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Địa Điểm Làm Việc: Hồ Chí Minh
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Các Phúc Lợi Dành Cho Bạn

The 13th salary after 1 year
15 annual leave per year
Additional Health Care Insurance

Mô Tả Công Việc

The key responsibility of the Interior Designer is to support the Design Principals and Directors in the creative and coordination stages of projects. This includes: client liaison, new business development, managing and mentoring graduate designers in their allocated projects, resource planning, project budget and quality control and coordinating tasks with other team members to ensure the project meets company and client expectations.

**Job Description:
• Responsible for the design work, quality assurance checking of drawings to ensure of coordination and combination of all disciplines are took in place.
• Work on mood board and concept of projects
• Responsible for working with Clients and to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled and expectations met.
• Undertake and responsible to guide & deliver the project information to design team to ensure all the information, design issues are updated as per client's requirements; ensure of maintaining the comprehensiveness and completeness of the project information as well as design documentation of throughout the project.
• Ensure that all designs are undertaken in accordance with local codes and international standards, keeping up to date with the related changing of laws, regulations, decrees, circulars, norms & standards, etc… and inform the team in order to ensure of compliance during design process.
• Manage and tracking follow-up all design issues, design changes, issuance documentation, engineering activities of the in-house team via team leaders etc…
• Coordinate design, graphic and technical drawings for the development of presentation documents, including, where necessary, the coordination of consultants and technical drawings from a design intent perspective.
• Study & coordinate to undertake for providing proper and reasonable design solution, meets all technical requirement as required by local standard and international standard, suitable and workable with project budget. Requires a thorough understand of technical, regulatory and commercial issues as well as pure design considerations.
• To organize and take lead the design & design coordination meeting. Attend the site meeting to solve design-related issues when required.
• Finished work meets client expectations and is completed within the required deadlines.
• Undertake and responsible for preparing project report
• Establish project schedule and follow-up
• Timesheets are completed accurately on a daily basis and are a true reflection of time spent on each project.
• All documentation is accurate, issued and tracked correctly within the register.
• Adherence to company and role policies, procedures and systems.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Senior Interior Designers will have advantage in application process
• Min 5years industry and employment history with experience in Hospitality/Residential/Retail.
• Understanding of Vietnamese material and product suppliers.
• Have experience in concept and design development.
• Have experience in preparation of DFFE schedule’s.
• Good communication and team spirit with your internal team members.
• Good time management.
• Creative/design excellence
• Developing strong client relationships

**Job Skills:
• Microsoft word/excel
• Adobe Creative Suite
• AutoCAD / Sketchup / Bonus points for Revit
• Please attach the latest portfolio with your application

• Salary up to 50,000,000 VND
• 13th salary after 1 year
• Social, Health and Unemployment Insurance based on Vietnamese law
• Additional Health Care Insurance
• 15 annual leave per year
• Yearly Company Trip
• Salary review yearly based on personal performance

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

Level 5, Empire Tower, 26-28 Ham Nghi St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh

We are brand led interior design and architectural practice located in the Asia-Pacific region that specialise in creating premium hospitality and retail design. We blend brand, interior design, architecture and digital design to create memorable customer, experiences, increase visitation, enhance brand loyalty and improve financial performance.

Our design team is passionate about delivering good design that makes the client and customer feel wonderful about the space that they are experiencing.

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Level 5, Empire Tower, 26-28 Ham Nghi St, District 1,HCMC, Vietnam


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