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    Unit 605, Floor 6, Me Linh Point Tower, No. 2 Ngo Duc Ke Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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    1.000-4.999 nhân viên

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    Bán lẻ/Bán sỉ

Founded in 1972, and public listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1988, Everlight Chemical focuses on the development of chemical synthesis technology, which gradually became its core competency. Everlight Chemical has positioned itself as a high-tech chemical enterprise making contributions to the well-being of mankind. Everlight Chemical is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of specialty chemicals. Its industry coverageincludes textiles, electronics, optoelectronics, automobiles, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and other industries. The Company has five major business units by product type. Everlight’s R&D and production bases are mainly in Taiwan, while its products are sold all over the world。 In the core business, we have continually developed high value-added, low energy consumption and low polluting high-tech chemical products. In addition to introducing well-accepted dyestuffs。Everlight Chemical has successfully entered the functional dye market, supplying products to the opto-electronics industry and ink for ink-jet printers. It has also developed light stabilizers for plastics, coatings and cosmetics. In the field of pharmaceuticals。 Everlight Chemical has focused on active pharmaceutical ingredients production with critical technologies. We have established cGMP system and have passed inspections from the US FDA and EU authority. In electronic chemicals, it has successfully developed a variety of photoresists and photolithography application, ultra-micro analysis and ultra-clean manufacturing technologies. Subsidiaries and agents around the globe provide technical consulting services to our clients on a regular basis. On-site trouble-shootings are also available upon request to help improve customers’ competitiveness and cost management.



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