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* Objective of job
Assure the integrated management system in the plant. Create, manage and further develop the integrated management system (quality, environmental, as well as (as applicable) energy, industrial safety, and information security management systems) at the site, in cooperation with` the central DRX guidelines. Early recognition of weak areas and introduction of necessary corrective actions.

* Principle activities
- Integrated management system:
Secure the orderly operational implementation and management of the DRÄXLMAIER integrated management system at the site. In the role of “process quality,” assure the effective implementation of system requirements in the relevant standards IATF 16949 (also considering the requirements regarding a risk management system), ISO14OO1, as well as, where applicable, ISO 5OOO1, ISO45OO1 & ISO 27OO1. As a member of the EHS team, maintain knowledge of significant environmental aspects, risk assessments, the largest energy consumers in the plant. Cooperate in determining EHS goals in the plant.
- Cooperate in the creation / checking of site-specific instructions. Maintain open communication between QM and the other technical areas in the organization / plant.
- Assure the maintenance of the necessary management documentation on-site. Support the creators of work instructions, release local work instructions, regularly check the local released documentation to be sure it is current.
- Communicate weak areas in implementation of the management system or non-compliance with standard or customer requirements to the appropriate disciplinary or technical management. Coordinate management system relevant improvement measures.
- Maintain a functional document management system for controlling documents, data and other controlled information at the site, taking into consideration management system requirements, as well as customer-specific demands (e.g.
norms, standards, etc.).

• Training: Train employees in basic topics from the area of the integrated management system

• Internal system audits:
- Coordinate internal audits with regard to preparation and readiness based on the integrated management system and on the processes at the site, according to the audit detail plans that have been agreed with the lead auditor according to process requirements.
- Provide continuous support in audits (including as co-auditor, if desired by QM central office), moderate the definition of cause analyses, implement corrective actions; provide support in the smooth introduction and implementation of
effectiveness testing with the appropriate process owner / process manager. Notify the lead auditor as soon as the actions are complete and have been effectively implemented. Conduct monitoring audits covering ISO14OO1 and / or ISO45OO1 standards according to process requirements.

• Process audits of the manufacturing process according to VDA 6.3
Create, manage and communicate the annual audit plan at the site. Determine and coordinate the internal process audit team. Conduct both planned and situation-related audits (as needed, also at other DRX sites), provide timely preparation and distribution of the audit reports. Moderate the determination of cause analyses, implement corrective actions, assure their smooth implementation, and conduct effectiveness testing with the responsible process manager.

• External audits:
- Coordinate and work together with the lead auditor for external system audits (e.g. IATF 16949, ISO14OO1, ISO45OO1, CCC) at the site with regard to preparation and readiness for the audit, in cooperation with management system requirements and the detailed audit plan agreed with the lead auditor.
- Coordinate the definition of cause analyses, introducing corrective actions, assuring their smooth implementation, and conducting effectiveness testing with the responsible process owner. Notify IMS Region as soon as the measures are effectively concluded.

• Customer audits
Approve and coordinate customer-specific system audits (e.g. BMW requalification audits, GM-QSB audits,…) at the site. Prepare the site, insofar as possible. Accompany the auditors and actively support the audited unit. Cooperate in defining the detailed audit plan, approve business travel plan, coordinate the definition of cause analyses, implement corrective actions, assure their smooth implementation, and conduct effectiveness testing with the responsible process manager.

• CCC requirements (if necessary)
- General: Assure that our management system fulfills the requirements of the Chinese "Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Motor Vehicle Products" (for interior cladding parts: no. CNCA-C11 - 09 : 2O14) for assuring its complete implementation, that it is regularly adapted according to the stated changes. Assure that the CCC-certified products conform at all times with the Chinese product standard (for interior cladding parts: GB 841O-2OO6).
Assure that there is a procedure that regulates marking with the CCC logo, as well as a procedure that assures that the CCC logo is not applied to defective or non-certified products, nor on such products that are changed after certification, unless a request for change certification is placed with the official source.
Cooperate in all matters with the internal DRÄXLMAIER coordination area in China.

- Technical responsibility: Approve technical changes to CCC-certified products, as well as assure that these changes are reported to the Chinese certification office before they are implemented. Assure that COP production control plans are introduced, implemented, and updated.

• Prevention:
- Promote and implement preventive quality methods across the entire process chain. The focus here lies in the selection of suitable methods for each separate individual case.
- Conduct a bi-annual “audit cross check” together with local EHS staff, i.e. check if effective actions are in place for findings from internal/external EHS audits (pre-selected by central functions) with a potential relevance for the site

• Internal & External issues / Interested parties:
Support plant manager and plant management team in creating and maintaining records based on applicable process descriptions. Make sure that they are kept up-to-date.

• Management evaluation (QM):
Provide support for site management and the quality manager, as well as for coordination and creation of the reporting process for the management system. Prepare and assure the completeness of the QM management evaluation. Follow up on the timely implementation of corrective actions for the management evaluation. Forward the results of the management evaluation to Group Quality in Vilsbiburg. Provide support in the implementation and management of a quality reporting structure throughout the entire organization, based on DRÄXLMAIER process management and its corresponding KPIs that are relevant for the organization.

• Customer-specific requirements for the management system
Evaluate the effects of changes in customer requirements on the management system and provide information to the organization on appropriate changes. Act as contact person in the customer requirements that affect the site in question and are relevant to the management system.

• Risk management coordination (Plant Risk Coordinator)
Support the implementation of an effective risk management process based on applicable process descriptions. Promote risk based thinking at the plant. Call and coordinate plant risk board meetings to identify and analyze risks at site. Prepare and follow-up on these meetings under the technical guidance of the Regional Risk Coordinator. Communicate plant risks and action status to the Regional Risk Coordinator and monitor risks and actions at site.
Check regularly the evaluation of actions in combination with the emergency concept at site and monitor the simulation results from the emergency concept. Assure that the evaluation of risks and chances is considered in the management evaluation.

• Additional responsible of Archive coordinator
Act as an archive coordinator for the plant. Coordinate and support process owners in archive process. Maintain List of control documents as per announced retention period. Administration of the archive room.

• General
- In case, a site extension or a remote location is (exclusively) linked to the site, all tasks as mentioned above are also to be fulfilled at this separate location, as applicable.
- Special authorizations (e.g. powers of attorney, guidelines competence, authorities, information rights, references to legal or standards-relevant authorized representatives, etc.)
• Blocking rights
• Signature authorizations within the stated area of responsibility
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

* Specialized knowledge / education: Technical college or college degree and up to 2 years professional experience OR equivalent knowledge and skills gained in another manner
* Work experience: See technical knowledge / education
* Additional knowledge:
- Knowledge of IATF 16949, ISO 14001 & OHSAS18001/ISO45001
- DRÄXLMAIER risk management process incl. knowledge of methods
- VDA 6.3 Auditor qualifications
- Core tools
- In-depth knowledge of customer-specific requirements
- Knowledge of CCC requirements (as needed)
- Process management
- Document control
- Basic quality tools
- Production control plan, process flow diagram
- Statistics knowledge
- Good English skills and/or good German skills
- Computer skills (MS Office

* Competencies, acc. DRÄXLMAIER competence model and career path:
- Type of activities: Conceive / set up solutions for different problems, including a thorough analysis of the situation / problem causes
- Personal initiative
- Team skills
- Moderation skills, persistence
- Customer orientation (internal)
- Analytical skills
- Problem-solving skills
- Conflict management

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