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Glazedfrog Australia Pty. Ltd.

Glazedfrog Australia Pty. Ltd.

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Glazed Frog started over 5 years ago as an innovative company in the glazing industry of Australia. We have several glazing systems that we administer and manufacture mostly for the Australia and New Zealand markets. We are an intuitive systems and innovative based company who values those who work hard and smart. Setting up in Vietnam is a great new adventure for us and we are looking forward to developing our manufacturing base as well. Its time to grow and we are looking for staff to join us as we rebuild and expand! To Apply: Please send your resume with a recent photograph. Join us for a career where your talents are celebrated, growth is prioritized, and every day brings new challenges and opportunities. Be part of a team that values innovation and your professional journey. Apply now and let's achieve great things together!

Glazedfrog Australia Pty. Ltd.


Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

Công ty chưa cập nhật video giới thiệu.

Phúc lợi

Khám sức khoẻ

Premium health insurance package & Extra health promoting package

Nghỉ phép

On top of Vietnamese standard public holidays, employees have 5 weeks of leave per year, including 3 flexible weeks to be taken as holiday or converted into extra pay


Professional development and career growth; Annual company trip focused on team building and relaxation Working hours: flexible 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, Mon-Fri

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Tất cả địa điểm
Công việc mỗi trang: 20
CEO Assistant (Fluent In Chinese, English, and Vietnamese)
$ 800-1,500 /tháng
Hồ Chí Minh
Cập nhật: 08/07/2024
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