Deep C Industrial Zones

Deep C Industrial Zones

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    Ms. Tam Nguyen

DEEP C Industrial Zones is a Belgian developer and operator of an Industrial zone and port infastructure cluster in Haiphong and Quang Ninh province - the most dynamic growing region in North Vietnam. Our story began in 1997 with the development of DEEP C Haiphong I (formerly known as Dinh Vu Industrial Zone), a collaboration between Belgian investor Rent-A-Port and Haiphong People’s Committee. Over the past 26 years, it has constantly expanded to three industrial zones in Haiphong and two in Quang Ninh, forming DEEP C industrial zone cluster covering 3,400 hectares at the epicenter of the region’s manufacturing and infrastructure boom, with close proximity to the international airport, deep seaport and extended expressway network. OUR MISSION To provide a reliable and sustainable investment location for Clients expanding and operating in Vietnam. OUR VISION To become a first Eco-Industrial Park in Vietnam. OUR VALUES  Clarity We are open, direct, and honest in our communications. It inspires us to stay true to who we are and attracts clients who align with our values.  Contribution This isn’t just a business, we strive to make a difference to the community where our employees and clients live in.  Client Centric We make our decisions based on how well they can serve our clients. When our clients grow, we grow.  Circularity We drive economic growth in combination with an eye for the future, with respect for the environment, with sustainability ingrained in everything we do. Please visit our website at for better understanding about us. Working at DEEP C, you will have access to:  A multi-cultural, dynamic, and rewarding environment  Opportunities to grow and make impacts to the business  Training opportunities  Competitive compensation & benefit package

Deep C Industrial Zones


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Guaranteed bonus (1,5 months)

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Premium Healthcare Insurance

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16 fully paid leave days per year

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