Lean Manager

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Job Description

1. Reporting to the General Manager of Lean
2. Responsible for continuous improvement projects and tasks across multiple jurisdictions.
3. One of the key person leading a Lean team. Candidate needs to drive the business transformation by executing Lean Six Sigma initiatives, actively review company processes including operations and manufacturing to improve the efficiency and effectiveness.
4. Internal Subject Matter Expert (SME) of Lean, assist in Lean strategy development and deployment, execution of Lean initiatives, and be the mentor of internal teams and management from lean perspective.
5. Leading root cause analysis and conduct kaizen event to understand the current state of operation, helping the company to determine the problem and define problem statement and solutions for improvement project, follow through with project management technique and assure project progress under control and on track towards the defined objective and deliverable.
6. Help to develop training strategy and determine training needs in the company from Improvement perspective. Establish training plan and continuously create and refine training material to fulfil the improvement goal. Regularly and actively evaluate the effectiveness of training and the application of trained knowledge on operation and production environment of trained people.
7. Help to determine and establish KPI system to measure the effectiveness of operation, improvement projects and related areas for management review. Proactively help on identify opportunity based on KPI measurement and provide guidance to internal teams for KPI improvement.
8. Conduct regular research and evaluation of good practice, proven technologies in consumer electronics/plastic components manufacturing, or other industries, and seek for possibility for applying evaluated practices or technologies into the company
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Job Requirements

1. Production and Industrial Engineering, Information System Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, College degree or above;
2. Lean or IE experience, proved track record of applying Lean methodologies (VSM analysis, QCO, TPM, 7 wastes, material flow analysis/routing…etc..) and/or IE methodologies (PMT/MTM, Standard time, Line Balancing, Cell Line, Plant/Production line re-layout…etc..) in improving operation and manufacturing system.
3. Project management skill and familiar with improvement cycle process (PDCA, DMAIC..etc.)
4. Training experience and/or developed Lean or IE training material and curriculum is added value.
5. Lean or Six Sigma green or black belt preferred
6. 5 years of working experience in plastics, electronics or home appliances industries. More experience might be considered higher rank as Assistant Manager or Manager
7. Proficiency in using MS software (Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio..etc.);
8. Language ability: must communicate with Cantonese or Mandarin. Vietnamese or English is added value,
9. Cheerful, enthusiastic, hard-working, team spirit

Job Locations

Tứ Kỳ, Hai Duong, Vietnam

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