build: * Purchasing procedure and Logistics (based on Production Plan) = Warehouse In-Out & Quality control process = Cutting & Material preparation = Production process based on approved Layout = Packing process. * Make sure all Departments understand their works and follow the process strictly." 2. Implementing Production Plan: - Receiving orders from Customer = plan production schedule = confirm delivery date for customer = ensure that the requirements of progress and quality are met (from incoming & outcoming of product). - Being responsible for Purchasing Order Approval based on actual stock. - Based on actual production resources: materials, workers, machines, layout to assign Supervisor coordinates with Leader, Technical, QA arrange line running smoothly. - Notice/ update Production plan to notify Board of Director and other related Management on time." 3. Deployment Production Plan: - Make sure PP Meeting is impleted before applying for Production = make sure Leader understand the layout and QC leader can identify the commond mistake during production. - Process daily, weekly and monthly reports issued by department and make sure they run smoothly. - Undertand the layout and balance resources for the line - Be responsible of the situation, production procedure and products quality to BOD" 4. Manage and supervise the whole activities of the factory, including Departments: - Administration & HR: * Be proactive in finding key employees to support the operation, setup plan approriate “Attractive Allowance” to have abundant source of workers and retain core and skilled workers * Ensure the dissemination and supervision of labour force to well implement the company rules, regulation, policies; participate in the assesment of capacity, skills, productivity, level of job completement; participate in disciplinary action, reward…; coordinate the implementation of regulation on management of working hours * Factory management according to 5S, Kaizen, ISO standards in accordance with the actual work of the factory. * Compulsory building the work management measures such as: operating regulation, production process; Technical regulation on measure to encourage work, reward and discipline. * Implement programs, regulations on OSH, participate in risk assesment at working place and take corrective action… - Maintenance: Regularly check the periodic machine maintenance plan, review the suitability of the proposed purchase of equipment, machinary and spare part - Warehouse: review physical stock report periodically, in/outcome process, record and arrangement such as materials, finished goods, correct layout, undamaged. - Expense: Financial management and cost control within the scope and authority assigned - Other management: * Research, find out new technical solutions applied in productionto improve product quality. * Develop a factory’s comprehensive development strategy in short, medium and long term. * Evaluate the result of work performance, production plan of the factory monthly, quarterly and yearly. * Actively develop, implement and propose measures to improve productivity and operational efficiency of the factory. * Report work to BOD periodically and irregularly as required * Take full responsibility for all activities of the factory with BOD * Other related tasked as directed by BOD" 5. Product development process skill/p

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p- More than 5 years experience in similar position and garment industry - English communication & report/p

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CEO & General Management > Quản Lý Cấp Cao

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Garment, Merchandise Management, Bag Production, Communication, English

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Vinh Long

Long An, Việt Nam

Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam