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Công Ty TNHH Koh Young Việt Nam

Công Ty TNHH Koh Young Việt Nam

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  • Quy mô

    100-499 nhân viên

  • Lĩnh vực

    Phần Mềm CNTT/Dịch vụ Phần mềm

Koh Young Technology Inc. Representative Office in Hanoi, Vietnam Homepage: Koh Young Technology Inc., a leading 3D measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions provider, performs an essential role for quality control and process optimization in the production fields of diversified industries including smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, health care industry, and semiconductors. In addition to our headquarters in Seoul, Korea, we maintain offices in Europe (Germany), United States, Japan, Singapore, China, and Vietnam, allowing us to have close communication with our customers and have global network of sales and services. Koh Young Vietnam (KYV) located in Cau Giay, Hanoi, is a subsidiary of Koh Young Technology Inc. in Seoul, Korea. As a global leader in 3D inspection systems and more than 13,000 systems installed worldwide, we support Korean, Japanese, Chinese, American, European customers. KYV is in progress to expand its current scale from Representative office to Limited company. Therefore, we are urgently looking for self-motivated engineers and staffs to fulfil its target in the upcoming year - 2019. [KY Business Model] Koh Young Technology focuses on keeping its technical leadership in core competence areas through persistent technical innovation, allowing it to expand to broader businesses. Koh Young provides cutting edge technologies to turn innovative ideas into optimized solutions and to take the lead in the market. Through this strategy we pursue sustainable success. [KY Mission] We are leading the SMART revolution to hasten the evolution of industrial and medical innovations for the benefit of mankind and society [KY Vision] We are the leading Smart Factory Solutions Provider and contribute to the successful Industry 4.0 of our manufacturing customers. We are intent on contributing to the Revolution in Medical Technology through our Innovative Optomechatronics Technologies [KY Value] Apply Creative Innovation to become the de facto standard solution provider. Employ a Teamwork-based Creation Process to promote relentless innovation. Delivery authentic values with true dedication and Professionalism

Công Ty TNHH Koh Young Việt Nam


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Attractive income, 13th month salary, English, Korean & Technical Incentives

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Premium health care package: PVI care insurance

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Oversea training in Korea

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