IT Security Specialist - $ 2000〜(Gross) * Negotiable

IT Security Specialist - $ 2000〜(Gross) * Negotiable

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Healthcare insurance for you and your family
Opportunity to Japan
Cafeteria for working and relaxing

Mô Tả Công Việc

Security Engineer

• Security Activity mainly to work as a CSIRT member in whole MTI group.
• Collecting vulnerability information for whole MTI Product and Considering solutions, and finally applying solutions to Product.
• Collecting information from the outsides and checking vulnerability of system for MTI Products and MTI internal Products.
• Reviewing system as a view of security and making security rule when construct system itself and change system.
• Analysing log of System
• Security Enlightenment Activity.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

Passion for Security is a must.

• Having skill for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
• Having knowledge about application security testing with OWASP.
• Experience for System Design/Construct/Maintenance work for secured fields like Financial field/HealthCare fields (over 3 years)
• Experience for Design/Development of Web Application. Can train secure coding to developers (over 3 years)
• Having skill for Reporting/Communication/Discussion with Vietnam internal and with Japan.
• Having skill for Business Communication with outsides community.
• Having Logical Thinking Skill

• Experience of System Design/Construct/Maintenance work to use Public Cloud
(AWS or Azure) (over 2 years)
• Experience for CSIRT activity and Security Specialist
• Experience for White Hacker
• Experience for work/apply with Security Compliance Product like WAF
• Experience for development with Windows, C#, .NET CORE etc.
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MTI Technology Viet Nam is one of members MTI Group which is famous for “Music.JP” and “LunaLuna” smartphone application product in Japan and more well-know product about Mobile and Web.
We have many people from all over the world is working in Japan(French, India, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Bristish,..). You can work in an international environment and can learn High IT technical from 1 Japanese expertise who is working full time in Vietnam and many other international IT masters from France, India, Britain, Japan, and Korea who come to Vietnam usually for business trip. Our working environment is very friendly with young employees who have high responsibility and always share knowledge to each other with the passion to learn new technologies

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14th floor, Block E, Cong Hoa Garden, 20 Cong Hoa St., Tan Binh Dist., Ho Cho Minh
25-99 nhân viên
HR Department
TUYỂN SINH THẠC SĨ THƯƠNG MẠI QUỐC TẾ - ĐH Nice -Sophia Antipolis liên kết ĐH Thăng Long

TUYỂN SINH THẠC SĨ THƯƠNG MẠI QUỐC TẾ - ĐH Nice -Sophia Antipolis liên kết ĐH Thăng Long

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