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13th monthly salary

Mô Tả Công Việc

- Assumes responsibility for assigned product lines; creates applicable documentation, resolves day-to-day production issues, improves existing processes, resolve issues seen during pre-production build, determine root cause by gathering and analyzing data, related to test coverage, test yields, while ensuring production goals and throughput meeting the build plans.
- Recommends and installs necessary process improvements to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining and/or increasing the quality and reliability
- Contributes in development and documentation of test fixtures, equipment, and procedures during the product development life cycle
- Gather and analyze test data to improve test coverage and efficiencies.
- Implement Engineering Change Orders for new and existing products.
- Performs failure analyses on products as required.
- Continuously identify, measure, and improve processes.
- Evaluates newly designed products regarding test and manufacturability.
- Maintains production equipment and configures it for new products; maintains and upgrades existing test equipment.
- Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Test Engineering Manager.

- Cài đặt hệ thống máy kiểm tra điện thoại cho sản phẩm mới, dây chuyền mới.
- Chuyển giao công nghệ mới, hướng dẫn cho các kỹ thuật viên, kỹ sư của phòng bảo dưỡng.
- Cải tiến phần mềm phần cứng cho hệ thống máy kiểm tra (lập trình dựa trên ngôn ngữ C,C++, C# và SQL, Oracle)
- Hiểu biết về hệ thông kiểm tra dây chuyền tự động để cải tiến máy kiểm tra giảm lỗi ảo, tăng năng suất máy kiểm tra.
- Cải tiến máy kiểm tra để có thể phát hiện được hết những lỗi trong quá trình lắp ráp, không lọt lỗi thật tới khách hàng.
- Cải tiến chương trình kiểm tra giảm thời gian test.
- Tối ưu hóa máy kiểm tra giảm chi phí, tăng năng suất.
- Hiểu biết về GSM, WCDMA, LTE để sửa lỗi, cải tiến trong quá trình kiểm tra và dò sóng RF.
- Hiểu biết về Audio, Display để sửa lỗi, cải tiến quá trình kiểm tra chức năng điện thoại.
- Sử dụng thành thạo Microsoft Office (excel, powerpoint) cho báo cáo.
- Sử dụng 6sigma, QC 7 tool, GR&R, CPK để đánh giá, phân tích lỗi.
- Sử dụng, hiểu biết các máy đo sóng (Spectrum, Network Analyzer, Osiloscope) để phân tích lỗi, ứng dụng trong quá trình kiểm tra.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

• Graduation, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering.
• Good knowledge in electrical, electronic and mechanical troubleshooting. Good skills in computer software including MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
• Knowledge in C# programming language (Desirable).
• Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, 5´s (Desirable).
• Must be able to work in a team environment.
• Have ability to troubleshoot analog and digital circuits.

• Project management skills desired; individual needs to be a self-starter who can take a project and manage it with very little supervision.
• Good verbal & written (English) communication skills.
• Communicates with cross-functional teams, global teams, and contractors. Some travel may be required.
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We – Fushan Technology Vietnam ( FIH-NBB : mainly producing for Nokia Products) are proud to be one of the most beautiful factory in the world belonging to Foxconn Group ( one of top 25 among 500 biggest companies in the world with the revenues of 136.5 billions USD “ according to FORTUNE – USA Magazine”.
The Factory Fushan Technology Vietnam have some changings since establishment as follows: established in 2011 and with its production starting in 2013 under the name of Nokia Vietnam and then we integrated into Microsoft in Apr 2014 and since Dec 2016 integrated into Foxconn Corporation with the Name Fushan Technology Vietnam. We have always believed in the transformative power of technology. We want to make the lives of billions of people better in fundamental ways. We want to change the world - that's what we do today, and that's what we'll do tomorrow. What hasn’t changed? Our incredible people, our spirit and our commitment to make the world a better place for billions of people and millions of businesses around the world. Every new era of technology needs a new era of talent. People like you – with big ideas and wide imaginations who can transform this industry.

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No. 8 , Street 6, VSIP Bac Ninh Services, Urban and Industrial Park, Phu Chan Commune, Tu Son Town, Bac Ninh Province.
1.000-4.999 nhân viên
Human Resource Department