Main Engineer for Electrochemical Analysis

Main Engineer for Electrochemical Analysis

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Job Description

VinES belongs to Vingroup JSC, the largest non-state-owned enterprise has an immediate opening position for Main Engineer for Electrochemical Analysis. VinES is looking for a highly motivated and seasoned engineer to provide extensive knowledge and experience about electrochemistry and/or electrochemical engineering to develop our cutting-edge battery cells. This position also requires a fundamental understanding of physiochemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials synthesis, lithium-ion batteries chemistry, and failure analysis. We are looking for a self-propelled person with the self-confidence to accept guidance and direction as needed. Workflow will consist of a mixture of managing engineers and technicians, hands-on laboratory research, data analysis, FMEA, and communicating results.

*** Position Responsibilities:
• Serve as an internal expert on electrochemical analysis to perform critical interpretation of results (fundamental phenomena, materials properties, interfacial changes and FMEA in lithium-ion batteries chemistry)
• Develop electrochemical characterization techniques to investigate electrode-electrolyte interfaces and transport properties of Li-insertion materials in Li-ion batteries
• Investigate oxidation-reduction (Redox) reactions related to performance degradation in Li-ion batteries
• Develop systematic validation process to understand the relationships between electrochemical behaviors and physicochemical properties provided by various analysis tools in the Analysis Center
• Analyze data and execute root-cause analysis of failures and develop the mitigation solutions based on the understanding of Failure Mode Effects Analysis
• Conduct and/or support material characterizations of battery materials
• Select, characterize, and validate materials and cell components (cathode, anode, electrolytes, separator, etc.).
• Plan, develop, and execute Design of Experiments for fabrication and testing of coin or pouch cell
• Plan and execute applied research experiments involving synthesis, modification, and characterization of battery materials in the LIB application
• Design experiments to test theories and execute with assistance of technicians and other engineers
• Manage laboratory information systems by identifying needs and problems, recommending improvements, training employees, and maintaining security and confidentiality
• Manage and train engineers, technicians, and lab interns to assist with R&D activities
• Collaborate with and/or supervise other scientists, engineers, and technicians on joint projects
• Operation, maintenance, and cleaning of laboratory facility & analytical equipment
• Documentation of experimental work; SOPs; analysis of data; presenting results effectively; summarizing reports
• Provide scientific support to R&D and QC
• Write a progress report to a manager regularly
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Job Requirements

• MS (or BS with significant experience) in the Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physical Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Physics, or closely related field
• MS +10 yrs
• At least 7+ years of relevant professional experience (preferred) or academic research experience
• Must have demonstrated experience applying fundamentals of electrochemistry in the manufacture of electronic devices and/or in LIB materials
• In-depth knowledge of analysis, underlying mathematics, and characterization techniques such as Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (including equivalent circuit model), GITT, PITT, Rotating Disk Electrode (RDE), Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode (RRDE), Cyclic Voltammetry, Linear Sweep Voltammetry, Pulse Voltammetry, and battery testing (CC, CV, CCCV, HPPC, Rate Test, Calendar Aging)
• Hands-on experience with EIS, coin/pouch cell, three-electrode cell, battery testing equipment, potentiostat, potential and current pulses techniques of lithium ion and/or solid-state battery materials
• 3-5 years of hands on experience in electrode materials, electrolyte validation, and electrolyte optimization
• 3-5 years of hands on experience in characterizing material properties using analytical instruments
• Understanding of material characterization method such as SEM/EDX, XRD, XPS, BET, PSD and DSC/TGA
• Expertise and hands-on experience in operating and maintaining electrochemical and/or analytical instruments
• Demonstrated ability to plan and execute independent and collaborative research projects
• Demonstration of goal-oriented, hands-on, and innovative approach to problem solving
• She/he will be required to develop additional competencies, apply practical skills and knowledge to solving a variety of applied scientific and technical problems

*** Additional Desirable Attributes:
• Hands-on experience on material characterization is a plus
• Knowledge of materials science and related characterization techniques is a plus
• Hands-on experience in performing experiments inside controlled environments (glove box, dry room) is preferred
• Experience with measuring physicochemical properties of electrolytes in the LIB application is a plus
• Experience with FEA modeling (fluid, chemical, thermal, electrical, mechanical, magnetic, etc.) is preferred.
• Track of record of scientific achievements in published papers, patents, manuscript submission, and presentation at academic conferences
• Ability to perform statistical analysis using software (Minitab or other) and data processing automation (Python or other) is preferred

- Devote yourself to a dynamic & professional working environment
- Coordinate & cooperate with the best talents from all over the worlds who are working in VinGroup globally.
- Get an attractive remuneration package that deserves to your contribution.
- Premium health care policy from VINGROUP & VINMEC International Hospital
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Job Locations

Hà Nội, Việt Nam
Hải Phòng, Việt Nam

VinES Energy Solutions JSC is specialized in research, development and production of batteries for electric vehicles (EV), other mobility applications and energy storage solutions.

VinES has established world-class advanced research institutes of battery cell and pack technologies, laboratories, and testing centers, allowing VinES to design and manufacture our in-house proprietary battery cells, packs, and battery systems of the highest quality for our customers. Concurrently, VinES also develops partnership with leading battery cell research and manufacturing firms on the world to promote application of new advanced technologies.

VinES battery cell and pack factories currently located in Hai Phong and Ha Tinh province in Vietnam, will be further developed and extended to other sites including the North America.

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Hà Nội, Việt Nam
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