Legal & Compliance Manager (Real Estate Experience)

Legal & Compliance Manager (Real Estate Experience)

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Job Description


Client acceptance
• Manage all client acceptance compliance requirements ensuring that anti money laundering, conflict and sanction checks are completed in line with company policies and legislative requirements in advance of undertaking client instructions
• Implement, improve and continuously develop robust client acceptance policies and procedures
• Implement appropriate document management procedures to facilitate maintenance of client acceptance records
• Develop, administer and maintain a conflict of interest register in line with the Company Conflicts of Interest policy and procedures
• Support department heads in implementation of policies including periodic audits of client acceptance files
• Develop client acceptance training and ensure that all staff understand requirements and complete refresher training on a periodic basis
• Drive cross industry initiatives around adoption of standard acceptance procedures

Risk management
• Manage risk register in conjunction with the Finance and Operations Manager ensuring ongoing maintenance of same
• Support periodic risk assessments and the timely completion of associated follow-up action plans particularly remediation of identified control weaknesses including the development and implementation of controls to mitigate key risks
• Lead in the preparation of the self-assessment questionnaire for submission to the regional office on an annual basis including identification and taking ownership of actions required to address gaps and weaknesses along with subsequent follow up to completion
Insurance and legal
• Liaise with key parties both internal and external in relation to insurance requirements and update and manage key Insurance schedules
• Maintain a register of legal and insurance claims and ensure that group legal and insurance providers are notified of any such claims including developments in respect of the same on an ongoing basis
• Manage any potential or actual litigation which may arise and to ensure timely reporting to regional legal and compliance

Data protection
• Continuously review existing data protection processes and practices, identifying and documenting areas that need to be improved and implement improvements as appropriate
• Ensure that data protection frameworks, policies and procedures, information security, incident management procedures and compliance documentation are in line with local regulatory requirements
• Schedule and roll out compliance training including periodic refresher training
• Ensure that Company privacy policies meet the applicable local requirements and organisational requirements and departments implement appropriate governance structures around client data

Internal audit
• Perform audit to review operation processes. These might focus on specific processes that have been flagged as being weak or could be ad hoc spot checks to ensure processes are aligned with group policies.
• Undertake rolling internal audits to ensure that all bank accounts (company finance and property management finance) are reconciled on an ongoing basis and all payments are made in adherence with segregation of duties principles
• Develop checks and balances around delegated authorities ensuring that all costs are incurred and signed off in line with approval matrices
• Regular communication and liaison with Company group risk and compliance
• Coordination of internal audit tracker to ensure any findings are addressed and closed

Policies and procedures
• Collate and update changes as required to assist in the preparation, implementation and promotion of appropriate policies and procedures across the business.
• Ensure that internal controls are in place and that they adhere to best practice standards
• Establish written policies and procedures as necessary
• Drive agreed process change improvements
• Establish compliance metrics reporting on the internal control process
• Disseminate information including written policies and procedures related to compliance activities
• Continually drive improvement in quality and efficiency of companywide policies and processes through alignment of local and global processes and policies as appropriate

• Discuss emerging compliance issues with management and/or employees and develop appropriate strategic plans
• Assist with the development and implementation of a compliance training program including providing and delivering compliance training as required
• Prepare management reports regarding compliance operations and progress
• Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends, and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on Company processes
• Active participation in other cross functional teams as necessary
• Complete regular monitoring activities under Company programmes on Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Money Laundering and Fraud Detection and Prevention
• Contribute to internal investigations and carry out ad hoc enquiries
• Maintain gift register to ensure compliance with Company guidelines related to anti-bribery and corruption.
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Job Requirements

- Degree in Business, Risk Management, Law, Finance, or other related disciplines.
- Minimum 2 years relevant experience in general compliance

Communication skills
- Self-motivated, confident, detail-oriented, willing to learn, flexible, able to multitask and strong communication and interpersonal skills

- Minimum 2 years relevant experience in general compliance

- Proficient English (both speaking and writing)

Key characteristics
- Excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills.
- Driven, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn.
- Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to multi-task.
- Ability to work effectively under pressure.
- Creativity, imagination and the ability to use initiative.
- Good teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills;
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Job Locations

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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