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Posco E&C Vietnam Co., Ltd

Posco E&C Vietnam Co., Ltd

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    Unit 3402, Opal Tower, 90 Nguyen Huu Canh St., Binh Thanh District, HCM City, Vietnam
  • Quy mô

    1.000-4.999 nhân viên

  • Ngành nghề

    Xây dựng, Cơ khí, Công nghệ cao

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    HR Department.

WHO WE ARE: POSCO E&C Vietnam was raised from the world-class builder background of POSCO E&C, a renowned Korean contractor and a subsidiary of top world largest steel producer POSCO. Leading Korean’s plant technology since early 1972, our POSCO E&C played a major role in turning Bay of Yoong-il into a Korean legendary steel hub, creating a new chapter for the country’s modern history. Since then, we have expanded our dreams to encompass continents and nations, from steel to civil and environment, architecture and energy. The ability to embrace change and customize our own technologies and management systems have maximized our capability to support clients’ ever-changing dreams. With the same spirit, for the last 20 years POSCO E&C Vietnam has stood firm in the Vietnamese construction market, reflecting our commitment to deliver possibilities, quality and trust to our clients. GLOBAL NETWORK: • Corporations: Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Ecuador, HongKong, India, Indonesia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, USA, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Korea, Vietnam • Branches: Cambodia, Chile, El Salvador, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Peru, Saudi Arabia • Offices: Brazil, USA, Korea, Vietnam WHAT WE DO: POSCO E&C Vietnam is engaged with projects in Plant, Energy, Civil and Infrastructure, Architecture and Urban Development. The evolution of these core business fields are rooted in ethics management and deep respect for man-kind and the environment. OUR VISION & MISSION: VISION: To become Vietnam’s most admired company Based on 6 attributes: • Talent Attraction & Retention • Social Responsibility • Service Quality & Management • Company Culture • Financial Soundness • Long-term Investment Effectiveness MISSION: • Create comprehensive development policies that encourage innovation, leadership, collaboration and cultural openness among levels of position. • Work ceaselessly to provide smart and trusted EPC solutions, maintain strong & ethical financial status that meet customer’s requirements. • Establishing & nurturing win-win relationships with local joint ventures, partners and supplier networks. • Be responsive and connected with local communities. Initiatively take part in promoting the industrialization, modernization and urbanization of Vietnam OUR BENEFITS: DIVERSIFIED MANPOWER & PROFESSIONALS: POSCO E&C’s most precious asset and what drives its competitiveness is its human resource. Comprised of both local and international highly skilled technicians and management professionals, POSCO E&C engages strategic programmes to foster their individual growth while nurturing their improved quality of life. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: We use a variety of activities such as cooperation with universities in Vietnam to recruit skilled local talents. When recruiting new local workers, we provide them with specific work and entry-level training programs to grow into skilled workers the company expects. Every employee is also provided with strategic and systematic training programs for their jobs and self-development in Vietnam. MBO SYSTEM: POSCO E&C is promoting the “Glocalization” policy to achieve the globalization and localization at the same time. As part of this, we introduced the MBO (Management by Objectives) system to implement fair evaluation and compensation for local employees. This system contributed to enhance work efficiency by helping local employees clearly recognize their personal objectives and manage performance, compensation for achieving objective also afforded great satisfaction to them.

Posco E&C Vietnam Co., Ltd


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Review Salary Yearly, 2 working years +01 annual leave
Incentive: based on business performance of the company