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Personal Healthcare and Accident Insurance (24/7)
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Mô Tả Công Việc

* School Mission:
As a student-centred, family-focused community, we will guide learners on their journeys towards fulfilling their individual potential, embracing their own independence and internationalism in a safe, supportive, and challenging environment.
• Exceptional Experiences: It is our belief that children only have but a short period in education. We seek to make the most of this time. All that we do for students, parents and faculty is designed to deliver exceptional experiences that provide true meaning and fulfillment, professionally and educationally.
• Outstanding Educators: We celebrate diverse cultures and promote global citizenship, fostering a respectful and inclusive environment. We equally recognise the need for educators to display excellence in their teaching and learning practice.
• First Class Facilities: The school is committed to constant refurbishment and enhancement of facilities to provide a safe and exciting environment, most conducive to students’ development.
• Unparalleled Service: We believe that all stakeholders deserve to receive levels of service that makes them proud to belong to the Renaissance International School community. Empathy and attention to detail are hallmarks of this commitment to service quality.

* Support services
• Oversee support requests from staff, including Technical support request, Furniture request, Cleaning request, Event support request, Vehicle booking request, Grab accounts…Ensure all requests responded and completed on time and the work results meet the school’s standard.
• Coordinate all operation teams to support school events.
• Support trip leaders to make plan for school field trips and to process the paperwork.

* Facilities management
• Oversee room booking systems, classroom/furniture allocation, signage system, and other facilities arrangements.
• Conduct site walks, ensuring all set ups are in place as instructed by Office manager, the school is clean and tidy. Coordinate with Head guard to include required checkpoints in security’s patrol checklist.
• Keep record of building documents, including as-built drawings, school layouts, building maintenance checklists.
• Facilitate regular inspections, testing and maintenance tasks prescribed by the school and authorities;
• Review and propose specifications of each facility purchasing request to ensure all requests meet H&S and aesthetic standards.
• Oversee school asset lists. Conduct site walks, check if school assets and resources are used appropriately and in respectful manner. In coordination with the account team, conduct annual asset inventory.
• Oversee school’s bus(es) and car(s), processing vehicle booking requests, ensuring proper coverage to school vehicle. Oversee Grab accounts.
• Oversee gardening service. Develop and implement the gardening standards, gardening calendar.
School services
• Oversee shuttle bus service, catering service, uniform order, processing registrations, keeping stakeholders informed of any update of the service, actively looking at measures to expand the service or enhance costumers’ experience.
• Review safety procedures of the services. Coordinate with OM team colleagues to implement successfully safety procedures via daily checklists, monthly checklists, spot check…
• Oversee facilities lending contracts, keep relevant stakeholders informed of the event and required supports. Consult with Office manager to apply proper service charge for each lending contract. Arrange appropriate human resources (cleaner, maintenance, guards, audio staff) to assist the event.
• Oversee and keep records of operational checklists of Office management team, including Shuttle bus daily checklist, School vehicle checklists, Canteen monthly checklist, Weekly meal photos, Preventative maintenance checklist, Security patrol checklist….

* Administration
• Coordinate office activities and operations to ensure efficiency and compliance to company policies;
• Oversee OM team calendar. Gather feedbacks from stakeholder on school’ vendors, source potential vendors, review and renew service contracts.
• Monitor expenses record and reports as requested.
• Prepare reports as per requested by Office manager and authorities;
• Oversee OM department’s recurrent payments.
• Any other tasks reasonably assigned by Line Manager.
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Yêu Cầu Công Việc

* Experience / Knowledge
• Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
• One year of successful experience in administration role, or customer service field

* Skills
• Excellent organizational skills and ability to multitask
• Computer skills, especially in Office 365 apps, e.g. Excel, Sharepoint, Form
• Strong interpersonal communication skills

* Qualities specific to a dual-language school
• Fluency in written and oral English

* Personal Attributes
• Resilience, Ability to work under pressure and remain calm
• Caring, striving for perfection
• High levels of personal integrity
• A growth mindset
• Be energetic and prepared to go the extra mile in shaping the school’s future

Địa Điểm Làm Việc

District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Renaissance is an International British school delivering the National Curriculum for England complemented by IPC, IGCSE and IBDP to pupils from the Vietnam and around the world. We have 27 nationalities represented within our community family. Our pupils have achieved outstanding academic results and our graduates enter universities and colleges in the UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and around the world. We are a proud member of Round Square.

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74 Nguyen Thi Thap street, Binh Thuan Ward, D7, HCMC
100-499 nhân viên
HR Team
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