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The International Baccalaureate Coordinator (IBDP) is a key leadership position at Vietnam-Finland International School and is responsible for the implementation, development and coordination of the IB Diploma programme in Grades 11-12 as well as in the preparatory year in Grade 10. The IB Coordinator is the direct point of contact with the IBO in matters pertaining to the Diploma Programme.

1. Special responsibilities:
● Assisting the Head of School, Vice-Principal and the Secondary School Principal in the leadership and management of the Secondary School, with a specific focus on Grades 10-12.
● Assisting the Head of School, Vice-Principal and Secondary School Principal in ensuring that the IBDP Diploma Programme is implemented and developed in line with the requirements of the IBDP Standards & Practices, the General Regulations for the Diploma Programme, and other IB-mandated guiding documentation.
● During the school’s candidate phase, preparing the necessary documentation for successful authorisation of VFIS by the IBO in cooperation with the Head of School, Vice-Principal, Director of General Administration and Director of Admissions and Communications. These documents are: 1) Action Plan, 2) Language Policy, 3) Academic Policy, 4) Admissions Policy, 5) Inclusion Policy and 6) Assessment Policy. Other documentation is also required.
● During the school’s candidate phase, maintaining regular communication with the Consultant assigned to the school.
● During the school’s candidate phase, coordinating with VFIS Board of Management to ensure that school facilities meet IBDP standards, especially in the cases of the Secondary School Library, Science Laboratories and Safe Location.
● During the school’s candidate phase, developing the Grade 10 curriculum to prepare students for IBDP.
● During the school’s candidate phase, developing the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) programme.
● During the school’s candidate phase, formulating the Extended Essay (EE) timeline.
● Leading the admission process for students entering Grade 10 and IBDP.
● Helping in preparing the timetables for IBDP1 and IBDP2 in Grades 11-12.
● Ensuring that accurate student records are maintained through an ICT-programme that fulfils IBDP demands.
● Ensuring that teachers are kept up to date with the latest news, curriculum guides and other guiding documentation from the IBDP.
● Organizing the mock and final examinations and the orals, taking overall responsibility for the running of the examinations, the safe-keeping of examination materials and the dispatch of all papers and examination documents to the IBDP through the required channels.
● Ensuring a focus on student learning and best practice in teaching, and on achieving the aims as outlined in the School Mission and Vision.
● Liaising with the school’s Board of Management to develop an annual IBDP Diploma budget.
● Liaising with the Head of School to develop, follow, and update IBDP Action Plan as a guide to the ongoing development of the IBDP once the school has been authorized by the IBO.
● Teaching 5-10 lesson hours a week as agreed with Head of School.
● Joining the HR in the IBDP Staff and Teacher Recruitment.

2. General Administration
● Establishing a clear timeline of events from Grade 10-12, which leads students, teachers and parents into and through the Diploma Programme whether they come from the school’s bilingual or international programme. Some events have to be held during a school year for prospective students and parents.
● Overseeing curriculum review and facilitating curriculum development and documentation.
● Developing and using assessment results to inform curriculum review and development.
● Supporting teachers in the development of assessment tools in line with the school’s assessment policy.
● Ensuring that Grades 11-12 have a well-organized curriculum that builds on the Grades 6-10 programme, ensuring that there is concurrency of learning between classes in the same subject and level.
● Supporting and advising teaching staff regarding the administration of the IBDP and ensuring that all moderation and final mark requirements are met by the stipulated deadlines.
● Administering the Extended Essay (EE) through the EE Coordinator ensuring that teachers and students are properly informed about the requirements, guidelines and assessment criteria.
● Overseeing the administration of the CAS programme through the CAS Coordinator.

3. Pedagogical Leadership
● Ensuring that teaching and learning promotes the IBDP Learner Profile and the values of the IB Mission Statement.
● Mentoring teachers and modelling good inquiry practices in the classrooms.
● Ensuring that teaching and learning enable students to develop lifelong learning skills and to be well-prepared for the appropriate IBDP examinations.
● Ensuring that the planning and teaching of Approaches to Learning Skills build on skills from Grade 10 and develop them further throughout Grades 11-12.
● Overseeing the teaching of TOK and its embedding into teaching and learning throughout the programme.
● Facilitating, promoting, and leading collaborative planning.

4. Professional Development
● Chairing regular Diploma Programme team meetings at VFIS.
● Delivering and helping develop IBDP information workshops for all staff.
● Identifying IBDP professional development needs and opportunities on and off campus.
● Providing orientation sessions for new staff, as necessary.
● Assessing the professional development needs of IBDP teachers and coordinating their participation in appropriate workshops or online courses.

5. Communication
● Engaging with all stakeholders (students, teachers, parents) in working to support Grades 10-12 students.
● Preparing documentation for authorization/accreditation as and when required.
● Acting as the liaison between the school and the IBO.
● Providing outreach to the wider IBDP community through discussion forums, e-mail and school visits.
● Establishing and maintaining links with other IBDP schools in the region.
● Providing content for VFIS newsletters, web pages and other publications, including an IBDP brochure.
● Preparing an annual report for the administration following each assessment session.
● Ensuring that examination transcripts/diplomas/certificates are distributed to candidates upon receipt from the IBDP.

6. Student Support
● Ensuring that candidates meet programme and examination requirements and fulfil IBDP diploma regulations.
● Supporting academically at-risk students through regular communication between home and school.
● Working with the SEN Coordinator to ensure that teachers are aware of students’ specific learning needs, and ensuring that these needs are being met through the use of appropriate teaching and learning strategies throughout Grade 10-12.
● Applying to the IBDP for special assessment conditions for those students who would benefit from such accommodations.
● Providing information to students and parents on the most appropriate pathways from Grade 10 into the IBDP, as well as VFIS graduation requirements.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

**Only for foreigners
● Education
● Master's degree in education
● Experience
● Minimum three years' recent experience of teaching the IB Curriculum
● Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
● At least two-year commitment to VFIS
● Be competent and confident with the use of ICT in the classroom
● Cultural adaptability
● Strong pedagogical skills and competence
● Proficient English. The candidate must have the ability to speak and write fluently.

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Số 1, đường D1, phường Tân Phong, quận 7, TP HCM

Triết lý giáo dục Phần Lan luôn là kim chỉ nam cho mọi hoạt động dạy và học tại VFIS, trong đó học sinh chính là trung tâm và được định hướng trở thành những người học suốt đời với các giá trị cốt lõi sau:

Vitality: Sức sống mạnh mẽ và sâu sắc
Flexibility: Khả năng thích ứng và linh hoạt
Inclusion: Hòa nhập cùng phát triển
Sisu: Nội lực bền bỉ, quyết chí vươn lên

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Số 1, đường D1, phường Tân Phong, quận 7, TP HCM
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