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Freyssinet Viet Nam Co.Ltd

Freyssinet Viet Nam Co.Ltd

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Freyssinet Vietnam is a 100% foreign owned enterprise invested by SOLETANCHE FREYSSINET GROUP, a world leader in the soils, structures and nuclear sectors. Freyssinet officially entered Vietnam market by setting up its representative office in this country in 1993. In 2003, the company Freyssinet Vietnam was established under the law on foreign investment with the aim to actively participate in the development of construction sector in the whole country of Vietnam where Freyssinet has acquired a good reputation in the performance of many major civil work projects. For Freyssinet, labour safety always remains our top priority. Through the effective application of site regulations on Occupational Safety and Health, Freyssinet could avoid any shortcomings and accidents during the performance of its projects and has been awarded certificate by the relevant authority. Strictly complying with the Government’s policies, Freyssinet Vietnam has fulfilled its duty in terms of payment for business revenue tax, personal income tax as well as social and medical insurance…for the employees. Freyssinet’s activities in Vietnam cover a wide range of fields such as: Cable stayed bridges, Construction methods, Repairing and Strengthening, Post-tensioned slabs for building structures, Ground anchors, Supply of bearings and expansion.... In Vietnam, we have executed many major project including Keangnam Landmark Tower, Indochina Plaza Hanoi, Vinhomes Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tan Thuan Bridge, Sai Gon Bridge, Binh Trieu Bridge, Cao Lanh Bridge, Mikazuki Resort and Hotel Da Nang, Co Luy Bridge, Thu Thiem 2 Bridge, Vegacity Nha Trang ... with high credibility from the Client.

Freyssinet Viet Nam Co.Ltd


Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

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