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On-board training & training programs for skills improvement
Besides annual bonus, Automic rewards achievement of team and individual
Its international workplace with fitness corner, relaxed corner.

Mô Tả Công Việc

+++ About position:
At Automic VN, we develop ARA - CA flagship Release Automation product.
Your main tasks will be around developing and testing components and logics, and integrating it with our backend architecture.
You will work with both Java and .NET components daily.

+++ Key responsibilities:
• Participate in the development and maintenance of our products, including coding, testing, unit testing.
• Develop and test fixes and product enhancement requests.
• Extend our automated testing suite.
• Support other team in analyze problems in product operations at customer site.

+++ Our offer:
• Challenging and diversified tasks
• Traveling to Europe and the US
• Workshop & training course (technical skills, soft skills, English skills …)
• Annual bonus: 2 times/ year. Bonus for Vietnam national days.
• Salary review every Fiscal Year
• Very good team spirit, creative atmospheres.
• Private Healthcare insurance coverage
• Snacks, fresh fruits on a daily base and much more
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

+++ Qualifications/ Requirements:
• At least 3 years experienced in enterprise Java Web Development.
• .NET experience is a bug plus.
• Strong Relational Database skills.
• Know-how in object oriented programming with Java.
• Any experience with other Operating Systems and scripting tools is a big plus.
• Refactoring skills is very valuable.
• High focus on quality and details.
• Have an acute sense in detecting bad code.
• Strong problem solving skills and analytical capability.
• Good work ethic.
• Good English, at least good reading and writing, good speaking/listening will be a big plus.
• Good communication skills, including email skill.
• Cover letter with short paragraph of why you are interested in the position.
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Automic Software, now part of CA Technologies - top 10 biggest software companies in the world. All products built on top of Automic’s One Automation Platform (AWA, ARA, ASO) are the products selected for doing new deals at CA Technologies.

At Automic VN, we develop CA flagship Release Automation product.

We simplify complexity, embrace change and enable the future. By automating the day-to-day, we empower you to concentrate on the business of tomorrow.

We are the largest pure-play automation vendor on the market, focusing solely on Business Automation for over 20 years. Our 2,600+ clients benefit from 24/7 support, which is unique in the industry. Our renewal rate so far in 2015 is 98%.

AUTOMIC products are built on a unified, open and scalable platform. It is tool-agnostic, allowing IT staff to us the tools with which they are most comfortable. The AUTOMIC platform connects disparate ‘islands of automation’ – you may be using automation tools built into different applications, but without proper orchestration they will be working below capacity.

As IT becomes increasingly complex, automation represents a vital means to speed up and simplify crucial processes. If a process can be defined, however complex, it can be automated. The Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile technology and the cloud combine to present unmitigated opportunity. Unicorn companies such as Airbnb and Uber prove there are billions to be made for those who harness the potential of these disruptive but transformative technologies.

At AUTOMIC we understand today’s IT landscape and our products give you the agility and reliability you need to navigate it. Automation ties up key business processes in efficient, repeatable loops, enabling you to differentiate quickly and effectively to bring IT closer to the business and ultimately drive profit.

At AUTOMIC we enable Continuous Everything:

1. Workload Automation for Continuous Operations
2. Release Automation for Continuous Delivery
3. Service Orchestration for Continuous Service

Find out more about Automic at: www.automic.com/
Find out more about CA Technologies at: https://www.ca.com/

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Room 809, 8th Fl Oriental Tower, 324 Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi
500-999 nhân viên
Ms. Phan Hong Minh