[HCM - Onsite] [$2500-$3000] Technical Project Manager Headhunt jobs

[HCM - Onsite] [$2500-$3000] Technical Project ManagerHeadhunt jobs

Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hồ Chí Minh
$2500 - $3000 710 lượt xem - Hết hạn trong 17 ngày

Các Phúc Lợi Dành Cho Bạn

13th-month salary bonus; Attractive performance bonus; Annual performance appraisal
Social Insurance 100% submitted based on gross salary; premium Health insurance (plus 2 members)
15+ annual leaves; Lunch, parking allowance; Technical, languages training; Fitness, sport activites

Mô Tả Công Việc

Part A (60%): Overall project management and collaboration with teams (HW, SW, Mech, Sys, Bussiness dev) in VN
• Manage the project to ensure that the suggested plan complies with the allocated funds, schedule, and scope.
• Work together with many teams in Vietnam and throughout the world in a variety of fields (HW, SW, mechanical, system engineering, business development, etc.).
• Assist the project director with the planning and implementation of various workstreams.
• Scheduling and carrying out team meetings for various work packages.
o Planning and follow up technology sprints.
o Planning and preparation for Workstream 2 Technology Meetings (Track Release of Work Packages)
o Follow up Work Packages (Jira)
o Resources planning (Follow up for CF0x/2023 and BP202x)
 Planning and preparation for Reporting to project board management
 Setup and maintaining Technology platform storage (Docupedia, SharePoint)
 Planning und performing “the new product development.”
• Assisting with the establishment of a process, engineering guidelines (SW, HW, Mech, Manufacturing), a new team in Vietnam, and the planning of certain workshops...
• Assuming project management for follow-up and worldwide development.
Part B (40%): Software subcomponent project management - swPjM
• The swPjM response for the detailed planning for embedded software development work packages is necessary since the software team is a component of the overall product development project.
• Check the completion of each team member's work in detail.
• Send out requests for development to developers and monitor their progress.
• Create, track, and manage the project schedule.
• Manage stakeholders, OPLs, and client interactions
• Build a team and provide colleagues with feedback as needed
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Strong English skills (TOEIC 750+ equivalent); background in engineering (software engineering, electronics, mechatronics).
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills

• 3+ years of experience and PMP certification in project management
• Three years or more of experience in the concept to production of electronic products.
• Five years or more of experience in the creation of embedded software and products using the C/C++ language
• Five years or more of experience with software design architecture, Autosar, RTOS, etc.
• Five years or more of experience developing new products using electronics, mechanical, or software.
• Three years or more of experience managing a team of at least ten employees.
• Three years or more of experience dealing with suppliers and customers worldwide
• Three years or more of experience with Agile and the V model
• Adaptable and goal-oriented

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We are one of the top suppliers of technology and services worldwide. Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology make up our four business segments. We deliver cutting-edge solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility as a top IoT provider.

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