Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) and Communication Manager

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) and Communication Manager

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24 hours insurance for employee and dependents
40 hours a week with 2,5 days annual leave /month

Job Description

The MEAL and Communication Manager supports HI’s project in Vietnam in objectifying, demonstrating and communicating on its achievements and long-term impact.

Responsibility 1 - Monitoring
Objectives and indicators:
Project’s Monitoring and Evaluation plans and policies are up-to-date and properly implemented
Project’s data are available when needed and reliable
Strategy and Policies
• The MEAL/Com Manager ensures that HI Vietnam Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation policy is up to date and in-line with HI and donor’s M&E policies and requirements
• S/he is familiar with HI’s PME policy and tools and update team on latest change (training and capacity building)
Annual planning
• S/he updates the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan (including PRIS) and validates the project’s indicators
• S/he comments on annual targets for the work plan
Data collection and management
• S/he supports the development or updating of data collection and management procedures and tools
• S/he consolidates data collected, enters in database and maintain database up-to-date
• S/he provides data needed for reporting
• S/he maintains soft version of data collection forms
• S/he fills in the “Annual Beneficiaries Data Collection Tool” (for Headquarters)
• S/he supports Data Quality Assessments from USAID
• S/he supervises the implementation and follow-up of specific monitoring procedures (i.e. training, equipment use…)
• S/he ensures that supportive documents for activities are available and well organized (ToRs, reports, pictures, deliverables…)
• S/he participates to project coordination and/or review meetings
• S/he represents HI at meetings related to MEL from USAID and support, together with PMs, OC and CD, activities coming up from these meetings

Responsibility 2 - Evaluation
Objectives and indicators:
Methodologies for evaluations and researches are properly developed, allowing for quality and effective studies
• The MEAL/Com Manager supports the designing of studies and research activities related to the project (quality of Life, satisfaction, mapping, needs assessment) – S/he supports the writing of the ToRs (in particular the methodology) and support the identification of possible candidates.
• S/he supports evaluations run by USAID
• S/he is involved in designing the methodology for internal evaluations (when applies)

Responsibility 3 - Accountability
Objectives and indicators:
HI’s protection policies and corresponding procedures are known by all HI employees and properly implemented
• The MEAL/Com Manager is familiar with HI’s protection policies (in particular: protection of beneficiaries against sexual abuse; child protection; prevention of bribery; HI’s code of conduct)
• S/he ensures that these policies are properly implemented
• Together with the “Sexual Abuse Protection Policy’s Focal Person”, s/he provides reminder/refresher, once per year, to HI staff on these policies and corresponding practices

Responsibility 4 - Learning
Objectives and indicators:
Learned lessons are identified and reported on annually (progress/annual reports) and project’s learning papers are produced
• The MEAL/Com Manager provides support in identifying lessons to be learned and lessons learned for annual planning and annual reporting
• S/he is involved in any learning process to take place (writing of “Learning Papers” – these are planned to take place later on)

Responsibility 5 - Communication
Objectives and indicators:
HI Vietnam is present and visible on social media
Success stories are identified and produced (reports, social media…)
Social media
• The MEAL and Com Manager is familiar with HI’s Social Media policy and ensures that all staff are aware of the policy and properly implementing it
• S/he collects info and short stories for posting on HI VN Facebook page
• S/he administer HI VN Facebook page (through HI general Facebook account)
Reporting and communication
• S/he works with project team (PO2 and PMs) on collecting success stories for annual reports (USAID, annual report, social media/Facebook…)
• S/he supports the writing of an HI Vietnam Program’s Annual (or bi-annual) Report
• S/he supports the design and production of information material related to project visibility (such as standees, posters or brochures)
• S/he maintains HI VN’s photography and video library
• S/he ensures that produced material respects USAID’s branding and marking policy
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Job Requirements

• You have training in communication or development, computer science, project management
• You have at least four years minimum work experience in M&E, program quality management and program development Experience in designing M&E tools, including qualitative methods like focus group discussions, key informant interviews, photo assessments, etc
• Good knowledge of Windows MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
• Strong skills in analytics, including production of graphs, tables, charts, presentations
• Excellent Vietnamese and English written and verbal communication skills
• Good knowledge of graphic design tools and software (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, In Design, etc.)

• Type of contract: Fixed term contract of 24 months/ starting from October 2021
• Wage: According to profile and experience

Job Locations

Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity.

Humanity & Inclusion (previously known as Handicap International) implement a rehabilitation project that aims at improving functionality and independence of persons with brain lesions through the strengthening of quality rehabilitation care. The project will run until 2023 and is mostly funded by the USAID.
Part of the project is implemented in Quang Tri Province with a specific focus on developing local, affordable and adapted solution for improving independence at home – these solutions include both improving accessibility of the house and provision of assistive devices for daily life activities.
In the framework of its project, HI is looking for an Operation Officer/Project Officer to supervise and overlook the implementation of accessibility and assistive device related activities.

For further information about the association:

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