YHI (Vietnam) CO., LTD

YHI (Vietnam) CO., LTD

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YHI is a leading distributor of high quality Automotive and Industrial products, specializing in Tyres, Batteries and Alloy wheels. We carry an extensive range of tyres, alloy wheels, automotive and industrial batteries as well as golf cars. In our portfolio, we are the distributor for well-known international brands such as Yokohama, Trojan, Hitachi, OZ Wheels and our own proprietary brands Neuton and Advanti Alloy Wheels. YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is established in 1948 with our headquarters based in Singapore and currently has 27 subsidiaries and associated company worldwide with alloy wheels manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan and Malaysia accordingly. YHI is also listed in SGX mainboard in year 2003 as another greatest achievement. This year, YHI (Vietnam) Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of YHI is incorporated with the main objective of serving our customers better and further promote the brands that YHI is distributing. YHI is also the authorized distributor of Trojan Batteries in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. Trojan Batteries are recognized as one of the best batteries for Golf Carts therefore they are widely used as the Original Equipment batteries in many well-known Golf Carts brands around the globe.

YHI (Vietnam) CO., LTD


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According to company’s regulations
Annual leave: 7.5 days (6 months)
Will be trained by company

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