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The IT Business Partner actively works within assigned tasks and ensures all technical supports are provided timely, and to contribute to the improvement of organisational efficiency by providing prompt and effective solutions to IT issues. The IT Business Partner shall ensure the IT Policy is strictly followed by all stakeholders and staff. A/ Technical Services: 1. End user support • Investigate system failures and troubleshoot by Hardware / Software modification • Routine check-up of central IT equipment and suggest for upgrade / update. • Provide technical support to help desk service. • System Administer the central IT equipment such as Servers and Networks as per ActionAid Policy. • Maintain physical and digital security of AAV network • Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks. • Test and evaluate new technology • Update virus definition files and deal with computer viruses effectively • Daily backup data of file serve and database server • Maintain log records on user support provided • Regular updates of Software patches in servers and desktop/laptop computers. • Ensure technical support to upload information to AAV website/Hive (subject to information content from relevant focal points) 2. Support capacity building of AAV’s staff and partners • Provide users support to AAV's staff in logging into the network, printing to network printer, monitor problems not affecting server configuration files etc. • Induct new users to use AAV networks and standard software • Provide support for facilitation of IT capacity building to staff and partners in standard software and network usage • Provide need based technical administrative support to AAV partners • IT procurements are done well to ensure the effective operation of the systems • IT service and outsource contracts are well managed in line with prevailing laws and organizational policies • Collaborate with management to develop annual budgets and plan for respective business areas. • Control and regularly report of the stock import and export of IT equipments and promote the maintenance of the equipments effectively. 3. Support to AA standard application • Provide technical / administrative support to Digitalization initiatives of AAV and supervise Digitalization Office Project and ensure the progress according to the plans and budgets • Provide technical / administrative support to SUN/NK software • Ensure version updates of AA standard software and troubleshooting • Provide technical support for AAV’s staffs in using AAV’s applications including SUN, NK, M&E online, SRM, Safe City, PFG and digitalized Office. • Regularly update and review IT policy to meet the organization’s requirements • To ensure the compliance with AAI’s IT standards 4. Planning and Budgeting • Collaborate on annual IT budget development aligned with organizational goals. • Contribute to strategic planning discussions for IT needs and opportunities. • Allocate budget resources to IT projects and monitor utilization. 5. Procurement and maintenance • Evaluate and manage IT vendor selection and performance. • Initiate hardware/software procurement processes and oversee delivery. • Develop maintenance schedules and coordinate routine tasks and upgrades. • Maintain accurate IT asset inventory and manage asset lifecycles. • Provide technical support, troubleshoot issues, and coordinate repairs. • Ensure IT procurement adheres to policies and maintains compliance. 6. Compliance • Monitor and ensure adherence to IT policies and standards. • Implement security protocols to safeguard organization's data. • Maintain data privacy and compliance with relevant regulations. • Periodically audit IT practices to ensure compliance effectiveness. 7. Daily back -up data – Server • Execute daily backup procedures for critical data. • Ensure successful backup of servers and important files. • Verify the integrity of backed-up data. • Develop and maintain disaster recovery plans. • Regularly test data restoration processes for readiness 8. IT policy & data security compliance • Implement and enforce IT policies to ensure consistent and secure technology usage. • Regularly review and proposal to the management for update IT policies in line with organizational requirements. • Provide guidance to staff on adhering to IT policies and data security protocols. • Monitor and manage access controls to safeguard sensitive information. • Implement encryption and authentication measures to protect data integrity. • Conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments. • Respond to security incidents and breaches in a timely manner. • Train staff on best practices for data security and privacy. 9. IT data are updated and provided to users and used consistently for all. • Ensure IT data is accurately updated and maintained for users. • Consistently provide access to up-to-date IT resources and information. • Regularly review and improve IT data organization and accessibility. B/ Corporate Responsibility: 1. Office support: • Back up support to relevant focal persons as required • Undertake corporate responsibility as assigned by the Line Manager • Work as an active team member to enhance team spirit of AAV • Support the process of developing and sustaining an open, transparent and learning culture in the organisation. 2. Safety and Security • AAI Safety and Security procedure is localised, updated and put into practice. • Act as Safety and Security focal person if appointed • The Safety and Security Plan, Procedures and guideline by AAI and AAV are followed. • The safety and security procedures for staff are implemented • Risks for staff safety and security are reported timely to Security Focal Person or Head of Department. 3. Child protection • AAI Child protection policy is localised, updated and put into practice. • The Child protection policy and guidelines by AAI and AAV are followed. • All violations of Child protection policy are reported to Focal Person or Head of Department. 4. Anti-sexual harassment • The Anti sexual harassment is localised, updated and put into practice. • Act as Anti sexual focal person if appointed. • The Anti sexual harassment policy and guidelines by AAI and AAV are followed. • All violations of Anti sexual harassment policy are reported to Focal Person or Head of Department. 5. Others: • Other tasks as assigned by line manager are well performed.

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1. Education & Certifications: • Bachelor holder in management or related field with at least two years of professional experience. 2. Experience: • 2 – 3 years of professional experience in Helpdesk support and system management, Microsoft server platform. Microsoft certification is highly recommended. 3. Essential knowledge and skills • Excellent knowledge of computer hardware and networking, Cloud computing Azure, AWS, Office 365 and Exchange. • Participatory, service-oriented attitude • Sensitive and responsive to gender, ethnicity, disability and HIV AIDS issues and other core AAV values • Proactive in liaising and problem solving • Basic knowledge of programme, planning and budgeting • Excellent interpersonal, networking, communication, negotiation and facilitation skills • Good at reading and writing skills in English and Vietnamese including the ability to compose, edit, analyse and report using complex information • Sound photography, video, presentation software and application skills 4. Others • Behavioural competencies: - Adheres to AAV values, which are: Mutual respect; Equity and justice; Integrity; Solidarity with the people living in poverty and exclusion; Courage of conviction; Independence; Humility; - To be able and willing to align one's own behaviour with the needs, priorities and goals of the organisation, and to promote organisational goals to meet organisational needs. It also includes acting in accordance with organisational decisions and behaving with integrity - To be able to work cooperatively with all partners and stakeholders including teams, work groups to meet mutual goals • Safety and security • Child protection • Anti-sexual harassment This job description covers the main task and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipate proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs It is part of every staff member’s responsibility to contribute to AAI’s mission and comply to AAI’s values, AAV’s competencies which are: Mutual respect, Equity and Justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility and AAV PROFILE (Accountability, Adaptation, Value, Partnership, Respect, Obtain to innovation, Fairness and Justice, Integrity, Leadership without authority, Expert).

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Tầng 18, tòa nhà TMC, số 1 Lương Yên, Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

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